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Did the Baudelaire orphans survive “Chapter Fourteen”?

“The End” left us with a literal question mark: the Baudelaires took to the sea, and Lemony Snicket ended the series abruptly. What became of them once they left the Island? A coded sentence in “The Beatrice Letters” gives us the answer: their ship, the Beatrice, sank. End of story: the Baudelaires died in the depths of the ocean.


Except their foster daughter, Beatrice Baudelaire Jr, somehow survived this shipwreck. If a baby can survive that, why not the three other Baudelaires? Is there still some hope of finding proof of their presence on the mainland?

And if there is, why is Lemony not doing anything about it?

Let’s unravel the series’ final mystery after the cut.

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Hey! I wanted to ask you if you have any good Obitine fanfictions that you can recommend? Maybe if you could name 10 fanfictions. Besides your own because I've already read them and they're amazing! If you can make a list of 10 Obitine fanfictions I would be grateful! It can include Qui Gon, Anakin or whoever. You just have to like it. Uh, and they can also include smut ;) maybe you should make that 11. Anyway, I love your blog and please never stop! You're my personal favorite <3 stay awesome

Let me start by saying I have fucked this up twice now, accidentally deleting my response after I had written a shit ton of stuff. I am thoroughly enrage at my own stupidity!!

Thank you so much for the lovely compliments, @yellowwandsaber!! I am so happy that you like my blog and my fics!! Connecting with Star Wars/Kenobi fans is one of the best parts about running this blog. Star Wars fans are the BEST! Thank you, my friend!


I am flattered that you are interested in my opinion. To be honest, I am very choosy about my Obitine fics. I haven’t found that many that I love, which is why I started writing my own. I HAVE read some pretty fantastic Obi-Wan fics and would be happy to share my general recommendations. I’ll include some Obitine fics just for you. So here we go (I’ll break it down by era):

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>> Stained by Qwae29 - This is an excellent snippet between Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon about the first time Kenobi kills someone. I tend to really enjoy almost everything written by Qwae29, especially their retelling of the Jedi Apprentice series.

>> Pain by ObiWannabe - An incredible piece about Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon learning the same brutal lesson decades apart. It’s Qui-Gon heavy, but I like his character so I don’t mind.

>> Padawan Obi-Wan’s Secret Mission on Mandalore by CramerGirl - A delightful piece of Obitine smut that is light and kind of funny. Highly enjoyable :)

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>> Missing Stars by flute25 aka @legobiwan on Tumblr - This was the first piece I ever read by flute25 and I’ve been a fan ever since. This is a beautiful piece of little snippets from Kenobi’s perspective. Short and lovely, this gave me “feelings.”

>> Undoing Dichotomy by flute25 aka @legobiwan on Tumblr - If you can’t tell, I really love flute25’s writing :) This is a fucking amazing retelling of the Zygerrian arc and it gives me life!

>> Leaving Kadavo in Chains by EwanMcGregorIsMyHomeboy12 - This was a very enjoyable retelling of the Kadavo arc (deliciously wicked). This author writes A LOT of Obitine stuff that is pretty fun with plenty of smut. I would recommend perusing their stuff.

>> Reawakened by Winter22 - My friend wrote this as a second chance for Obi-Wan after Satine. The original female character she invented is a total fucking badass and she’s a great compliment to Kenobi’s personality. This story has some delightful smut and some great action. It reads like a Clone Wars episode, but for adults.

>> Someday When I’m Gone Away We’ll Be All Okay by dendral aka @dendral on Tumblr - A major Star Wars divergence that looks at what might happen, particularly to Anakin, if Obi-Wan were killed in combat by General Grievous. Beautiful and sad and wonderful.

>> Feral Moon Trilogy by CheshireCatSmile3 aka @cheshirecat333 on Tumblr - This is a Kenobi/Original Female Character story where Obi-Wan discovers a young lady living in the wild. The prose are just lovely and the story is deliberate. Very Clone Wars Kenobi.

