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I’ve done it!!!!
99.9kgs 🎉🎉🎉

I am so happy!!
I had a reeeeally good work out tonight too.

I never ever want to see triple digits ever again.

I don’t remember the last time I weighed under 100kgs. I actually remember stepping on the scales in a chemist around age 13/14 and getting off them so quickly before anyone could see they read over 100.

So proud of myself.


Here is my first comparison photoset.

The photo on the left was from last year when I weighed my heaviest @ 127kgs. I couldn’t bare seeing the scales creep any closer to 130 and started taking control of my eating & exercise habits.
Cutting all soft drinks and excess sugar from my diet.

The photo on the right was taken just last night. I’ve since lost 25kgs/55lbs and now weighing in at 102kgs.

I still have quite the journey ahead of me as I have another 22kgs to go until my goal weight of 80kgs (i am 181cm tall) but seeing the changes in both my body and mindset over the past few months have been all I need to ensure I go all the way.

Also anyone with a fitbit who wants to be weight loss buddies, send me a message with your email. The more the merrier :)