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Jungkook X reader.

Gender: Male X Female.

Genre: S M U T .

Warning: -

Words: 3264



“So, what’s the movie?”

Teasing, what else would it be?
The way her ass was almost in full display, her grey pajama shorts doing nothing more than be an extra piece on her body.
She damn well knew the shorts did nothing, and the oversized jumper she stole from him only gave him teasing peaks.

“Juno.” Jungkook mumbled as he tried his hardest to fix his gaze on the TV, but it was hard when his best friend with a body of a goddess and the smell of roses.
In the years Jungkook had known the female, she had always declared him as her closest friend, a brother she never had but always wanted.
So that was why Jungkook could feel the free of bra breasts graze against his arm, making him shiver and shift slightly to hide the ever growing bulge in his sweatpants.
Why did he wear sweatpants?

“Oh nice, a little throwback.” Her chin resting on Jungkook’s upper arm as she beamed him a smile of innocence, or maybe a feigned one.
A war of hormones happened in Jungkook’s body, and it was most definitely not the first time.
It was always like this.
When there was another person or a group of people she would barely give Jungkook any attention, she even would dress more appropriate, but the moment the two where alone it was all intimate skin ship and far to revealing clothing. It made Jungkook insane, but he was too shy to ask why.

Of course there where times where the female would be all touchy with Jungkook in front of people, but they all saw it as normal friendship.
Who wouldn’t when it didn’t go any further than a hug or a peck on the cheek, yes, of course people would think it might be a relationship but if they knew the female well they would know she did it with almost all of her friends.

“Want some?” She asked, her arm raising the small bowl of popcorn upwards.
Jungkook tore his gaze from the TV back to the female and widened his eyes as he did not focus on the popcorn but what was behind it.
Jungkook did not remember his jumper having such a deep V cut, almost making the female’s breasts fall out.

“yo?” Jungkook immediately looked straight into the female’s eyes.

“Sorry?” Jungkook asked.

“Do you want some?” the female asked once more, hoisting the bowl a bit higher this time.

“Oh, uh no.” Jungkook mumbled, once more shifting as inappropriate thoughts began to swarm in his head.
It was always the same, so why was he still weak for her.

“Hey, [Y/N]?” Jungkook mumbled as he did not dare to tore away his gaze from the movie playing on the only light source in the living room.


“I need to go to the bathroom for a moment, alright?”
Jungkook did not even wait for an answer as he got off from the couch and hurried his way to the bathroom.
It was bad, Jungkook was bad and [Y/N] did not differ from that.
This, all this was not the first time, it was not the first time Jungkook had excused himself for some alone time to release the stress on his member.
Jungkook knew how wrong it was, masturbating on the inappropriate thoughts of his best friend who was watching a movie in the next room.

The moment his hand came in contacted with his painful hard, Jungkook hissed.
He did not think twice as he began to move upwards and downwards on his length, abusing his bottom lip with his teeth so that no sounds of pleasure would echo out to the living room.
Jungkook had done this many times, and so far he had not been caught.

The boy imagined how beautiful of a mess the female would look as he entered her, or how she would sound as he brought her to euphoria.
Hell, he even imagined her whines as Jungkook teased her, her pleads and heavy breaths.
He imagined all the sounds with the most inappropriate images one could think off.
From simply naked to only wearing a shirt that was slightly hoisted upwards, stopping just on her breasts to even being tied up.

Jungkook thought of it all as his hand speeded up, head falling backwards against the cold tiles as he finally came to his release.
His body loosening as he cleaned himself up, trying to make him look presentable enough as he left the bathroom.
As if nothing happened he sat back next to [Y/N], who gave him a warm smile.

Not even minutes passed as the female leaned forward and paused the film, confusing Jungkook in the process.

“[Y/N], wha-” Jungkook gasped as in less of a blink of an eye the female had straddled him, her eyes filled with something that could only be described as lust.

“w-what are you doing?” Jungkook stuttered, once more feeling his member grow.

