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‘10 to 15 years ago, it was a relatively new phenomenon, [in the late 90s], more ladies fronting metal bands. Of course, it’s not an entirely new thing, but there was a different type of music attached to it, a different vibe to it, compared to early 80s with Doro and Lita Ford and more the heavy metal genre. More and more bands came and maybe had a bit of the same sound in the beginning. First it was called gothic metal, a name I didn’t understand…’

Metal Frontwomen vs 'Female-Fronted Metal’ (Soaring Highs and Brutal Lows)

kiryuuizuki replied to your post “It still breaks my heart that Touka never got to go to University. She…”

Gave up her dreams to become the Mc c*M bucket

Let’s play a game and take Kaneki out of Touka’s life for a second- pretend they never met.

  • Would Touka still have killed Mado for Hinami? Yes.
  • Would Touka still have regretted her actions and tried to move away from the violence to immerse herself in the human world? Yes.
  • Would Touka still love school and continue with her studies? Yes.
  • If the Anteiku Raid still happened, would Touka have to leave school before she could finish her college entrance exams? Yes.
  • Would Touka still have to drop the life she’d built because her identity was compromised? Yes.
  • Pretending she still would have aimed for Kamii, would Touka have to give up on that University because it was located in the 20th Ward and her schoolmates knew she wanted to go there? Yes.
  • Would Touka still open :re as a ‘place of return for those lost’ during the Anteiku Raid? I honestly would argue yes since Ishida has mentioned before that it was a place not just for Kaneki but for Yoshimura (ya know… the dude who took her in and became like a Father to her), Irimi and Koma too. Also considering how much Anteiku meant to her personally, opening her own cafe seems like a pretty legit back up when your life plans fall through.
  • Would Touka still need a way to pay the bills once Yoshimura wasn’t there to support her? Yes.
  • Would Touka still need to pick up the pieces and make a new home for herself? Yes.

it’s almost like….. she didn’t drop out of school because of Kaneki…. but because her opportunities were ripped away from her…. and it’s meant to be a part of the tragedy of the Anteiku Raid. Kaneki encouraged her to stay in school. Why on Earth would she leave for him?

man, if all it takes to be running your own business at 21 years old is the desire to be someone’s “cumbucket”, sign me the fuck up lmao


Myrkur - Ulvinde
completely beautiful!!