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The real Q is a woman, British chief spy reveals
Sir Alex Younger, speaking at Women in IT Awards, says James Bond films give MI6 a global profile – but their stereotypes are not entirely accurate
By Ewen MacAskill

Although she was not identified by name, MI6’s head of operational technology is a woman. This news came as part of a keynote speech that MI6’s chief, Alex Younger, gave to a group of women in technology, encouraging them to join the agency:

“If any of you would like to join us … the real-life Q is looking forward to meeting you and I’m pleased to report that the real-life Q is a woman.”



Well, I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I hate pants that are not skinny or slim fit(sh). And that’s how these were born. The first 2 pictured are from Vampires pack, the last one is from basegame. Download under the cut.

  • city living mesh
  • comes in their original colors
  • catalog thumbs w/ black background, easy to find
  • everything is basegame compatible (should be, at least)
  • available for females as well

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Mikasa as an (unofficial) member of No Name!

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I know that they aren't popular characters, but could we see your Bash and Dash?

(For reference this is what a Cafe-au-lait spot looks like. It just looks like a giant freckle)

In my AU I change them more significantly than I normally do for my humanizations bc they were handled so poorly by the show. They’re both trans girls, bc we need more girl twins….. Their backstory is rather interesting. It’s obvious the girls and their brother Ferdinand are supposed to be (American) hillbillies, but that’s not…rlly a thing in the UK… I mean you have country folk but not hillbillies. So! How did these American hillbillies end in the UK? With Geordie accents, nonetheless

  • Their parents (who were American Hillbillies living in the deep south) decided to move to the UK but didn’t go about it entirely legally. and basically let their visas expire and were living as illegal immigrants up in northern England (where the Geordie accent is). They lived out in the country and had Ferdinand and Bash and Dash- at home, so they weren’t registered anywhere either. Ferdinand’s autistic with speech difficulties but he’s actually like. the most organized family member lmao. He’s the only one who got his citizenship. And he moved to Misty Island to stay with family living there
  • Eventually tho their parents was found out… Their entire family was deported. Bash and Dash were on an extended visit with Ferdinand at the time, so they just stayed with him
  • Back In The Day the railway on Misty Island was used for logging (duh) but not anymore. It was closed off a while ago after the logging company shut down. The three don’t use the engines for commercial logging or anything like that, the whole “we’ll run out of fuel” fear is because they use their engines to transport wood to their home and use them for warmth, fuel, etc. No fuel = no engines. Ferdinand’s strong but he’s only one man and his little sisters are barely coming out of their preteen years. They’re super enthusiastic to help out tho. They definitely live off the land
  • To buy essentials they don’t have or can’t make, they go by rowboat to the mainland and sell wood carvings, preserved jam, produce if they have enough to spare, etc, so you can see them on Sodor once in a while. But they’re practically cryptids
I Shit You Not....

Go to the gym and witness this at the door…
Guy 1: you ready bro?
Guy 2: yeah bro!
Guy 1: You Ready Bro?
Guy 2: Yeah!
Guy 2: YEAH!!
Chest bump each other and run Into gym… Keep the drive alive lads :’)

Today I was watching a live show and this comedian guy came out and started talking about why girls and boys were different. After he had named a couple he said “Girls and Boys are different because girls are better drivers than boys!” And everyone started clapping except for this group of boys. The guy pointed to them and said “Why are you booing me? You’re 14 - you can’t drive! Go hop on your tricycle you lil boy” And it was the greatest thing I have ever witnessed

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Scarlett Johansson responded to the Ghost in the Shell whitewashing and she said "having a franchise with a female protagonist driving it is such a rare opportunity" and on the one hand I want to laugh because NO IT ISN'T but then I remember the poor girl has been stuck with Marvel who refuses to do female led movies and now I just feel sorry for her. Why is entertainment media so shitty?

Well, there aren’t enough female led franchises, but we are past the point of saying a franchise led by a white woman is groundbreaking. It’s not. Sure, it’s not as common as white male led franchises, but it’s still not groundbreaking. It’s becoming the norm.

When we have a franchise led by a woman of color (if that ever even happens) then we’ll talk.

Sometimes I swear feminist have no idea what opression is.
•Not being able to vote
•Not being able to drive
•Female genital mutliation
•Being raped and you can’t go to court by your self because a women’s testamonial is less than a man’s
•You have to go outside with a male family member
•Wearing a burka because of a religion
•Honor killings.
A man spreading his legs on public transport because he has balls is not opression.


“My only regret was too young for Lisa Bonet
My only regret was too young for Nia Long
Now all I’m left with is hoes from reality shows
Hand her a script the bitch probably couldn’t read along
My only regret was too young for Sade Adu
My only regret could never take Aaliyah home”


Women’s Appreciation Week. Day Two: Favorite Female Drive Show/FilmSister Act

See, people like going to theaters, and they like going to casinos, but they don’t like coming to church. Why? Because it’s a drag. But we could change all that, see? We could pack this joint.