“You really think I don’t realize?” [Y/N] said in almost a purring tone, making Jungkook swallow down a lump down his throat, his Adam’s apple bopping up and down.  

“Jungkook, tell me.” [Y/N] said as she slowly raked her hands up Jungkook’s chest and locked her fingers behind Jungkook’s head.
Both he and she could feel the boy tens up, even more so as [Y/N] leaned in forward, her lips grazing over one of his ear before whispering:

“Do you really think I wear such clothing just for the fun of it?”

Jungkook gasped, his head falling back as he couldn’t help but let out a moan the moment the female’s hand found the hardened member and palmed it.

“Do you really think I don’t know what you are doing every time you go to the bathroom.” [Y/N] slurred.

“But,” Jungkook tried to argue.

“It was all to make you crazy, Jungkook.” [Y/N] confessed.

“What?” Jungkook jerked his head up and stared at the female with disbelief.

“I was wondering how long I could fool you, but I didn’t expect you to be such a good boy.”

“Wait, what.” [Y/N] sighed as she rested her cheek on Jungkook’s shoulder, once again feigning innocence that drove Jungkook insane especially with [Y/N] still giving Jungkook friction through his sweat pants.
“I have always had an eye on you, but I decided to play a game on you.
Trust me, Jungkook, it was as hard for me as it was for you.” The female sighed.

“Giving myself the release I needed, but it never felt good enough because my fingers are not yours.”
[Y/N] confessed, earning a groan from Jungkook.

“So all this time.”

“Yes.” Jungkook whined at the lost of the female’s hand not being at the place he needed the most.
Once again her arms where draped over Jungkook’s shoulder as her lips ghosted over his.
“And you are not so quite yourself” [Y/N] chuckled.
“I can hear you, you know?” The boy turned flustered as he thought about how all those times [Y/N] could hear him going off on the thought of her.

“So, what did you all think about just now?”

Jungkook bit his lip as he averted his gaze, his cheeks hued with red.

“Well?” the female purred.

“It’s, it’s to embarrassing.” Jungkook stammered.

“Oh? Now you are making me much more curious.” [Y/N] hummed.
“Let me guess, was it something like this?” Jungkook gasped as [Y/N] pushed her clothed sex onto the boy’s and began to roll her hips back and forth, Jungkook couldn’t help but let out a moan.
His eyes fixated on how well her body moved against him.

“Or maybe even.” Jungkook looked up at [Y/N] who flung her head back and moaned out the boy’s name.
The way her body looked right now, filled with lust and need, the way she teased and the way she moaned out Jungkook was too much for the boy and something switched.

“No.” Jungkook growled and in one swift movement he was hovering above the female.
“It was nothing as sweet as that.” From shock to a challenging smirk, [Y/N] wrapped her hands around Jungkook’s neck and pulled him down, noses touching one another.

“Then show me.” She whispered, opening up the beast inside Jungkook who immediately closed the distance and began to abuse plump lips.
Calloused and rough hands began to explore [Y/N]’s body, memorizing every curve and dip while a tongue asked for entrance that got denied.
Jungkook groaned as he could feel a smirk on the female lips, but rolls would quickly change as his hands found her ass and gave it a firm squeeze, causing [Y/N] to gasp and Jungkook to dip in his tongue engaging a battle of tongues.

“Is that all.” [Y/N] asked between breaths, lips had parted as bodies asked for air.
Jungkook let out a low chuckle as he shook his head, that simple action causing [Y/N]’s sex to feel something.

“It’s only the beginning.” Excitement began to build in the down region of the female as lips once more found one another.
Fingers began to comb and take fist fulls of Jungkook’s hair, but the boy tried his best not to let him face him as he made short while off the female’s borrowed sweater, revealing breasts that looked so much better than he imagined.“how bad of you not to wear a bra.” Jungkook smirked, [Y/N] simply shrugged.
A reaction Jungkook did not want thus giving her ass another firm squeeze earning a surprised gasp from the female underneath him.
“I guess I have to teach you how to be good.”

