female identified

Casual reminder, for the sake of collective members discoursing, I am:

  • agender
  • feminine presenting (that is to say, misogyny gets aimed at me even though I do not identify as female)
  • asexual
  • not heteroromantic (dating a genderfluid person, have had crushes of multiple genders)
  • mentally ill 
  • neurodivergent (ADHD)
  • Jewish (and the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors)
  • a chronic illness sufferer who would be in chronic pain without medication (and who still has occasional flare-ups)

When I talk about reacting to Nazis, to ableism, to sexism, to aphobia, etc…it’s not theory for me. It’s all very, very real. The fear of antisemitism is huge to me because I have read my grandfather’s memoir about the camps, his stories of what he and my grandmother had to do to survive. The fear of health insurance in the US going off the rails is huge to me because I know what state not having my medication will leave me in–and how much it costs without insurance. Like…I’m not talking out my ass just to talk. 

I try, generally, to limit the amount of discourse I put on this blog, but when I do discourse, it’s because these things are really, really important to me and my life.

steamyeggbag  asked:

I am biologically female and identify as androgynous. I want to develop more masculine qualities without appearing "too male." I have considered top surgery (I wear a binder)and facial surgery but cannot afford those right now. Any suggestions on how I can appear more physically male without surgery while still appearing female as well? I just need a balance.

I think you’ll have a lot of luck in your clothes as well as updated your hairstyle to something that is more masculinizing on your face. I would suggest going on pintrest and typing in popular men hairstyles and just going through those until you find a handful that work for you and narrow it down from there.

As for clothes depending on your body type you are going to have quite a few options actually. 

I would start by heading to good will or platos closet if money is tight and just trying on everything you can find in the men’s section that looks like it may fit you.

Other stores that I’ve had great success in are 

• H&M

• Tilly’s

• Express

• Target

• American Eagle

• Hollister 

• Guess - G by Guess

• Nautica

• Banana Republic

• Vans

• Gap


ah im following the national dva association/전디협 right now and they’re organizing an all woman ow tournament (even the commentators will be all female!!)

and they specifically said anyone who self-identifies as female should join and that the tournament is not limited to cis women only and it’s so great that they explicitly stated their inclusivity i love this 전디협 is so pure

Okay this is a very half-formed thought and I’m not sure where I’m going with it yet, but the fact that the teen girls we’re meant to root for in so many Teen Girl Stories are the ones who are bad at or uncomfortable with performing femininity probably isn’t a coincidence.
And it’s mostly not because the people who create media about teen girls want to shatter gender roles; it’s more likely because even though femininity is the prescribed way for female-identified people to behave it’s also seen as something largely unpleasant.

Um. I’m going somewhere with this, maybe after I finish my homework. But I want to hang onto this thought.

As a bisexual woman who is very confrontational and vocal when it comes to bisexual erasure how about we, the bisexual community, NOT do the same thing people have been doing to us for years by erasing Tracer’s canon sexuality and ‘headcanoning’ her as bisexual.

She’s a lesbian. Closed book. Nothing more to it. I am extremely happy that we have a queer, female hero who openly identifies as a lesbian. I am extremely happy that lesbians get to see themselves represented in the poster character for an extremely successful and widely loved video game.

Don’t be a dick about this guys, please. Let people enjoy this.

Yeah I can’t really see how it’s surprising that the word “pussy” was used a lot in protests against a man who is infamous for saying he “grab[s] women by the pussy.” That’s not about transmisogyny, JFC.

In general, the modern feminist movement really has to find a way to be inclusive to trans women and to be able to talk about how much cultural misogyny is based around wanting to control cis women’s reproductive capabilities. It’s good to acknowledge that not everyone who gets abortions identifies as female, but not if you’re going to obfuscate the fact that much of the cultural opposition to abortion is rooted in seeing it as a “women’s issue.” Not everyone who opposes abortion does it out of misogyny, but enough people do, particularly the people with actual power over legislation, that we can’t leave that out of the conversation.

Like on the one hand, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a lot of women at the protests who didn’t realize that having a vagina/ovaries/etc. is not central to being a woman! And that could be out of hatred or simple ignorance. The one I attended had a lot of older white women who probably aren’t up to date on online feminist discourse and didn’t think through that, so I appreciated seeing younger women (cis and trans) carrying signs that advocated for trans women’s rights and inclusion. And hearing Wendy Davis include trans women in her speech at the march.

We need to be more inclusive with our language. But that shouldn’t mean we have to shut down conversations about really common forms of misogyny – especially when we’re protesting someone who engages in them.

ETA: Hey guys, original version of this post had something about how trans men on HRT can’t get pregnant – I’ve been informed by @earthboundricochet that that is not true. I can’t do anything about the reblogs, unfortunately, but I’m fixing it here. Just a head’s up.

Dear trans and nonbinary kids who are afab, 

Some posts of mine that were aimed at you attracted some really disgusting comments by “radical feminists”, so i want to make some things clear: 

You’re not “anti-woman”, just because you do not identify as one. That’s ridiculous. 

You do not have to identify as female, just because you’re afab. You’re allowed to identify as anything you feel comfortable with. 

“Trans-exclusive radical feminist” (Terf) is just a fancy word for “transphobe” and transphobes are not welcome on my blog or in my family. 

Transphobes do not get to decide who is part of the lgbt+ community, even if they identify as lgb+ themselves. 

