female eleven

Dating Eleven would include

*I wrote it as the reader being in the same grade as the boys*

-Being Mike’s neighbor

-You could tell he was hiding something after he snuck Eleven to his house

-You joined the group in their adventure which caused you to meet Eleven

-She is so sweet and innocent you couldn’t help but like her

-Your feelings were solidified when she made the school bully pee himself

-”You look pretty with or without the wig”

-Whenever she is upset you hold her shoulder and try calm her down until she feels okay to hug you

-Trying to protect her when she does something that upsets the boys

-You asked her to go to the winter dance with her

-Mike is totally jealous when Eleven agrees to go with you

-Pecking her on the lips before she goes

-Knowing she isn’t gone for good when she disappears

-Hanging out with the boys teaching her about everything

-Heaven help anyone who tries to hurt you

-Hanging out at your house and teach her how to have slumber parties

-Continuing to date into high school and after graduation

-Always being there to comfort her and show her you care

-Going on all of the adventures with her

-She always protects you when she thinks you might get hurt

-It takes her a while to figure out how relationships work but she loves it and you

*Sorry if this wasn’t good, I wasn’t really sure how to write for her since she’s so young but I tried*

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A director explains what it was like casting Rihanna in his movie: 'She's the queen'

Luc Besson has always had an eye for casting actresses who are mesmerizing on the big screen.

There was Natalie Portman in her breakout role in “Léon: The Professional,” model-turned-action star Milla Jovovich in “The Fifth Element,” Scarlett Johansson in “Lucy,” and for his latest movie, “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets,” you can add two more names: Cara Delevingne and Rihanna.

Delevingne is one of the leads in this adaptation of the legendary French sci-fi graphic novel, while Rihanna plays a shape-shifting entertainer named Bubble.

Having already become one of the biggest artists in the music industry, Rihanna has moved her attention to movies and TV of late. She played Marion Crane in the latest season of “Bates Motel” and recently wrapped on the female-focused “Ocean’s Eleven” movie, “Ocean’s Eight.”

Besson talked to Business Insider and other press on Monday after showing the trailer for “Valerian,” and when Rihanna came up, he pointed out the surprising ease of working with the pop superstar.

“What was amazing was all the entourage is out, she’s on the set by herself, totally open, and you can mold her how you want,” he said. “There’s no distance, nothing. She waits for you to do something with her. She offers herself like clay.”

He admits, however, that he was shocked to get her on the set all. It seems she basically never has free time.

“The most difficult thing was trying to catch her to get her on set,” Besson said. “I think her schedule is worse than any president in the world - I couldn’t believe it. She can land at midnight, work until 2am, and I thought I was busy. But she’s the queen.”