female frienship

I took this picture of my friends when we were in our airbnb apartment, we all are going through a hard time at the moment, of different reasons but we support each other throughout it all. I love them so much ❤️
I love being a female and being a part of the unconditional love that the female friendship stands for. I just wanna give a shoutout to female friendships overall, it’s something magical about that kind of connection.

Chao Friendship

My friend said he was usaully lonely and his oc is a chao….so gor his birthday I made him a comic of my oc turning into a chao and becoming his friend that takes him under her arms.

Happy Late Birthday Arx😄😄😄

Open to all. Male, female, nonbinary. Can be frienship, relative, acquaintance, boyfriend…

“I’m tired of your smart mouth.” Ben’s eyes watered a little but he huffed. “Fine! If you’re so tired of it then I’m leaving and you won’t have to hear it anymore!” He still had his shoes on so he grabbed his jacket and walked toward the nearest exit.

I hate it when girls say they only hang out with boys because "girls are bitches"

And whilst it’s true that most girls have a degree of bitchiness to them, if you have friends who are bitches to you, it’s because those girls are bad friends, and not because girls make bad friends. 

Because female friends are amazing. They will go shopping with you, and watch endless awful films with you, and tell you when you look orange and shit, and tell you when you look good, and they will laugh with you, and cry with you, and eat copious amounts of chocolate with you. I can’t imagine my life without my girls, and the closeness, and ease I have with them, and I genuinely feel sorry for any person who writes women off as “bitches” because female friendship is amazing, and just doesn’t get enough credit.

I Need To See More Platonic Male\Female Frienships On Television

Translation: “To see a WOC with the white male lead disturbs me.” “To see an aging female be sexual disturbs me.” See also: “Although I don’t even fit into the ridiculous and narrow standards of beauty thrusted on myself and other women, I will do my best to cut down marginalized actresses on my favorite show in order to prop up the actresses that perpetuate narrow minded standards of beauty.” “Simply put. I hate myself.”