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i’ve been rapping full time for like a year now. it’s honestly such an irritating journey because i’m not used to having to plug myself. also, i come off very confident but at times, i really am everything BUT. there’s been so many nights i just cry and wanna quit because it’s hard. there’s so much talent in the world. what makes me special?

i think what makes me special is that i won’t give up. i’m a hopeless optimist. i am a passionate artist. i am relentlessly fighting for a dream ive held since childhood. and for that reason, and maybe that reason alone, i’ll make it.

s/o to the other artists out there. we’re gonna be okay. in the meantime, enjoy this cover.





As I’ve been hiding away I’ve been working really heard. Yesterday I released my first ever original Hip Hop track titled PLEASE.

Check it out and if you dig it, share and spread the love!

Thank you all for sticking around! My book is well on it’s way - I promise I’ve got lots more for you coming soon!!

With love - Maria (:

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Black female hip hop artists already struggle to get recognition and BET gon give the award to this flop ass bitch over Nicki AND Cardi.....🤔🤔

Fueling a beef is more important than giving proper recognition???? Even if you don’t like Nicki….the only thing Renty Man did was release an album that flopped and start beef w Nicki over a verse that wasn’t even about her. Even Cardi deserved it more. Lick is still poppin and Bodak Yellow is currently trending. People are only happy for Renty bc they don’t like Nicki. BET needs to stop acting petty and be real. I’m waiting for BET to justify this shit….*waits for the excuses*

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