female hellboy

i saw a pidge cosplayer and waved. sadly i didnt get a pic for some dumb reason. now i feel inclined to list some of my favorite cosplayers.

  •  darth vader riding a scooter. he legit looked like the real fucking deal(Darth Scooter LMAO)
  •  pidge bc she’s adorable
  •  jareth from labyrinth
  •  darth maul
  •  there were lots of good deadpools out there
  •  a female hellboy. her make up was fabulous
  •  supergirl. i swear to god her outfit was the exact one from the show. i practically drooled when i saw her. 
  • a storm trooper and bobofet
  • a fricken bob ross omg 

thats all i can think of for now i might add more. kinda wish i took more pics but oh well.

My Abe Sapien Sketch Cover piece, done for the Hero Initiative’s “Hellboy 100” Project. My piece will be donated and up for bidding through the Hero Initiative, and proceeds go towards funding this great organization! Always happy to help them, I hope you guys like my Abe. Done with Copic marker and ink.


thanks to this video I feel like doing a female Hellboy for next halloween :)

idea brewing for what might actually be my most cynical concept

“MONSTER:MAN”, a story about a young woman who briefly winds up working as a cop in a city that has been seeing a rash of cases of a mysterious and powerful vigilante, before she gets caught in the middle of an act of brutality by her fellow officers, and is left for dead along with the civilian victim—both of them waking up with impossible scars and frightening new abilities. The former cop turns to private detective work and odd jobs as she tries to find out how she came back from the dead, tear apart the corrupt police force of the city along with the organized crime they’re just perpetuating, and find out who or what the “Monsterman” is that half the city is calling a superhero. 

Largely an excuse to have a female character built like Hellboy or Atomic Robo, kicking lots of ass.