female inked

An experience I had this past weekend. It was the first time I’ve ever seen tampons in a men’s restroom and they were free! That’s awesome!

NOTE: Some colleges are providing free tampons in the restrooms. For anyone who is upset because “they aren’t free in the women’s room,” I want to point out that this was at one of those colleges. I can assure you they provided free tampons and pads in the women’s restroom too. 

she’s all wit and wildness, all brilliance and beauty
she’s the type of kindness I want to be

because she smiles during rainstorms 
and screams at the stars

and her laughter is the sound that makes flower bloom
and her rage, oh, it’s the thing that burns empires

because she stands up and never keeps quiet
and she’s always there to hold my hand when things get terrifying 

she’s the sunrise after the winter solstice 
the thing that looks gone but just comes back even stronger

and she sometimes doesn’t realize that there’s no limits on her power
she is fireworks gleaming overhead, bursting and crackling in chaos

—  Invincible, that’s what she is by Abby S

Dear you-know-who-you-are,

today is one of those days i think of you. it’s hard to tell you why but i just do. today i forget about all the bad we’ve been through and reminisce about all the good. today i miss you. i miss how you made me laugh and feel some type of way. did you know you were the only one who loved me for me? you cared for me in the purest way. i never needed make-up, hair extensions or fancy clothes. there was no point in all of that. all you had eyes for was my soul. today i think of that because it was beautiful. but sometimes beauty requires an ugly price to pay. yet today i close my eyes to the ugly. only today.

I met a girl whose smile powered the sun
who found beauty in the nights when the stars couldn’t be seen

she’s magic and mayhem and more

I met a girl who walked as though the very act meant she’d won a war
whose heart found the courage lurking behind the struggling souls

she’s beauty and brilliance and bravery

—  spine of steel, that’s what you’ve given me by Abby S
Pandora opened the box
and let evil rampant
Eve ate an apple
and fell all of men
Persephone hungered for power
Helen made war for her love
Cleopatra reigned immortal

They wept for Icarus
But shed not a tear for Medea
So she burned them to the ground, and god,
How she burned

History reviles us
And why shouldn’t it
It was never ours

We, the scapegoats blamed for the cruelties of unfit
Gods and pathetic men

We inherited the ocean and all her rage
We will rise from the ashes of the fires you set
We will crumble your kingdoms and build our own
We will rule with iron fists and open hands,
Wearing pearls and battle scars

We, the girls who sleep with knives under our pillows
We, with diamonds on our knuckles and blood in our mouths
We molded the past
We are the future
—  the boy always said my teeth were too sharp for my pretty little mouth
so i ripped him apart and kissed him goodnight
// s.b. (via inkedknuckles)