>> Luck of the Jedi by pronker - A totally heartbreaking and amazing piece where Anakin and Obi-Wan are trapped and don’t make it out alive.

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>> On the Way to Tattooine by LurkingCrow aka @lurkingcrow on Tumblr - I ADORE this piece! It’s a moment where Obi-Wan discovers he can sing (with Ewan McGregor’s voice!) while he’s trying to comfort baby Luke as they travel to Tattooine. This piece is just one of the greatest fanfics ever!

>> This Mess of Sadness by kasuchans aka @skywalker-anakin on Tumblr - A really tenderhearted, odd story about Kenobi hooking up with a lady on Tattooine.


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Antonia würde einen nanotechnologisch super tragfähigen Stoff entwickelt, damit sie auf Galas einen Schraubenschlüssel im Strumpfband tragen kann. Denn wer braucht schon Messer im Strumpfband, wenn man auch einen Excelsior-Schlüssel haben kann? JuraAnon

JuraAnon!!! Echt schön von dir zu hören! (Ich weiss, ich weiss, das ist meine Schuld, ich hab bestimmt 3 andere Asks von dir, die ich noch nicht beantwortet habe…)

I love it. Because we all know Antonia would. In fact, I think there’s a time in Antonia’s life where she develops tons of little gadgets—probably inspired by a spy movie marathon in college. (And you better believe that she’s got a laser lipstick in her purse, just saying).

Some of it is practical like her modified garter belt that actually holds a knife, tweezers and a small wrench–you just never know. Others are silly trinkets, like her super-sticky nail polish and her very explosive deodorant. And…a couple of other things, but those people only ever learn about the hard way. During a kidnapping or assassination attempt for example.

Sometimes a silly little plaything really can be deadly…

Since I like this and it keeps coming up for some reason I simply can’t goddamn grasp when it comes to Luke and his love interests, except it’s only ever Mara who’s brought up in this context and I’m sick and tired of it, honestly.

All right, so; why is it always Mara that is being blamed for 1. Luke having female love interests at all, 2. apparently being accused of only having been invented to stop Luke being interpreted as gay, when we all know Luke has had many other love interests? Like, Mara is one in a long, long, LONG line of them, and she got together with him after something like ten actual years, our time.

She wasn’t invented, by Lucas or Zahn, to “stop people headcanon him as gay/bisexual or ship him with men”. If that was the goal, shouldn’t every single one of you who bring up Mara in this context (and it is only ever Mara), think of every single other love interest like that… including Leia, since he did have a crush on her at least in ANH? But that never happens. It’s only Mara.

Mara getting together with him in the end wasn’t planned; there were even love interests that were introduced after she was, and one that was supposed to be Luke’s “perfect match”, and the fact that Mara “prevailed” if that’s what we want to call it, is really only testament to her popularity, as her own character and as she worked with Luke, and not as a love interest.

Like, does no one realise that when they say Mara was only ever invented to stop being headcanon Luke as gay or ship him with male characters (Skysolo has been a thing Forever, are we somehow gonna say Mara retroactively put a stop to that too, instead of the earlier love interests?), you are all reducing Mara to only being Luke’s love interest and (future) wife, with no characteristics, personality, goals and whatever else of her own. Which, newsflash, she does have.

Mara wasn’t invented for Luke as anything but a foil and castmate in the story. She isn’t a love interest in the trilogy she’s introduced in (unless you want to count some pointed comments of “you care a curious amount about a woman who wants to KILL YOU” but guess what, not all of us took that as anything but friendly needling, so it’s open), but somehow SHE is still to blame for ~lol homophobia~

Mara is her own character, and I keep being utterly frustrated and angry at how she, and not any other character, is apparently to blame - not that
anyone should blame any female character for being invented or shipped with Luke
only for the reason of “stopping” fans from headcanoing him as gay (it’s never bisexual in these discussions, I wonder why) or ship him with male characters. Why does anyone think that’s gonna stop people? Skysolo existed from the start and after RotJ, too, even if gay content was obviously harder to spread back then.