You, my dear trans and nonbinary afab kids, will always be welcome on my blog and in my family. You’re a valid part of the lgbt+ community. And i’m ready to fight anyone who disagrees. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

Easy ways to make the way you talk or write more inclusive: 

If you don’t know the gender of the person someone is dating, say “partner”. Alternatives, depending on the situation, are spouse, sweetie, significant other or datemate. 

Example: Instead of “Peter, you can bring your girlfriend with you!”, say “Peter, you can bring your partner with you!” 

Why? Simple: Maybe Peter has a boyfriend or a nonbinary partner. Assuming he is dating a girl, just because he is a boy, is heteronormative and may put him into a situation where he feels awkward or unsafe with you. 

If you talk about pregnancy, keep in mind that not everyone with a uterus identifies as female. 

Example: Instead of saying “Pregnant women should take prenatal vitamin pills.”, say “Pregnant people should take prenatal vitamin pills.” 

Why? A person who is physically capable of getting pregnant may identify as male or nonbinary. Anatomy does not determine gender. 

If you talk about jobs, use a gender neutral term (if possible). 

Example: Instead of saying “Policemen need to be able to decide quickly in stressful situations.”, say “Police officers need to be able to decide quickly in stressful situations.”

Why? Police officers includes people of any gender - and there are people of any gender working for the police. Gendered job titles (policemen, cleaning ladies..), if used when talking about all people who work as that,reinforce gender cliches and make it harder for nonbinary people. 

trans steve rogers who not only had to deal with asthma and anemia and multiple other illnesses, but also had awful, terrible periods

trans steve rogers who thought he was dying when he started menstruating

trans steve rogers who painkillers rarely help, even if they could afford them

trans steve rogers who aches, and misses more school than ever because of cramps

trans steve rogers who wakes up in the future and almost cries when he finds out that there are ways to regulate periods now

you can be a trans guy and use “female” identifiers (girl, princess, sister) or she / her pronouns and same vice versa, a trans girl and use he / him on your tumblr or with one of your friends. A lot of us are trans and ___ presenting irl but use different pronouns online or with certain people. doesnt make you any less legit and its not an excuse for people to misgender you

when anyone says ‘you’re saying only people assigned female/male at birth can be women/men!!!’, a fundamental misunderstanding has already taken place.

the issue isn’t who is “allowed” to be a man or woman - gender criticism is all about the fact that those intangible states of being don’t exist. there isn’t a higher, metaphysical state of ‘being a woman’ beyond female embodiment (or vice versa - ‘being a man’ is just male embodiment) in a patriarchal misogynistic society, which only people of one biological sex can experience. 

now, if the issue is rephrased to view ‘woman-ness’ or ‘man-ness’ as a set of social codes and behaviours, then yes, it’s possible that a person of any biological sex could in theory conform to these, and be treated as a member of that group. however, those codes and behaviours are not innate, they are learned, so deciding that someone’s ability to conform to codes and behaviours other than the ones they were originally socialised for does nothing to prove that those categories of ‘man’ or ‘woman’ really exist or do anything other than harm people by enforcing a hierarchical power structure.

most if not all problems of misogyny originate from sex oppression - based on a hatred for female embodiment. trying to displace those discussions, as if misogyny is a hatred for ‘woman-ness’ (meaning the codes and behaviours expected of female people) makes the issues impossible to solve by obscuring their origin, and perpetuates a kind of victim blaming attitude, where it seems logical that women could escape oppression by either not conforming to femininity or ceasing to identify as women. this, obviously, doesn’t work. what is needed instead is a return to identifying the root cause of misogyny (and patriarchy itself), which is hatred not for the feminine, but the female. any female person who wants to join in female liberation is welcome, regardless of how they identify, because identity is not what is being legislated against and attacked, but an undeniable biological reality.

So, I’ve decided I’m going to do a goal reach giveaway! There will be a total of four winners! 

About the Giveaway:

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Okay! That’s it! I will add pictures later! Best of luck, lovelies!

Kdin Jenzen FAQ

Q: Do you still work for Rooster Teeth?

A: Yes! I work for Rooster Teeth’s news department called “The Know” as their Head Editor.

Q: Why arn’t you featured more? I wish you were in more videos!

A: While I may not be in a lot of RT content currently, I -do- have a personal Youtube channel called Multipurpose Gaming with plenty of fun content!

Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/c/multipurposegaming

Q: Who is @cinnieminni/Val 

A: Val is my partner in life, my love, and my everything.  TLDR, they are my significant other! <3

Q: I heard you prefer feminine pronouns? Is that true!?

A: Yes, I am transgender, I prefer to go by She/Her, and identify as female.  When in doubt, just call me Kdin!

Q: I heard you were also Pansexual!?

A:  Yes, I am Pansexual as well!

Q: What is your dream job?

A: Voice Acting!

Q: What is your favorite Pokemon?

A: Sylveon! 

Q: Do you have a P.O. Box?


Yes!  I / We at @multipurposegaming have a PO Box!

Multipurpose Gaming
P.O. Box 270149
Austin, TX 78727

Q: I want to send/get you clothes, what are your sizes?

Shoe Sizes:
10.5 in Mens, 12 in Womens

Women’s/Dress Sizes:
Can fit in Large, but generally Extra Large.  (Sizes 14 to 16)

Unisex Sizes:
Large in hoodies, baseball shirts
Medium in unisex shirts.

Q: Where else can I find you?

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KdinJenzen
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/multipurposegaming

If you have a question for me that you think I should add to the FAQ, please submit it!