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Ok, first off, I actually really like the Jaia twist, but…anyone want to talk about the problematic bit of Jace starting a relationship with someone who has physically assaulted him, tried to kill him, etc, anyone want to talk about the problems of female on male violence in relationships? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Not looking for trolls thanks, just trying to raise awareness a little, cause this is problematic guys…violence isn’t cool or right or awesome just because it’s a hot girl committing it.

(To be clear, not suggesting it isn’t sometimes justified, or that the Clave wasn’t being total racist dicks this week, just that patterns of violence can be problematic and should be carefully discussed and considered, no matter who is committing the violence)


“We are a new generation of Shadowhunters.”

#i kind of like that even though they are super different they ended up changing their minds about shadowhunters and downworlders’ rights and their vision of them #it was hard to find jace’s quote but i did it #and sorry not sorry i had to use the enough quote because it’s iconic and it’s alec’s turning point #my kind of squad

  • My favorite male character: Jace Lightwood
  • My favorite female character: Emma Carstairs from TDA (who is basically female!Jace), Isabelle Lightwood (from the show)
  • My OTP: Jalec
  • My BROTP: Luke and Clary (I’m taking the term as a more familial/platonic sort of relationship rather than the more literal ‘sibling’ definition. I really enjoy Luke and Clary’s parental bond on the show, and when I read book 6 for the first time very recently, I loved how he refers to Clary as his daughter before he and Jocelyn are even married.) ;_;
  • My NOTP: I’ve reached the point where I don’t loathe anything anymore, but I do mentally check out when the endgame canon couples are on screen. I vastly prefer the mid-game and never-going-to-happen-except-in-fic ships to the endgame ships.
  • My other ships: Jagnus, Malace, Sebjace (not in the conventional sense of the word, but I thought they ought to be here), Jimon (if done well, but I suppose that goes without saying for all of the above), Jace x anybody TBH as long as it’s done well
  • My least favorite character: crazy m@lec fans (@redmadfox I’m totally copying your response to this LOL)
  • Who I would date off the show: I love watching them but I wouldn’t actually date any of the actors hypothetically. In terms of the characters though, I’d date Simon for sure. He’s the closest in personality to people I care for IRL. <3

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Jace seeing his baby for the first time for anon


Jace stayed by Clary’s side through the whole birth. He would not be moved, not even when she screamed at him for doing this to her, not when she cried and begged for him to end this, not through the sixteen hours in the room. The baby was premature, the labor induced months earlier than it was due because the baby was growing too big for its poor mother. Clary insisted against a C section, and so as soon as the baby would survive outside of her, the doctors agreed it was time. 

Jace winced as she squeezed his hand tighter, a grunt ending in a scream tearing from her throat as she tried to force a baby out of her body. The doctors and nurses bustled around the room, preparing the machines and the cradle and the things they would need to keep the baby alive. But Jace paid no attention to them, focused entirely on his little redhead. Even with sweat covering her face and her cheeks flushed a ruddy red, she was beautiful.

“You’re doing great, little red,” he murmured softly over the noise of the doctors. “So great.”

She bared her teeth at him through another groan of pain and a contraction. Jace couldn’t imagine the pain she was going through right now, the ripping, tearing pain of a child forcing its way out of her. He wouldn’t dare say that he understood her pain- he was smarter than that- but he would be there for her.

“Just a couple more pushes,” the main doctor comforted her, preparing himself. “I can see the head crowning. You’re doing great.”

Clary gritted her teeth and tensed her muscles as she prepared to finally end this hell for herself. Jace squeezed her hand gently and dared to kiss her forehead. Clary closed her eyes and pushed. The nurses gently wiped her forehead, and prepared the last of the machines. 

There was silence, the kind of artificial silence where Jace knows there is noise, but he’s waiting for a sound that will calm his heart. The nurses, the doctors, there was nothing but the sound of his wife’s labored breaths and the silence that caused his stomach to twist.

Then beautifully, blissfully, a weak cry. Jace’s body almost buckled under the strength of a wave of relief. The baby was alive. The baby was alive and Clary was alive. He’d not lost his heart, but gained more room for another tiny human life, part of him and part of her.

Clary’s whole body relaxed a little as she was finally nearing the end. The doctor gave her a few moments to breathe as he prepared for the afterbirth. Clary turned to Jace and pulled him close, suddenly exhausted by the lack of pain. 

“Follow the nurse,” she breathed out. Jace knew she was thinking about the lessons they’d been taught, about the dangers of people taking children from the hospitals. Jace nodded and kissed her damp forehead once more before releasing her hand and following the nurse down the hall. He was so tired, up for twenty four hours already. He followed that nurse right up until she entered the NICU, forcing him to stop in front of the viewing window. His eyes followed the nurse as she wheeled the cart to its spot, fixing the little identification card so he could read it. Blank name. Mother: Clarissa Herondale. Father: Jace Herondale. Gender: Female.

