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Imagine going on an adventure with the Doctor

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Words: 2.4K
Warning: Gore, Possible Swearing (that’s a given), Violence
A/N: I used a creature from the tv show ‘supernatural’.

I always dreamed of leaving the life I live and going off on adventures. My dreams came true when I met a man, a strange incredible man with the floppy brown hair and pale green eyes who would take my hand in his as we run off on another adventure, saving the day, defeating the monster. I always dreamed I would be taken away, to be taken to see the stars and have an impossible amount of places to go… that day came on my 23rd birthday.

It started out as any normal day: got up, went to work, received a few calls throughout the day except I got a card from the co-workers and my phone kept reminding me that the people I once knew now only ever seen to contact me on my birthday through Facebook. Life was kind of boring, yes I had a good job, a good place to live, I had some friends but I felt bored with my life.  

I decided to work late, which if you have seen a horror film it’s not good to be on your own in the dark. Wandering around the back corridors of the building trying to find a night janitor to fix the flickering lights around the building, I open door after door in the dark corridor to see if I can find him. I open one of the doors and I saw something that shouldn’t be there, an old fashioned police box.   

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When They Realised They Were In Love With You

Request: Can I have a preference with Eleven, Jack and Oswin on when they realised they were in love with a female reader? I’d love to see any dramatic and fluffy ideas!! 

Requester: Anon

Pairings: Eleventh Doctor / Captain Jack Harkness / Oswin Oswald x Female!Reader

Warning: None


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Imagine finding out that the Doctor keeps insects

You had been travelling with the Doctor for some time now and today you decided to explore the TARDIS, looping through corridors and never ending passageways made you feel you had been walking for hours. You had walked past pools and libraries, all rooms you had come across were amazing beyond belief but after walking for hours you decided to search for the Doctor. Instantly the TARDIS lead you to him, there he sat, on a rickety seat in a random room with his back to the door.

Y/N: Doctor, there you ar..ahh

As you walked up to the Doctor you saw that he had in his hands a giant praying mantis, the size of a large cat, on his lap.

Doctor: oh relax *he says to you before turning to the giant insect* you’re a big softie aren’t you Bartholomew? *showing you Bartholomew*

Y/N: *Does GIF 1* Bartholo…Do you know what i’m not even going to question it. *looks around the room* Doctor, I didn’t know you kept insects.

Doctor: Well I look after them, give them a place to stay. They are free to go when they want.

Y/N: Free to go? I sleep on the TARDIS, Doctor, I’m just going to be able to picture loads of creepy crawlies on me at night now…

Y/N:… Are they on me? I feel like they’re on me *jumping up and scratching and shivering* ughh.

Doctor: *Laughing*

Y/N: *Stare at Doctor in annoyance*.

Doctor: *Does GIF 2*

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“When you’re a kid, they tell you it’s all, grow up, get a job, get married, get a house, have a kid, and that’s it. But the truth is, the world is so much stranger than that. It’s so much darker, and so much madder. And so much better.”

Characters I Relate To Way Too Much (7/?) - Amy Pond