female gym leaders

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They're not going to make up a new goal for a female lead that doesn't exist in the games. At least you can say Serena's goal was loosely based on the ORAS Contests which is why they didn't start in the anime until after ORAS came out in 2014. The anime is intended to advertise the games, so unless they just have a female Gym leader, the girl does a game-oriented quest. I don't see them doing another Misty/Iris type character anytime soon, and so far S/M has no new announced sidequests.

As I said before, they can actually pull off a Pokémon Racer now. S/M seems to be featuring lots of rideable Pokémon so we can have a companion whose goal revolves around that. 

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Well the violence thing is common to many anime/manga heroines, most of whom aren’t called tomboys, just tsundere. You’re right about battlers, men are the majority (are the writers all men btw?), but a lot of female battlers/gym leaders are pretty girly, i.e. Erika. Maybe they gave her the motto of her game version without much though: if I remember well she said it very sporadically and only early in the anime, I guess as time passed they ended up ignoring it.

I know of at least two female writers, Akemi Omode and Aya Matsui, though I think neither was around during the OS.

Anyway I think overall it’s a combination of the reasons I cited before, her game title, and the fact that she looks less girly than some of the other girls so if someone is categorizing them superficially and doesn’t remember/know much about her character beyond appearance they make the assumption. Though it especially baffles me when people consider May to be girly but not Misty.