A baby girl.

Jace had blustered and joked about wanting a boy, someone he could teach to wrestle and fight and be dirty. But secretly, he’d hoped for a baby girl. And here she was, a tiny wrinkled thing in a pink hat, hooked up to wires and monitors to make sure she was alive and healthy. She was a Herondale girl, and his besides. She was strong already. His heart swelled in his chest and he pressed his palms into the glass, leaning his forehead to the cool surface as he stared at his daughter, his tiny baby girl. Tears streamed silently down his face as he promised her, as he swore to her on everything he held dear, that he would be a better father to her than his many fathers were to him. 

Jace stood there, crying silently and staring at this tiny miracle of life, until Alec finally came to pull him away. 

“Clary’s asking for you,” he murmured softly. “Go. I’ll stay and watch the baby.”

Of course he would. Jace was part of a family, and now this baby was too. Part of a huge, crazy family who would protect her like they’d protected him. And even though the last thing Jace wanted to do was walk away from this window into what was going to be the biggest thing in his future, he trusted his parabatai. So he wiped his eyes and found his strength and slowly walked back to his wife’s room, where they would maybe, hopefully, finally choose a name for their new baby girl.

my (kind of) full opinion on the mortal instruments and shadowhunters season2

let’s start by saying: I AM SO PUMPED! I’m happy for the cast, the writers, and everyone that went into making season 1 of this wonderful show

now the show itself isn’t perfect. I know that. other fans know it. it’s a fact that nothing is perfect

(sh comes pretty damn close tho imo..)

shadowhunters explores plot lines that were dropped in the movie for the sake of time, and because of the flop tmi: cob happened to be, the plot lines never got picked up in the sequel that never was

looking at characters and writing in book/movie/show is what this is mainly focusing on


things that were bad with the books:  in my personal opinion, there were a lot (A LOT) of things with issues. most of the characters (alec, izzy, luke, magnus, basically anyone that wasn’t jace or clary or simon) were left underwritten. then we get to the whole queer characters/ relationship portrayal. characters *cough alec cough aline* only had plot lines based around their sexuality (such as in city of glass where aline kisses jace to figure out her sexuality. that wasn’t for aline’s character, that was to develop the White™ Straight™ ship). the main queer relationship, alec and magnus, is just so damn hard for cassandra clare to write that she shoves these two characters (who haven’t know each other, let alone been dating very long) on a “world trip” so she doesn’t have to show two men falling in love

plus the part where she makes a gay man biphobic and uses that to break up a queer couple

incest was bad (especially since it was used as a major plot device. twice.)


things that were good with the books: the dialogue was witty and clary was a pretty steady narrator. if anything, clary developed as a character. 

but that doesn’t mean the writing was well done or even medium rare

(ignoring plagiarism thing bc that’s a post for a different time)

ooh boy
things that were bad with the movie: slut shaming, white washing, those gnarly fake british accents, awkward “chemistry” between relationships (familial and otherwise)
things that were good: the cast was.. nice? and it did follow the plot of the book relatively well ((ngl the most memorable part of the movie was simon and jace having civil conversations))

tbh that’s all i have to say about that disaster of a box office film

the show!!
things that are bad with the show: sometimes the writing is a little awkward (mostly dialogue tho), and plot lines sometimes are dropped and not addressed for a couple episodes (I said sometimes but the only example I can think of is the part with Dot having the tarot cards! tell me if you can think of anymore)

things that are good with the show: poc representation!! so much!! literally I’ve never seen a show that isn’t focused on race (aside from the species thing with nephilim being ugh towards downworlders) be so inclusive of race!! and it’s not jsut the main cast either: a lot of background characters are poc (look at ppl around the institute!!), female empowerment (quoting jace: “she’s comfortable with her body”) unlike the show where everyone was negative to izzy’s clothes, especially clary!! ugh b o o, characters are written well (ie. clary actually cares about her mom unlike the books where she’s important in the beginning but literally when Jocelyn wakes up clary hates her and is petty bleh, alec has story lines like running the Institute, arranged marriage, betrayal from his parents and an ACTUAL relationship with his little brother [all things that don’t have to do with his sexuality wowza!!], jace cares about his family [kinda…] more than he did in the books, where literally EVERYTHING was about clary and nothing else matters; just to name a few) 

 wow this got long sorry lmao I’m just really happy bc of s2 and i severely dislike cassandra clare bye

veenilla  asked:

I read your gay jace post and... can you imagine the player response if they did that? Making the face of magic openly gay? I kinda want them to do it just to watch manchildren cry about their precious blue walker and deny everything

i feel like it would give some people more of a reason to not like him, but i like to think that the majority of people would be either neutral or happy about it. who really cares about all the hetero tears

10 things we learned from seeing Cassandra Clare at YALC

Last Saturday, we saw YA fantasy writer Cassandra Clare talking to Sarah Rees Brennan at YALC. Here’s what we learned:

1. Cassandra’s next book will be Lady Midnight, the first book in The Dark Artifices series. The series is set in Los Angeles five years after the last book in The Mortal Instruments series, City of Heavenly Fire, and follows Emma Carstairs, Julian Blackthorn and his family, who appeared in COHF. The book is a murder mystery in which we will collect clues on the way and includes a new class of specially-trained elite Shadowhunters called Centurions. Cassandra found writing this book different to writing her other books because of the new structure of the mystery narrative. She also found it fun to write Emma’s character as, unlike her other female protagonists Clary and Tessa, Emma is a “badass from the start” and fights like a female Jace.

