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Find your passion!


“You really love exercising don’t you? ”

Today something happened to me in the gym when I was exercising. 🤔

I was actually in a lot of pain when it struck me… My work out was almost done when someone asked me that question. I already had run half an hour on the treadmill and I just came back from some kettle bell exercising. When my mother showed me an new treadmill it was a treadmill with an big elastic rubber band. I need to push my body towards it and the rubber band would expand and hold me in place. Then I needed to start walking or running on that treadmill.

Want to know how that feels??? 😏
Its feels like your dragging an extra body with you when your walking or running on that treadmill. It was hell… 😵it really hurt… 😭my legs… 😭😭my arms and even my breathing went so high. I was sweating like a snowman in the dessert…. 😩😩

maybe because already had my workout almost done… but it was really heavy. I really wanted to CRY and wanted to give up…. because I felt that my body couldn’t handle it anymore..I had set the timer on 20 minutes and I still needed 10 minutes to finish.😤

While I was busy keeping my tears in. My brothers friend past me and he stopped. He looked at me with big eyes. I wasn’t able to talk pro ply. He smiled at me and said.
“Wow you really do love exercising?”

I could only nodd but it struck me hard. Why am I doing this? Why am I putting myself threw so much pain?… all those questions came popping up.. Yeah I know why…. Because I Love it !! Fitness is my passion. It struck me hard…

Back to the story xD 😋🤓
Normally I would send someone away if I am training really hard but I couldn’t even talk propyl so I listened to my brothers friend while he was chitchatting about that he wanted to lose weight.
When I was about to stop the timer hit the mark and I could stop. I was never bin happier. I smiled while I was trying to catch my breath.
When I could talk again I gave him some encouragement and hopefully some motivation. When he walked away. I didn’t remember it but I do now…😜

Its not about fitness or about losing weight… its actually about doing something that you like….

A lot of people ask me. How did I lose the weight and how to keep the motivation. A lot of people find it difficult to go to the gym. The first week its okay… the second also okay but the third they lost their motivation and they wont come anymore or just once a week. Because their are ‘busy’ hmm well I think you need to make time to go… Even if I am busy I still make time…😳

But its also passion that drives people.. with fitness its the same. If you don’t have passion for it you will eventually drop out. Because you don’t like it anymore..

I always tell people find something that YOU like. Not me not your friends but something that you love to do.

People go to gyms because they want to lose weight or for their health… but did you know that you probably will burn more calories by cleaning your house. Or working in the garden. Also sports like badminton or volleyball or boxing will burn even more calories then fitness.

I cant say this enough. But If you find your passion find the sport or exercising that you like then the weight loss or health will come naturally. Really😊😊

Sooo go explore. You can lose weight or become healthy outside the gym !! 😜

So go dancing go boxing,or swimming or other things that you LIKE ! If you like what you do you will more likely to keep it up !!

My passion is fitness 😘👌🎉🎊

Sooo whats yours?
(Leave a message I would love to know what you al like and what keeps you motivated ^^) 😘

Health Bunny ☺️