female eyes go wide

Irezumi no ren'ai (Tattoo Love Affair)

(NaLu Week Tattoo Prompt- 7/6/17)

When Natsu walked into The Dragon’s Den he was a bit nervous about getting his first tattoo.  His cousin Gajeel was one of the artists at the shop and would tease the young man that he couldn’t handle the pain, so to prove he could he agreed to let him put a small one on his bicep, an insignia from his favorite band.   As soon as you enter the place, drawings and photos of dragons cover the walls.  The owner, a man named Laxus Dreyar, had a fascination for the mythical creatures and it was Gajeel’s skill at creating beautiful renditions of these beasts in ink that landed him the job.

“Hey Levy.”  He leans over the reception counter smiling.

“Hi Natsu.  Are you here to see your cousin?”

“Yeah, he’s supposed to do a tattoo for me today.”

“Well, he should be just about done with his client.  Go on and head in the back, you know where his studio is.”

“Thanks Levy.”

As he reaches his cousins room he stops at the door when he realizes Gajeel is still working on someone.  He’s about to turn and leave when the client catches his full attention.  Lying on her stomach was a young topless, blonde female, with her head resting on her left arm, and her right one lying to her side.  Natsu blushes at the picturesque sight, the curve of her buxom mounds peeking out from under her body, the pale milky skin that looked so silky to the touch, the beautiful arch of her back down to a tiny waist… “Wow…” he whispers under his breath.  She’s only wearing short shorts and the lithe long toned legs, supple thighs, and voluptuous hips… A fire grows in his loins. 

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