2. Lady Midnight will also feature some of the main characters from The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices series! In it, Tessa will take Jace and Clary on a tour of the Herondale Manor. Tem and Jessa will get to know each other during the course of the book and through Tessa, Jace will get to know more about his biological family. Additionally, Jem and Tessa will be on their own spy mission, which will see them disappear for a couple of years but Jem is always checking up on Emma, as she is a Carstairs too.

3. Cassandra has also been working on Chain of Gold, the first book in The Last Hours series, which is a sequel to her other Shadowhunter series, The Infernal Devices. The events of The Last Hours take place 20 years after the end of TID and the series focuses on the children of Tessa and Will and their friends.

4. Cassandra hasn’t seen any of the upcoming Shadowhunters TV series yet but she has met the actors. The characters are going to be portrayed differently to how they are in the film. So far her favourite actor is Alan Van Sprang, who plays Valentine and there is a chance that Magnus Bane – played by dancer and former Glee star Harry Shum Jr – might dance in the show!

5. If she was going to belong to one of the Shadowhunter bloodlines, Cassandra thinks that she’d be a Fairchild as they have red hair and freckles, but she’d like to be a Blackthorn because they’re a big, close family and she missed that as an only child.

6. If she had to be a Downworlder, she’d want to be a warlock because “living forever is cool” and warlocks don’t have to deal with the same issues as vampires e.g. not being able to go out in the day and the “disgusting” need to drink blood.

7. Out of all her characters, Cassandra would most like to get stuck on a desert island with Magnus Bane because he could use magic to escape. Sarah said she’d most like to get stranded with “strong and sturdy” Gideon Lightwood.

8. When collaborating on projects, Cassandra works in different ways depending on who she’s working with. When writing the Magisterium series with Holly Black, they sit in the same room and take it in turns to write a couple of paragraphs before passing it back to the other person. For The Bane Chronicles, which she writes with Maureen Johnson and Sarah Rees Brennan, they send each other their work via email. They have also roleplayed some of the characters – once Sarah Rees Brennan was Jace and Holly Black was Clary!

9. Cassandra likes writing about relationships that involve people who are different. She found Magnus and Alec’s relationship fun to write and enjoyed seeing the power balance between Isabelle and Simon change, as well as finding it interesting to cross class barriers when creating the relationship between Sophie and Gideon in The Infernal Devices.

10. Regarding her writing, she finds working on both novels and short stories difficult in different ways. For example, in short stories, you have to convey a lot in not much space.  When writing from alternating point of views, the thing she finds hardest is working out the logistics and the times in different zones. 

  • Clary: Aren’t they supposed to be hiring someone else to train me full-time anyway?
  • Jace: Yes,and I’m worried that if you get into the habit of making out with your instructors, you’ll wind up making out with him, too.
  • Clary: Don’t be sexist. They could find me a female instructor.
  • Jace: In that case you have my permission to make out with her, as long as I can watch.
Today I met Cassandra Clare and Holly Black (!!!) and we had a really long conversation.

I asked her about TDA and the future and stuff, and this is what I learned:

  • Clary and Emma are super close and Clary is sort of a big sister to her. Emma calls Clary often and talks to her with stuff she isn’t comfortable talking about with her family. I’m going to guess that Julian is one of those things. I’m also going to guess that Clary and Jace are still living in New York since there is only one phone in Idris. 
  • Alec and Magnus adopt a kid and when Magnus suggests it, Alec freaks out because he thinks Magnus wants them to actually have a baby.
  • Emma tosses boys aside (Cassie admitted that Emma was pretty much a female Jace)
  • We will see Izzy and Simon’s relationship in the Academy mini-series and that their relationship is the same in some ways but different in others (actually Holly said that)
  • Something happens at the end of Lady Midnight forcing Jace and Clary to come out to Los Angeles. 
  • Mark Blackthorn and Malcolm Fade are not going to be a thing. Apparently someone asked her that. The answer is no. 
  • Cassie was actually writing/planning TDA last night with Holly and another person who they pointed to but I didn’t see who it was 

I’m certain there was more but I was too busy freaking out to remember it all. Cassie was super cool and nice and wonderful, and so was Holly :3