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Why you should be proud to be a CANCER~

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Haru: The warm water that surrounded you was wonderful on your sore muscles, that was something you couldn’t deny.

 Leaning back into Haru, his arms slid around your plush waist and softly squeezed the flesh that surrounded the area. In your two year relationship, you never once bathed with him because of your body image issue, but you came around being the holidays and all. 

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Other boys finding about Sosuke, Rin, Makoto, Haru and Momo having s/o (s)

I wasn’t 100% on what exactly you meant, so I wrote it as in other straight boys finding out that they had a female S/O. Sorry if this wasn’t what you meant, anon! (/□\*)・゜ Hope this is enjoyable either way. ♥

Haruka: They were pretty surprised, to be honest. Haru kind of comes across as a slightly out of it guy who’s just obsessed with water on first impression, and the fact that he was always either swimming or hanging around with Makoto kind of made them think that he might be uninterested in girls. They wouldn’t make any comments about it, but they would probably receive a lot of surprised looks if they were affectionate in public.

Makoto: No one was surprised. The only people that were surprised were the people that knew the amount of girls he had turned down before - he was good-looking, considerate, and kind, after all, and everyone was after him. Secretly, all the guys were kind of jealous… Makoto had managed to land the perfect girl, and he still had girls after him…

Rin: His sometimes abrasive nature made it somewhat of a surprise, but hey, he’s the Captain of a well-known swim team, so he was bound to have a few admirers. This, combined with his good looks (and hella great personality when you got to know him), actually made him and his new partner the topic of hot conversation within the Samezuka Swim Team for the next few weeks.

Sousuke: Everyone was still kind of scared of Sousuke, but they figured that he had his looks going for him, at least. Of course, the people that knew him knew that he wasn’t a scary guy at all - Rin in particular teased him to no end, as he knew just how stupidly in love he was with his girlfriend. If they ever saw how much of a softie he was towards them, they’d probably be completely shocked, and the teasing would be relentless.

Momotarou: This big ball of energy wasn’t without his looks, so despite his vaguely irritating personality, people figured it would happen now and again. They did wonder how his girlfriend managed to put up with him calling practically every girl he set eyes on cute, but when they saw just how cute his actual partner was, they understood why Momo was so dedicated to them (and believe me, he told them about this a lot).

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Rin and Haru are on another country during a competition, right before or after they begin they get a call saying their wife/girlfriend is in the hospital giving birth, and also while they thought it was only one baby, surprise! turns out she had twins! love your work senpai!

waaaa female pronouns! well, “wifey”

Haruka had been reluctant to leave you in the first place. From the moment he had stepped onto the plane to fly to the States, his heart had dropped to his stomach. Every fibre of his being was pinning him to Japan, demanding he didn’t leave his home, leave you. He’d even tried to negotiate another date with his team - after all, he didn’t need to fly out three days before the beginning of the competition, but the flight was already booked, and Haruka had no choice.

With all of his initial regrets still raw in his head, Haruka was shaken when he got the call. Despite the hospital’s reassurances that the birthing process was going perfectly, and he had no need to worry, Haruka couldn’t stop himself from getting fidgety; he felt useless, sat in a hotel room in the middle of the States, having left you at home to handle this on your own… He wanted to be there with you. 

The wait for another phone call after you had given birth was agonising - he swore it wasn’t meant to take this long… What if there had been complications? Complications with the baby? What if something had gone wrong, and you were suffering? He wasn’t paranoid by nature, but with such a great distance between the two of you, he couldn’t help but grow fearful.

When the phone did ring, Haruka was off the bed in a flash, fumbling with the device in his great hurry to answer the call. Trepidation filled his heart as the midwife spoke, and yet, in the background, he could faintly hear the cries of a baby.

“Your wife did brilliantly, Mr. Nanase! She gave birth to two healthy children.”

“Wait… What?” 

He couldn’t have heard correctly. Two? You hadn’t been expecting twins! The voice on the other end of the phone continued to speak, informing him of the time of birth and weight of his children… His two children. Barely even listening to the midwife’s words, Haruka said his farewells, promising a return call at a later time. 

Still in shock, Haruka fell back onto the bed, a faint smile on his face. It was unexpected, true. Yet, somehow, he just knew that when he got home and visited you, his children alive, well, and in your arms, he would be the happiest he’d ever been.

Rin wasn’t all that happy about leaving for Australia so soon. He’d barely been home a few weeks, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, your due date was upcoming… If he left for the competition, there’d be a good chance that he wouldn’t be able to be there for the birth of his child. He’d told you time and time again that he was willing to wait, to make up an excuse, miss this competition and stay by your side, but you had continued to insist that he left despite the circumstances. You knew how important this competition was to him - how important his job was to him, and you weren’t going to let this stand in his way.

He appreciated the thought, of course, but stepping onto Australian grounds without you by his side left a bitter taste in his mouth. Ever since you’d entered the stage of your pregnancy where you were unable to be as active as you were before, Rin had found himself feeling more and more useless; he just hated travelling and having to leave you behind, whatever the situation.

Staying true to his word, he tried his best to enjoy his time abroad - after all, he knew how irritated you’d get if you found out he’d just moped around… And he wasn’t exactly having a hard time finding fun here and there. Training for the competition was his main priority, and when the races actually started, he had little free time. It was only after his first event of the competition that he received the news.

His coached had hurried to him, towel in hand, frantically shouting about a phone call - when Rin heard exactly who the phone call was from, he felt his blood run cold. Complications had risen with the baby, and they had been forced to perform a caesarean on you, a week before the due date.

“What do you mean she’s still under anaesthetic?! What happened? I need to speak to ____!” As soon as he got the chance, he called the hospital - there was no way in hell he was going to be left hanging on the edge, not when it was his wife and child on the line.

“Mr. Matsuoka, please, calm down. The caesarean was just a precautionary measure - and it’s a good thing we chose to perform it, by the looks of it… Your wife was carrying twins. You’re the new father to two perfectly healthy babies!”

Rin felt his heart stop. He was relieved, yes, but…


“Yes, sir.”

Rin felt tears welling in his eyes. Not only was he a father, but he was a father to twins. Putting the phone aside, he buried his face in his hands, relief and joy overwhelming him.

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kouhie started drawing a fem makoto with a dangerously high sugar content so i wanted to draw a fem haru because why not
i don’t think i did it right though
at least i had fun with the background

hurray for transparent ish clothes to show off your gorgeous nice fitting swimsuit 

i think her hair went through several stages
she probably used to have short hair because long hair was annoying to tie up when you go swimming and a pain to tuck underneath a swimming cap
then when she quit competitive swimming she let her hair grow out because the downside of short hair is having to always trim it and that’s another pain in the butt
and then when she gets back into swimming she cuts the hair short again but not that short this time because she used to get teased about looking like a boy???
not that she cares since the water doesn’t care
that and makoto says she looks pretty with longish hair shhh

Yahaba: Ev~erytime I clo~se my eyes~ I~ can see~ you by~ my side~  
Yahaba: But when I imagine Ayase Haruka, I can’t sleep anymore because she’s sooo cute
Watari: It’s fine
Yahaba: What should I do?
Watari: Since you’re the kind who gets sleepy reading, what about a book?
Yahaba: All I have is manga…
Watari: Then how about counting sheep?
Yahaba: Gotcha ・ω・