female imam

Imam Du Shuzheng rebelled against her family more than 50 years ago to become a female imam in China. She has trained more than 70 women to become imams, but now there are few girls who want to enter the profession because of its low pay. Chinese Muslims have an age old tradition of female imams and female-only mosques run by women for women as spiritual, social, and charitable centers.

Women’s mosques began as a Quranic school for girls. These sprang up in the late 17th century in central China, including Shanxi and Shandong provinces. They morphed into women’s mosques about 100 years ago, starting in Henan province.

Hey. Hey. Hey. You, Muslim with the face.

A woman who is a “Muslim Chaplain” does not mean she thinks she’s a female Imam, or that she leads prayers. She’s an Ustadhah, and that means she teaches people, helps young Muslims at her University, and guess what? It’s one of the most needed things young Muslims need!

Like. Are you kidding me?

She’s the one who challenges, and wins I might add, those who wish to change our beautiful religion, and to pretend that she wants to be some sort of “progressive Muslim” or whatever, is ridiculous.

The fact that someone talking about how learning about Islam is making them love this Religion, and is studying the traditions of this Religion, and defending them, and yet, what do you do?

A) you can’t read. 2) You make assumptions which would be removed if you simply read. iii) You wouldn’t say anything in person, but you rage on the comments section, but you can’t even read so why are you raging, bro?

The way we tear down people, especially those who are taking on leadership mantles, that we need, is horrible. Everyone asks “why doesn’t anyone want to do this work? Where are the youth?”

You tear them down! You are the problem. Not some random other Muslim, you.