female fade

It’s Solas from Bioware’s video game, “Dragon Age: Inquisition,” for this month’s Fan Art Fifteenth. With the “Trespasser” DLC releasing earlier this month, I couldn’t resist doing a painting of my most recent Inquisitor’s romance interest.

Created in Photoshop CS5 on a Surface Pro 2. Process video will be posted shortly!

anonymous asked:

Anymore beta/omega/alpha fics?

we just updated this tag recently so there’s not much at all -Madi

Somewhere To Hide by Ohmyjoshh (3/? | 6151 | Explicit)

Josh is an alpha, and he presents upon finding his omega being bullied for presenting as a male omega in a world where omegas are pretty much only females.

The Stars Will Fade by summerdownturn (1/1 | 2249 | Explicit)

Josh walks back to the hotel room alone, not thinking that may not be the best idea.

anyway by headfirstslider (1/1 | 1165 | Teen and Up)

In which Tyler presents as an omega and his family is, to say the least, disappointed.


Fleurir by Brodie Taberner

“Dreamers” for @vanguardshepard-commander (sponsored by gaurdian9sunshine)  

It’s finished and I am really happy with the final piece. 
Kaylessa Lavellan and Solas in a cute moment in the Fade. If this moment is real or a dream or a delusion… well, that’s up to you to decide. 

Post Trespasser setting.