Why are (general) you reducing Mara to only being Luke’s love interest, instead of the character she actually is? How is this Mara’s fault, specifically? Her being officially paired with Luke in old canon/Legends has literally zero impact on what people actually ship, both in new and old canon, like for any other couple.

Isn’t Han’s presence in Leia’s life “stopping” any headcanon or shipping of Leia with women (no), for example? Shipping doesn’t work that way, and we all know it, but somehow Mara is the character out of all of Luke’s love interests that apparently was only ever invented to stop Luke from being shipped with men, despite that she isn’t the first of his love interests, and not the last.

Why is it only Mara who gets all this vitriol, who had no overt romantic anything with Luke in the three books she debuted in and didn’t get together with him until way later, both in-universe and in real time, when every single female character Luke has been officially interested in are on the same standing re “only invented bc homophobia”? Which is a ridiculous and frankly stupid claim, too, actually.

Why not blame and put Lucasfilm to the wall, since after the metaphorical and literal reboot, we are already up 1 DEAD female love interest, continuing a bad and unfortunate trend a lot of Luke’s love interests have been saddled with because how else are we gonna get rid of her, am I right?

We’re up to 1 dead female love interest, and not a single one male yet (dead or alive) - why not ask for that, even if it would probably end with him dead, too, considering everything?

Why not make some noise over the fact that, to date, almost all of Luke’s love interests have been killed (INCLUDING MARA) for the manpain and the angst it can give him, instead of blaming a female character who, still, wasn’t invented as his love interest originally, for somehow “only existing to stop Luke being shipped with men”.

Because, once again, you shouldn’t blame any of the female characters for this, but aren’t all of Luke’s female love interests equally guilty of this “crime” not just the one he ended up with in the end, in one version of canon?

Trans activism is racist

I really hate how trans activism has co-opted language black people have used to challenge racists to challenge the rights of women to have female exclusive spaces.

Intersectionality? Invented by a black woman to discuss the intersection race and class with sex; particularly where being female intersects with being black. Now used to claim that being male can intersect with being female.

White feminism? A term coined by black women to discuss some white women’s racism in feminist spaces and mainstream feminists’ ignoring black women and talking over us. Now used to silence any women, EVEN BLACK ONES, who talk about sex based oppression.

Discriminatory preferences in dating? An issue black people have faced when it comes to their desirability and image in public, as we are often viewed as inferior and our features (dark skin, wides noses, etc) associated with ugliness. This is part of a larger institutional problem, as well as media portrayals of black men as predatory and black women as ratchet. Now used by males to shame lesbians for being female homosexuals.

Black lives matter? A movement created by Black American activists to discuss police brutality which overwhelmingly targets young black men and women (and tragically children). Now being used by trans activists as Trans Lives Matter, creating a false equivalency and obscure the true meaning of BLM.

And of course the issue isn’t just trans activists. Black activists allow this to happen. You have the time to write tons 5,000 word think pieces about some white girl wearing cornrows but provide radio silence when the language of our activism is appropriated and your sisters are silenced by (mostly white) males. You allow women like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie to be called a bloody bigot by people who can’t know the half of what the experience of black womanhood is. And of course, black womanhood itself cannot exist in a world where you can’t talk about being female without offending the men who want to encroach on female spaces. In a world where the most powerful country in the world is killing black women daily by denying them access to healthcare and having police execute them.

Where’s the love and concern for black women? 


Read Part 2 and Part 3 and Part 4 and Part 5

Pairing : Donald Pierce x invented female character

Warning : violence

Summary : a bloody walk in the woods

Tags : @lainey-lane for liking bad ass girls and @prettieparker86 for any inspiration this may (or may not) bring.

Note : this is not the complete story I fantasized so there will most likely be a second part at least. Again, English is not my mother tongue so please be clement (the french version is available, should anyone desire it).

