female halloween costume


Sawsbuck by Lichon
Via Flickr:


Female Riddler is 99% complete! Just waiting fot my purple gloves to arrive tomorrow then I shall be ready for Halloween. Those were the only item I had to order. Whole thing cost a little under 50 dollars to put together. Probably will tweak this in the future for cons. I am totally keeping this in my cosplay closet.


Happy Halloween! Here are some window decorations I made to celebrate/scare children! I made these out of black set paper and tissue paper and it cost a total of about $30, plus it can be reused next year. I hope you like it!


I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier the other day. It was a cool costume.

This was both my first time using my new Mehron paints (which I LOVE) and my first ever attempt at body painting. Turns out painting your own arm is REALLY hard.

Mehron Paradise paints

EDIT: have been getting questions about the clothes - they’re paint, not a costume :)

YAS! the halloween pattern is here yay!

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