female halloween costume


I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier the other day. It was a cool costume.

This was both my first time using my new Mehron paints (which I LOVE) and my first ever attempt at body painting. Turns out painting your own arm is REALLY hard.

Mehron Paradise paints

EDIT: have been getting questions about the clothes - they’re paint, not a costume :)


For Boston Globe Sunday Magazine. Top image is about how superhero Halloween costumes are now outselling princess costumes among girls and what that means and the bottom one is about how top execs stay sane in both work and life.


Happy Halloween! Here are some window decorations I made to celebrate/scare children! I made these out of black set paper and tissue paper and it cost a total of about $30, plus it can be reused next year. I hope you like it!

One day I promise I will put my natural hair to good use and make this an actual cosplay

i-chew-on-pushpins  asked:

Lamilla on their first date?? Or if you dont ship them maybe zimbits and Halloween?

how about ALL OF IT

Okay it’s the Halloween with the puck Bunny costume. Bitty’s been sending selfies to Jack all night long. poor Jack, caught in a super boring Halloween event in Providence, spends his time with his head in his phone and getting redder with every single text. At some point George has to go talk to him because he’s even more silent than usual, and he doesn’t move fast enough so she happens to see the pic we all know. Jack wants to DIE. George knows about them, though, so it’s not SO bad? But she still chuckles and chirps him about his puck bunny and also, please Jack, just say hi to one or two sponsors? And also, haha isn’t that your adorable team manager in hockey gear she looks so sweet (I got something about older Lardo dating George okay sue me)

But that night Lardo is busy looking elsewhere because Camilla Collins, most beautiful girl in school is there, dressed like a hamburger, and Lardo has never wanted her more. They have talked before but not so much? But at one point Lardo ends up beating her at beer pong but it was HARD because Camilla plays tennis, alright, she has accuracy. And Lardo compliments her costume and Camilla laughs, saying the woman tennis team made a pact to go against the sexualisation of female costumes on halloween and they picked the baggiest things they could find. She points at a Hulk with fake muscles, a Mister Potato Head, and a cowboy riding a horse, all members of the women’s tennis team. They spend the night talking, drinking, dancing, and at some point they just leave because when Nursey starts dancing on tables things get rowdy.

And they walk around the lake, a hamburger and a hockey bro, and at some point when they’ve both sobered up, they end up holding hands, and Lardo will never admit it but she’s blushing so much and… they have their first kiss on a bridge, the most romantic place to kiss when you’re a hockey bro and a hamburger.