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In this array of the races that they made for Dragon Age 2, we see a bunch of different races in concept art form and it’s great that we get to.

And there’s been some criticism of it. Some of it’s justified. If you point out that both the humans and elves are represented here as being white, that’s a very good point. If you think that they’re too “conventionally attractive,” that’s a fair point–even though I personally feel that that’s fine to do in a line-up of different races.

But don’t make fun of the female qunari/tal vashoth’s outfit.

Like, they’re all pretty much drawn in their underwear and an oldtimey equivalent of leggings. This is not what the ladies of Par Vollen wear while they do anything other than get dressed for the day.

PS: I didn’t specifically mention the elven ladies but that concept art was specifically for an outfit that one of the prostitutes at the Blooming Rose would wear. That does not mean that corsets are standard for any elves.

Qunari Headcanon

When female kossith-descended Qunari reach 100 years of age, they grow wings and their skin mottles with unique colorful markings.

Further hc: to hide this clear relationship to dragons, female Qunari ritualistically retire from public life (or are killed) in their 99th year.

Basically I want DA4′s arcane advisor to be an ancient ex-Saarebas Tal-Vashoth hedge mage crone. Smoke curling around her horns, her wings wrinkled and her eyes flashing, a cult of fawning apprentices vying for a place in her bed. She roars her laughter when you ask for her aid. Her voice is like fire. Every night when she enters the Fade, she flies.

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I thought ogres were simply the result of a qunari brood mother, not any one specific event?

Ogres supposedly do come from Qunari broodmothers now, but Qunari did not officially settle in Thedas (Par Vollen) until the Storm Age which was 7:0. Therefore Ogres shouldn’t have existed in Blights before then, but they did and this is actually due to an event in the Ancient age when Kossith first tried settling in Thedas (Kocari Wilds) near Ostagar during the very first Blight. Causing all Ogres before the Storm age to actually be the result of Kossith Broodmothers rather than Qunari Broodmothers (and the Qunari we know/are familiar with might not have been turned into Broodmothers at all yet).

The settlement failed when the Kossith were captured by darkspawn, many massacred and female Kossith dragged underground to become the first Ogre broodmothers.

It is an event from The World of Thedas vol.1 detailing Ogres (Pages 26 [the timeline at the bottom] & 166).

Review of Things for Inquisition

Just want to get everyone up to speed and make sure everyone knows what has been confirmed and what has been implied. Feel free to send me an ask if I didn’t touch on something you wanted to know about.


  1. You can be Qunari/Kossith, Elf, Human, and/or Dwarf.
  2. As a Kossith you are a Vashoth, a Kossith born outside the Qun. Not a Tal Vashoth or religious Qunari. However, others will react to you as if you are a Qunari (profile you).
  3. As an Elf you can only be Dalish.
  4. The Inquisitor has no playable Origin.
  5. The names of the Inquisitor are Trevelyan (Human), Lavellan (Elf), Cadash (Dwarf), and Adaar (Kossith)
  6. Cassandra Pentaghast, Varric Tethras, and Vivienne are all Companions.
  7. There are nine companions.
  8. There will be an appearance from a character from the novel Asunder.
  9. Varric’s chest plate can be removed.
  10. Armor and weapons are customizable
  11. Varric can be equipped with a melee weapon, he is the only one who can wield Bianca though.
  12. Armor will rust and get patina on it over time.
  13. Fire bombs are available, as are fire swords.
  14. You can capture Keeps and customize them, so far the choices seen are: Merchant’s Keep, Spy Keep, and Military Keep.
  15. The Keeps have resources, Dagna the Artificer being one of them.

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