female grime artist


limited color palette version (plus i fixed some details that were bothering me)

i prefer this one better tbh.. sometimes i get carried away with color and then the next day i regret it!! i always feel more confident with limited color palettes!!

ink line art + digital coloring


Artist Spotlight: Maddy Young (Melbourne, AUS) 

We recently had a chance to talk to Melbourne based artist Maddy Young while she was visiting the States for the first time.  From making drawings, zines to jewelry making, Maddy’s line artwork highlights beauty in form, design, and composition.  Check out the Q&A below with our latest artist spotlight. 

Portrait by Mitch Pinney / Studio shots are by Tatanja Ross

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I’ve been thinking a lot about how many women have been dominating the music industry lately, and how amazing that it is.  With Taylor Swift, Lorde, Hayley Williams, Lynn Gunn, Grimes, HAIM, and so many more it seems as if things are looking up for women. The rock industry has always been dominated by men and when women would join in it almost seemed as though they had to prove themselves to be a part of their “boy club."I think that things are slowly getting better but these women are still being looked at first by their looks and how they dress. They are being sexualized and given less credit than they deserve. I have seen the way that these women are treated on social media sites and on stage and it varies from rape threats to just one word comments like ” BITCH!!“. I’ve seen people tell them that "You would be prettier if you…. (insert unwanted suggestion).” These are human beings that are creating music for people like you to possibly help you just get through your long day at the job you hate. Maybe just to head bang along to in the car, or dance to in your kitchen. They are not here for you to throw your fantasies at. I think that sometimes people forget that musicians and well known artists are real humans. They see your comments/messages/forums. Think before you spew your sexist and hateful remarks at people in real life and online.

HERE is a link to GRIMES tumblr post from 2013 on her personal experiences with sexism in the music industry.