A rustle. The sound of foliage wriggling in the wind that crosses it. Then nothing; no chirping of birds, no cries of animals.

Her world is absent from human voices but not from noises. She knows that silence is often synonymous with death in nature and the smell, brought again by the wind, confirms the bad news: she is no longer alone in her woods.

She can smell sweat and powder. In silence she follows the track, her bare feet scarcely touching the vegetal carpet in her course, under cover of the shadows that the trees provide. Twilight is an unfortunate choice of moment to penetrate her territory.

A few meters away, two men in military trusses slowly advance towards her position, their weapons stuck against their torsos, held by metal hands. They are tall and sluggish and therefore slow. In this half-light, the distance between them is just sufficient for the beast to have the advantage. As one of them goes beyond the tree that hides it, she throws her hand, claws out, against his throat, cutting off his breath. Before the expected groan escapes, she closes it, joining her finger behind his trachea, and pulls, tearing it out in a spongy sound.

When the second man understands that the inert body of his colleague has just collapsed on the ground, the beast is already on him. He falls to his knees, hiccupping, with eyes stunned, trying to hold back with his hands the blood that flows from his gaping neck.

A sizzle and then a voice emanates from the man:
“Team three, report”

A few seconds then he starts again, a hint of impatience in the voice:
“Team three …”

Suddenly the leaves crack under the heavy boots of the assailants running behind her. They are still at least four and find both bodies lifeless. Without a word, they disperse, their weapons raised at the level of their faces, and inspect the surroundings, ready to shoot at any threat. But it is her territory and the insistence of these intruders to impose themselves enrages her. 

One of the men approaches a tangle of branches and leaves, intrigued by a furtive golden gleam, before perceiving a slight rumbling. The noise soon became guttural and he recoils precipitately. 

The shadow that gushes in front of him, growling, makes him stumble and fall heavily on the ground, arms in front of his face, just in time to hold the jaw that is planted in his forearm. The shadow clasps his neck but he has already shouted, and the others re-echo, unleashing a multitude of flashes and detonations as they shoot the silhouette that winds between the trees.

They pursue it but hardly discern it among the dense vegetation and the luminosity almost totally extinct. She can see torches light up and shake at the end of their guns as they accelerate behind her.

The fugitive prepares to fork when a gun butt hits her forehead, throwing her violently on the ground. Shaking her head to silence the pulse she feels beating inside her temples, she does not have time to stand up as metal fingers grab her neck and hold her to the ground. By reflex she tries to relax the grip by grasping the arm of her assailant with both hands but is slowed down by the playful voice of the man, the same as in the radio: 

“Gently baby,” he said, pointing the barrel of his pistol on her face.

She distinguishes an authoritarian blue gaze and an insolent smile decorated with a golden tooth. But she also feels that the grip is relaxed slightly. She throws her legs into the air and ties them around the arm that holds her, making a key firm enough to unbalance it and thus deviate the weapon that held her at gunpoint. The assailant tries to remove his arm but she clings tightly to it and he lifts her from the ground instead. She wraps with her arms the bionic hand which still holds her by the neck and manages to let go of a circular movement of her hands, twisting the metal of the wrist and the wires inside of it.

The man releases her, screaming with rage, not with pain. She looks for a way out, she backs off a tree, but it’s too late, they’re all around her, pointing their weapons and the blinding lights of their torches on her face that she tries to protect from her arms.

They pant loudly. The man who was holding her stands up and looks at his deformed metal wrist with a disgruntled air. He sighs; he struggles to master his anger, biting his lower lip, his dark eye beneath his frowning brows. Then he clears the blond locks fallen on his forehead and raises a finger of flesh in front of him, whistling breaths cease around him.

 “So … What have we here?” he says, punctuating every word.

As he advances, the lights that blind the beast subside. The man then sees in front of him a feminine silhouette dressed in dark trousers and a simple tee-shirt of the same color, surmounted by short black and messy hair. She watches him through her clawed fingers, covered with blood and pieces of flesh, which still mask her face.