Jungkook began to paint galaxies on the exposed skin of [Y/N], sucking at the spot that made her whither in pleasure.
[Y/N] bit her lip as she did her best not to make any sounds, something Jungkook wanted the most.“Don’t do that, princess.” [Y/N] flushed at the sudden nickname.
“I want to hear if I am doing a good job, alright?”

A moan was all Jungkook got in reply, which was good enough for him.
Slowly his hands began to move away from [Y/N]’s ass and upwards to her breasts, massaging them has his lips slowly kissed their way closer to them.
[Y/N] gasped in bliss as Jungkook licked on of the perked up nipples before attack it, painting it just like her neck and collarbones.
When Jungkook thought it was enough, he began to move to the other, not wanting to neglect it.  
By now [Y/N]’s pants where soaked with pleasure, but she couldn’t care less as her thoughts here clouded with pleasure and lust, hands still grasping at brown locks.

“Jungkook, please.” [Y/N] begged, earning a low chuckle from the boy.

“Someone’s needy.” Jungkook said.
“But didn’t that someone tell me to reenact my thoughts?” [Y/N] couldn’t find her words, as she knew Jungkook was right.

“So that’s what I am going to do.” Once again was kissing the body of the female, slowly going further down where [Y/N] needed him the most.
But before Jungkook’s lips could even touch the hem of her grey shorts, the boy moved away earning a whine of loss.
A smirk was evident on the boy’s lips and confidence began to grow, knowing that [Y/N] began to grow needy for him.

“Patience, baby.” Jungkook said as he sat straight up, hands slowly grabbing the hem of his hoodie as he slowly removed the article of clothing.
[Y/N] looked at the boy in awe, a chest well toned and still clean from galaxies.
The female couldn’t help but lick her lips at the thought of placing kissed down his chest and Jungkook noticed.

“What are you thinking about?” He said as he slowly lowered himself back, his face in front of hers.

“Just about how clean your skin is, compared to mine.”

“Don’t worry.” Jungkook said as he began to kiss up the jaw of [Y/N], stopping just at her ear.
“Your time will come.” Teeth grazed over her lobe and [Y/N] let out moan to loud for her liking, but not loud enough for Jungkook, who wanted to hear more.

“That was good, but I need more.” He whispered as he pushed himself down, giving a quick kiss on [Y/N]’s stomach before taking her sweats off with a swift movement.
Red panties where stained and there was no hiding from it.

“my my, I haven’t even touched you yet.” Jungkook chuckled.

“Whatever.” The female replied, rolling her eyes while cheeks got redder.

“Still with that bad attitude,” Jungkook growled.
“Let’s patch that up, princess.” [Y/N] hissed as she felt cold air hit her sex, eyes immediately looking at Jungkook who feigned the same innocence as the female.
Before the female could make another remark, a tongue laid flat against her clothed sex and slowly and teasingly began to move upwards, causing the female to drop her head back and let out a moan.


“Just wait, baby.” Jungkook laughed at the neediness of the female, who sighed in frustration.  

“By the time you finally do something I- oh! ” The female gasped at the sudden filling feeling of a finger.
In the midst of [Y/N]’s annoyance Jungkook had shoved her pants aside and entered one of his digits inside of her, smirking at the reaction.
Slowly Jungkook began to move, knowing that the speed was not to ones liking, but that was what he wanted. He wanted [Y/N] to crave for him, for her to shoot up her hips which she did only for him to push them down with the other free hand, making her whine.

“Please Jungkook,” [Y/N] begged.

“Please what, babe?”

“Please move faster.”

“As you wish.” Without any warning Jungkook entered another finger inside her, causing [Y/N] to scream in absolute bliss.
Never in her life had she experienced such skilled fingers, and if Jungkook would continue on she might have released the tightening knot in her stomach.

“Not yet baby girl.” Jungkook said as he pulled out his juice coated fingers, making [Y/N] whine and quickly shudder as she watched with hooded eyes how he licked off his fingers.

