female frienship

“Everything is just so awful, I can’t- I can’t do this anymore!” She cried, pressing her palms into her eyes as if hiding her eyes would stop them producing tears. It didn’t. 

I put an arm round her shoulders and pulled her closer to me before combing back the tear soaked strands of hair that clung to her face. “Do you want to know what I do when I feel like everything is becoming just a bit too much?” The girl nodded through her shudders but dared not speak.

“I picture a completely dark room- the black box theatre room that I used to have drama in actually. There is a single stage block in the centre and the curtains are drawn all round so that the only light comes from above. I don’t know why but something about being under those lights just soothes me. Now sometimes I’m alone and I just let off steam by dancing or soliloquising or leaping round the room in a passion. But sometimes, when I need it, someone else is there. Most of the time it’s a good friend of mine, someone who I felt I could confide in and yet rarely did. She sits on the block and I sit in front of her, crossed legged on the floor and facing away from her. It’s silent and she just starts playing with my hair; plaiting it, running her fingers through it, fishtailing it- you name it. We don’t say anything but with every motion the negativity and stress and weight of the world starts to leave my head. Every time her fingers brush through my hair everything becomes a little clearer, a little less daunting.” I looked down at the girl to find her arms hugging her legs, her head was resting on my shoulder and a broken sigh escaped her. “You just have to think of a place where you feel safe and sheltered from the outside world- find a place where you feel like anything is possible and in that space do what you can’t do here. This world has too many limitations sometimes, that’s why we have imaginations…”

She smiled weakly. “So you’re telling me my imagination isn’t just for kissing men who are out of my league?”

“In your imagination they needn’t be out of your league.”

~comfort I have never had a reason to give.

Open to all. Male, female, nonbinary. Can be frienship, relative, acquaintance, boyfriend…

“I’m tired of your smart mouth.” Ben’s eyes watered a little but he huffed. “Fine! If you’re so tired of it then I’m leaving and you won’t have to hear it anymore!” He still had his shoes on so he grabbed his jacket and walked toward the nearest exit.

I hate it when girls say they only hang out with boys because "girls are bitches"

And whilst it’s true that most girls have a degree of bitchiness to them, if you have friends who are bitches to you, it’s because those girls are bad friends, and not because girls make bad friends. 

Because female friends are amazing. They will go shopping with you, and watch endless awful films with you, and tell you when you look orange and shit, and tell you when you look good, and they will laugh with you, and cry with you, and eat copious amounts of chocolate with you. I can’t imagine my life without my girls, and the closeness, and ease I have with them, and I genuinely feel sorry for any person who writes women off as “bitches” because female friendship is amazing, and just doesn’t get enough credit.

I Need To See More Platonic Male\Female Frienships On Television

Translation: “To see a WOC with the white male lead disturbs me.” “To see an aging female be sexual disturbs me.” See also: “Although I don’t even fit into the ridiculous and narrow standards of beauty thrusted on myself and other women, I will do my best to cut down marginalized actresses on my favorite show in order to prop up the actresses that perpetuate narrow minded standards of beauty.” “Simply put. I hate myself.”