It is he who commands. Even she can feel the authority that emanates from him, which from a single raised finger can stop your breath.

She lets her hands fall gently down her face. The man suddenly takes one more step faster than the previous ones and catches her again by the neck, pinning her against the tree behind her. The grip is less powerful than with his artificial hand, but it is sufficient to keep her in respect.

“It looks like we found ourselves a stray cat” he grumbles in her face.

“Fuck you”, she spits.

“Oh … and it talks!” he said cheerfully. “Since you’re in the mood honey, you’re gonna tell me if you’re the only pretty thing that can be found here.”

“ Fu …”

The hand tightens on her neck. He smiles, but his gaze does not express benevolence. “Oh no … Do not say that again or I’ll let my guys have a little fun with you, huh … So?” 

The captive glares at him, but cannot breathe with the hand that crushes her trachea.

“I am alone,” she admits painfully.

The man releases a little pressure and displays a victorious smile.

“That’s a good girl!”

This is the moment she would choose to prove him wrong, if a little voice in her head did not dissuade her, saying that this man was somewhat special.

He nodded to one of his men who came forward and pulled out a pair of handcuffs from behind his back.

“You’re in for a treat, baby,” he adds, while the other is hindering her hands.

Upon contact on her arms, her lips, stained with fresh blood, turn into a fierce grimace, revealing two pairs of canines abnormally long and sharp for a human being.

“What’s with the smile, baby?” The man comes closer and closes his grip on her neck.

Her face is only a few centimeters away and she can feel his breath on her cheek, close to her mouth. His scent fills her nose, loaded with pheromones. Her pulse accelerates and her jaw tightens, this proximity disturbs her and causes a shiver that runs through her spine.

“If you ever feel like biting someone again, I’ll personally make you swallow your fucking teeth.” His voice is nothing but a whisper and his words do not sound as threatening as they should.

 He is still close to her, sliding his fingers on her throat until he grabs her chin. She can almost touch his lips, parted in a semblance of smile from which he seems never to depart. For seconds that lengthen, he scrutinizes her face and sees the fury give way to perplexity and doubt in her singularly yellow eyes.

 She wanted to react, to repel him, to tear his clear eyes that pierced her. But her body no longer obeys her; her limbs are as numb and left to the goodwill of this man.

Her mind is clear and lucid though. She does not realize it yet, nor does she understand all that this entails, but she knows what this man is. She knows that it is him, the Alpha male.

Character: James “Jimmy” Isaac Neutron

From: Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius/The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Gender: Trans boy

Why: Opposed to all the other boys in Elementary, Jimmy’s voice is the highest, plus he’s the shortest in his class. The reason why he’s easily triggered by short jokes is because he feels like they’re degrading his masculinity. In the movie, his voice is almost identical to a girl’s, compared to his deeper and clearer tone in the following television series. His very tall, gravity-defying hairdo could emanate from the result that while he was growing up as a girl, he had really long hair. Rather than cutting it all off, he transformed it into a distinctive look that would suit his youth-genius personality best.

When reading the fridge note left by the Yolkians, Jimmy didn’t find anything suspicious about it addressing him as “son/daughter,” since he probably dealt with some misgendering from his accepting, yet non-educated, absent-minded father. Being a child with an IQ of 210, no one could argue that he isn’t smart enough to study female anatomy, and invent his own testosterone that would help manipulate his hormones without any unwanted effects. Just enough to keep his chest flat, since young girls experience chest growth by the ages of 8 to 10. (FYI Children are allowed to have hormonal treatments) However, by theory, he doesn’t receive his full transition till after the movie, which explain why he gave up wearing loose shorts, and switched to tight jeans.Speaking of the movie, he use to be a shy and awkward child, but until the series aired, he’s more openly and arrogant now. For this personality development, he probably felt uncomfortable living with his female genitals, then after his sexual reassignment, he feels more free.