“hmm,” Jungkook hummed as he closed his eyes for a short while.
“I think I need another sample.” He smirked and [Y/N] couldn’t help but laugh at the horrible sentence the boy just said, but that smile quickly turned into a gasp as pants where ripped off and her exposed sex was being attacked by a skill full tongue, dipping in and out before abusing her clit to the max.
[Y/N]’s loud moans began to fill the room as Jungkook once again lead her to her release.

“Jungkook, I am going to-” She couldn’t finish her sentence as Jungkook went full on overdrive and sucked and even bit on the poor clit, pushing her with speed towards her release.
White stars began to twinkle in [Y/N]’s eyes as she came, but even with a face dripping with white, Jungkook did not stop, making the female come down from her high.

Heavy pants left the tired body of [Y/N] as Jungkook rose upwards, wiping away any remaining residue from his actions just mere minutes ago.

“That was fun,” Jungkook said and [Y/N] nodded.
“But it isn’t over just yet.” Before [Y/N] could asked what he meant, Jungkook had slid his sweats and boxers off, revealing a hardened member that took away [Y/N]’s breath.
It was bigger than she expected, or even has seen.

Even with her tired body, [Y/N] forced herself to sit up, hands pushing down the naked boy in a sitting position.
“Now it is my turn.” The female said as she positioned herself between Jungkook’s thighs.
With a quick flick of her thumb, [Y/N] lathered up Jungkook’s member with his pre-cum, making him hiss as her hand began to move up and down once before her mouth took over it’s job, trying her best to take it all in which was harder than expected.

Jungkook groaned in bliss as his head fell back only to be forced back up to look at the female between his thighs.

“Beautiful.” He breathed as he watched how the female bobbed her head up and down his member.
“Can you look at me?” Jungkook asked with the most sweetest voice.
Round eyes immediately looked up into Jungkook’s hooded and filled with lust ones.

“Good girl.” Jungkook hushed, causing [Y/N] to moan.
The vibrations making the boy groan in pleasure, his hand grabbing a fist full of [Y/N]’s hair who once more groaned.
It was probably thanks to all this that Jungkook released himself without warning into the female’s mouth. Who gagged at the sudden burst, but took it all in.

Jungkook groaned at the sight of [Y/N] taken in all he spilled.

“Such a good girl.” Jungkook whispered.
“Now come here,” the boy said as he pulled slightly at the female’s hair.

“I guess you should be rewarded for being such a good girl.” Jungkook said as he guided the female back into her laying position on the couch.
[Y/N] obeyed, anticipating the feeling of being filled by the man she always wanted in many ways.
But before Jungkook could let himself loose he stopped.

“wait, shit I do-”

“It’s underneath the magazine.” The female said, and low and behold there was a small square blue aluminum foil hiding underneath a magazine.
Jungkook couldn’t help but chuckle as he waved around the package in his hand.

“You planned this, didn’t you?”

The female heaved her shoulders.

“And here I was, thinking you have been a good girl, but I guess bad stays bad, huh babe?”
Jungkook said as he ripped off the foil and rolled down the condom onto his length, making him groan in the process.
“Guess I still have to teach you.” Jungkook growled as he pushed open [Y/N]’s legs.
Without any warning Jungkook slid in, the juices from before making it easy to glide in but [Y/N] was still tight, but just good enough for Jungkook.
Both moaned in pleasure, but before the female could do anything Jungkook had fully pulled out only to slam right back in, taking the breath away of the female.

“Jungkook!” [Y/N] screamed, but Jungkook could not listen anymore.
The boy was far to focused in his own pleasure, Jungkook had waited far to long for this and the fact he just made a promise to punish the female, also known as fucking the life out of her, did not make it any better.

Heavy  breaths with occasional groans, skin hitting one another and [Y/N] crying out Jungkook’s name as all that could be heard in the living room.
[Y/N] knew Jungkook was getting close as his thrusts became sloppy, but Jungkook too knew she was close as the clenching of her sex became more frequent.

