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Interview with Nabilah Razak Marican, a Muay Thai fighter and boxer from Singapore

One thing I really love about this blog is that it allows me to meet so many beautiful and inspiring Muslim women from around the world.

I recently was able to connect with Nabilah Razak Marican, a wonderful sister from Singapore who you’ll find out has an enormous heart… perfect for an aspiring Muay Thai fighter and boxer!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I work in an advertising agency - Saatchi & Saatchi in the account management department. I am a Singaporean and I live here, in the concrete jungle. I am half Indian and half Malay. My dad is a Singaporean Indian Muslim and my mom is a Singaporean Malay. 

How did you find yourself being interested in / competing in Muay Thai? Was it difficult to start?

I have always been interested in martial arts, but I never had the time, or I didn’t manage to find time nor I had the money to do so. It wasn’t difficult to start, I enjoyed it and looked forward to it everyday. With the help of my ex-boyfriend then, a rachademern champion, he made it easier (but of course the training was hard). I started competing after 4 months of learning Muay Thai.

What was it like to train in Thailand? What are some things you learned there?

Training in Thailand is great. I trained in sitmonchai and everyone feels like family. I am a village girl at heart and I felt at home when I was there. It was a kanchanaburi.Training itself is pretty hard. You wake up at 6 am to go for a run before hitting 5 or more rounds of pad. After which you do your bag work and drills. After training you shower, eat and rest. At about 3pm you start running again and come back to hit another 5 rounds of more on the pad, followed by clinching and sparring. Its different when compared to training in Singapore because you can get sufficient rest and there’s not much of work stress. Plus the greenery around the area is beautiful.

What was your first fight like? What did you learn from it?

I was defeated during my first fight. I fought a lady who was about 4kgs heavier than I am and so much taller. She was more experience than I was too.I knew what I was getting into. But I’ve got a big heart.

Every fight is hard. There was never an easy fight and I definitely learn from every fight.

What is the typical training regiment for a Muay Thai fighter?

I am not a full time Muay Thai fighter, if I was it would be different. I wish to be though if it could pay the bills! Lol. My normal regiment if I have an upcoming fight was run in the morning before going to work. Try to finish work on time to make it for training. Short run before training, skip and hit the bags and pads. Followed by clinching and sparring. After training I eat and sleep. Wake up early the next day and repeat.  I will have 1 or two days off training each week.

What was the transition like to go from Muay Thai to boxing? What was that fight like?

It was difficult was the stance, head movements and footwork are different. I miss kicking when I train for the boxing fight. I had two weeks, and that was it to prepare. I did my best in the ring. It was definitely not an easy fight. My opponent was more experienced in boxing. She was a tough opponent but Alhamdulillah, I won the fight!

What are your goals with Muay Thai and boxing? Where do you hope to go with each sport?

I hope to represent the country in both sports and go pro in Muay Thai. If given the choice, I want to live in Thailand to be a full time Muay Thai fighter.

Do you have any inspirational words for any sisters looking to start Muay Thai or boxing?

Do it! It’s always mind over matter and most importantly, you must have a massive heart.

Thank you Nabilah! May Allah (SWT) bless you in your journey to be a Muay Thai fighter.

5 things female fighters hate to hear you say.

1. ‘You look more like a ring girl than a fighter’ - no, no I do not. 2. ‘Why would you want your face to get punched? You’re too pretty for that’ - oh sure, why don’t you serve a little MORE condescension with that statement. 3. 'I’d hate to be with a girl who knows how to fight’ - why? Are you that uncertain of your masculinity that you’re concerned I’ll overturn it? 4. 'Can you punch harder than me?’ Probably… But now I’m under pressure. 5. 'ANYTHING REMOTELY SEXUALISED’ - it’s not a joke, you don’t see me asking that football player if he likes rubbing his foot all over balls do you?!

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ohmissy  asked:

Ok so for that 100 questions thing you posted a few hours ago: 3, 4, 5, 23, 32, 49, 50, 55, 73, 75, 88, 99,100. I'm being super nosey, I just want to get to know you better :D Have fun! Xx

Alright Christie, you nosey parker let’s do this! :P

3) I most certainly have. I’m proud to say that I initiated it too. *smirks* It was during high school, with my first boyfriend.

4) My life goal is to get my degree and travel around the world working as a journalist. That’s been my dream since I was 15.

5) I’ve met a female kickboxing world champion briefly. I trained an ITF taekwon do world champ, if that counts. But I think you’d be more interested in the fact that I’ve briefly met Michelle Gomez. I met her at Supanova last year, and yes I do have the evidence. Here you go.

23) For a daughter I personally like Rose or Kida. For a son, I like the names Alex and Nathan. So those are the names I’d probably discuss with my partner, or debate with myself about if I decide to be a single parent.

32) I don’t mind roller coasters. Just be prepared for me to scream loudly. :P

49) I could tell you quite a few, but let’s go with a funny story. I went to a friend’s place, I was about 13/14. At the time she lived on the beach with her parents. We walked up the beach to this nice little inlet. Anyway, we’re swimming around, happy as larry when she casually mentions: ‘oh, by the way we get hammerheads and bull sharks here.’ Forget walking on water, I’m pretty sure I ran on it. All while yelling over my shoulder at her: ‘YOU CRAZY BITCH!!!” Hence why I never trusted her judgement when it comes to safety ever again.

Fun fact: I’d rather take on a great white than a bull shark. Sure a great white will take a big chunk out of you, but at least they differentiate between seal and human usually. Bull sharks just don’t give a shit.

50) I’m doing well. Far better than yesterday that’s for sure. 

55) My eyes are officially hazel brown. However I have sectoral heterochromia. This means that a section of my iris is a different colour from the rest. In my case, the bottom sections of my irises are green while the rest of them is a golden brown colour.

73) Hm, tough question but the answer is yes. I have quite the protective streak. Knowing myself however, I’m very cunning when I put my mind to it. So I think I’d find a way around it. 

75) I think of my little corner of the couch at my parents’ place. I usually sit there with my coffee in the morning to wake up properly, when I visit them.

88) I’m agnostic, so I’m open to the idea. Whether or not it actually exists, I’m not sure. Faith in the divine, is not a gift that I’ve been blessed with.

99) My anxiety I guess.I try to ignore it, so that I can try to get on with my life. I refuse to let it control me.

100) I’ve been through periods of both. At the moment however, I am living. I’m busy as hell, quite stressed at the moment, but I’m experiencing everything. I’m doing an internship that I’m loving. I’m visiting my friends and hanging out with them, and having fun. It’s been a good year thus far, and I’m looking forward to celebrating my 21st at Dracula’s with my friends in the Gold Coast.

There you go, lovely. Now I give as good as I get so…INCOMING!!!