There had been two comics published by Nick Magazines, titled “When Colds Attack,” and “The Twisted Mystery of Mister T.” In the first one, Jimmy hinted that he knows more regular-type “girl things,” and hardly knows any regular-type “boy things.” The other one, after being responsible for bringing life into a baby tornado, he deemed himself as the “mother.” In the episode Trading Faces, while Jimmy was in Cindy’s body, he pulled off a perfectly good ladylike impression. Then Cindy, in Jimmy’s body, came to school wearing a young girl’s dress. She possibly found it in Jimmy’s home.

okay so I don’t know if I ever told you this, but if you still believe that women are all the way christiani.ty depicts them, please consider some historical facts that i’ll slam down from wikipedia and which also are my argument for why i write Marya as i do:

There are few historic attestations that Viking Age women took part in warfare,[7] but the Byzantine historian John Skylitzes records that women fought in battle when Sviatoslav I of Kiev attacked the Byzantines in Bulgaria in 971.[7] When the Varangians (not to be confused with the Byzantine Varangian Guard) had suffered a devastating defeat in the Siege of Dorostolon, the victors were stunned at discovering armed women among the fallen warriors.[7]

we have historical evidence of female warriors. we have historical, hard evidence that women can fight. do you think I’m done? because ho boi you need to sit down:

When Leif Erikson’s pregnant half-sister Freydís Eiríksdóttir was in Vinland, she is reported to have taken up a sword, and, bare-breasted, scared away the attacking Skrælings.[7]The fight is recounted in the Greenland saga, though Freydís is not explicitly referred to as a shieldmaiden in the text.[8]

a pregnant woman took up a sword and fought like a real warrior. you need to consider that these women are actually so amazing and brave and not sensitive flowers

and I could go on forever about this. I am not an expert historian, so don’t come to bite my beck. I do understand that some info here might not be accurate. what I can certainly attest is that even Sky.rim’s world building is heavily based in history and mythology. do you think those writers invented words like Jarl or Thane? nope.

besides, we see women in Sky.rim all dressed up in an armor and ready to fight as much as they’re ready to drink. 

so long as real world history attests the existence of such women, I’ll take the absolute freedom to tell you that women acting all warrior-like is not an innovation of modern literature or whatever. women proving their prowess in battle are very real and valid. women of notable valour are also very real.

if someone ever tells you that your warrior woman is gross/out of standards/inaccurate or whatever, please tell them to open a book or at least google some facts. my bet is that these women is what inspired even Sky.rim writers. and we have a prominent female figure even among the heroes of old and her name is Gormlaith Golden-hilt and I adore her. 

and this, my dear friends, is my argument as to why I depict Marya as I do. this is my argument why I’ll never tone or sweeten her down.

Alpha  II  Part 5

You can read all previous parts from here.

Pairing : Donald Pierce x invented female character

Warning : violence and sexual notions

Summary : when you think it couldn’t get worse…

Tags : @prettieparker86, @lainey-lane and @crazyfreckledginger

She floats. At least that’s what she feels; light body, numb limbs and fleeting thoughts.

“Hello dear Sara.”

The voice of a man rushes into her head and digs in her memories to tear painfully images from the depths of her mind, images that she did not want to see again.

“I’m Dr. Rice.”

At this name, her eyelids quiver, the effort she must provide to open them seems considerable, and in doing so, her body seems more and more heavy. The man in front of her, whose features are still fuzzy, is wearing a white coat. But by the time her senses come back to her a little, she already remembers that name.

“Gently dear, you have been sedated for several days …”

“Where …” she manages to mumble in a rocky voice, her dry throat feels so raw. “Where is he …” she breathes again, grimacing.
“It doesn’t matter” Rice cuts, “what matters is you Sara, and what you are able to do. I tried to reproduce your transformation but it seems that you have to be aware … "continues the doctor.

"PIERCE” she finally manages to growl with an angry look, annoyed by Rice’s insistence to ignore her.

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