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  • What I say: I'm fine.
  • What I'm thinking: Can you believe how badly the fandom has treated Roxy Lalonde since she was first introduced? They either make her Dirk's best friend who gives him relationship advice when he's upset. Or they give her alcohol and a cat. Her personality is more than just alcohol, a cat, and Dirk's therapist, or just a funny prop. Where's fan content with her as a scientist? A coder? A gamer? A fanfic writer? Where's the in-depth meta about her overcoming addiction or her fixation on femininity or her relationship regarding her mom and the post-apocalyptic world she grew up in, or her compulsive-heterosexuality when she's obviously more comfortable flirting with girls? When the fuck is the fandom going to respect Roxy Lalonde?

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Sorry for the crappy horns theyre chipped and you can see them clearly heccie :0 but this sassy mean look i gave her is so good and i am honestly loving it 💙💛❤💙💛❤💙💛

that feel when you hate vriska and terezi being in a moirallegiance because it’s the No Homo quadrant and kanaya and rose are right there in the Real Gay Love quadrant and it’s bullshit because now people refuse to read any of vriska and terezi’s interactions as romantic In A Gay Way (because apparently pale means “best friends” unless you’re equius and nepeta at which point it’s basically normal hetero romance without kissing) even though vriska and terezi being in love makes more sense when viewed through a human lens

but at the same time vriska has already had her Gay Awakening in the comic itself so you wager hussie couldn’t have been that hung up on these girls being exclusively into dudes, which leaves the impression that terezi has – much like kanaya – sequestered herself into vriska’s pale quadrant despite being in love with her. for kanaya it was because she was too shy to explain that her constant caring for and checking up on vriska wasn’t pale, and for terezi it’s because admitting she loves vriska is a truth she’s unwilling to face. both of these pale relationships mimic the strain and heartache of girls in love with other girls in the real world as well, and the way that we hold ourselves back out of fear (for different reasons – fear of rejection [kanaya] or an unwillingness to accept That kind of love is something we’re really feeling [terezi]) and it’s so fucking unfortunately relatable

especially considering vriska is actually Very Gay and desperately in need of validation and companionship, but lacks the social skills and self-esteem to seek those things out. kanaya and terezi, for all that they care for her, are still so terrified to breach the issue with vriska even though she would have been over the moon to find out they liked her romantically bc she cares about and admires both of them and is absolutely starved of positive love or affection in her life. vriska accepts these girls in pale quadrants because she doesn’t really consider herself a viable partner (to the people she’s always genuinely liked and respected the most) outside of a burden for a pale partner to take care of because she’s too awful to be honestly loved

but then you remember that there’s no way hussie actually thought any of this out and pale vrisrezi was probably just him meeting his fanbase halfway while still not committing to making two of his best and most memorable female characters gay

the most frustrating part is that homestuck as a whole is a BILLION times better about female characters mattering in fandom than… pretty much any other fandom i’ve been involved with, but it’s STILL a problem and it makes me frustrated bc you can’t even fall back on “well the writers just don’t write women well so it’s hard to care about them” bc there’s TWO TIMES as many meaningful, well-written, and relatable female characters in homestuck than there are male characters and yet “very few people care about anything but dudes and dudeslash” is STILL an issue