“J-jungkook, I’m going to-”

“Come for me, princess.” Was all that needed to make [Y/N] see those white stars again.
Jungkook quickly chased after his third one that night as he slowly rode out both of the two their highs.
Slowly Jungkook pulled out, taking the condom off and walked off the dispose it.
Within minutes the boy came back with some paper towels, cleaning the mess the two had created.
If [Y/N] could, she would have helped him, but her body had grown tired that even moving became impossible.

Jungkook chuckled as he saw the blissful face on the tired beautiful mess.

“Come,” Jungkook said as he lifted up the female in a bridal manner.
“Let’s get some sleep, we will clean up tomorrow.” Tiredly the female nodded.

“[Y/N]?” Jungkook called out as he slowly and carefully placed the female in bed.

“Hmm?” She tiredly hummed.

“Does this mean I am your-”

“yes.”  Jungkook couldn’t help but smile as he let himself into bed, his arms wrapping around [Y/N]’s body.“I love you.” Jungkook mumbled into the crown of her head.

“I love you too.” She mumbled into his chest, the one that soon would be filled with galaxies.

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okay, I need to take a good swim in holy water, I am so sorry Jungkook for writing such things about you but also I am not that sorry because you don’t even know I exist, HA

Unfollow me if you think:

• that Riot doesn’t still sexualize their female champs via skins
• that bringing it up is somehow irrelevant now that newer female champs are less sexualized
• that Riot sexualizes their males as much as their females
• that suspension of disbelief when playing video games validates hypersexualizing game characters of either gender

Thanks and good night

Suspension of disbelief in video games and an easy step towards feminism

Pretty much from the get-go, video games have asked us to suspend our disbelief over what the hero can do. From Mario being able to standing jump many times his own height, to Guybrush Threepwood being able to fit an entire dog in his pants without anyone noticing (that happens, no joke), to the cops suddenly forgetting that you murdered a city if you make it back to your apartment in GTA. It’s part of what makes the game a game. Being able to bend the rules a little (or a lot) makes it fun. We use art and entertainment to escape reality (or at least circumvent it). Appropriate amounts of suspended disbelief are part of the experience. See also: movies, TV, comic books, novels, fan fiction, etc.

In gaming, the most common suspension of disbelief is the skill/luck of the hero, particularly in fighting games. The IRL record number of direct kills by one person for the entire human race is 505 (from a Finnish Sniper in WWII), and this largely because the Russians had some really bad tactics at the start of that war. In video game terms, it’s one level of Left 4 Dead. In most combat-oriented games, the protagonist defeats or kills a small army of enemies, often with little more training than his opponents should have (and sometimes less). Look at FarCry 3. You go from spoiled, rich-kid crybaby to killing two islands worth of armed mercenaries (and several tigers and sharks) in a matter of days. And we didn’t flip out about it because, hey, it was fun.

And on the defensive side, how many bullet wounds do our favorite heroes shake off? 10? 20? 50? Hundreds? In real life, shaking off one bullet is a big deal. You might even be able to survive 20 with proper medical care, assuming none of the shots are instantly fatal. But you certainly can’t get a shot a bunch, walk past a first aid kit, and then get shot some more. We accept that our heroes can take abnormally high abuse (or recover quickly) because otherwise the game stops being fun. We WANT to suspend our disbelief so we can escape from the hard realities of real life.

And yet, when it comes to female characters, there’s still a “girls-are-too-weak-to-do-that” mentality. There’s virtually no roof on how over-the-top male driven heroics can be, but the roof on female characters seems to be “average man” (without resorting to magic). There are exceptions of course (generally with empty-vessel characters like the Dovahkiin), but normally we don’t see female protagonists who “just happen to be tougher than everyone else”. There’s an undercurrent of disbelief about “why is this woman a better fighter than the average man” that’s stronger than “why is man a better fighter than every single other man he encounters”, as if the gap between woman and man is somehow greater than the gap between man and God. And it grossly limits our imaginations in terms of telling great stories (as well as reinforcing video game sexism).

When we started designing Aberford, even we had to ask ourselves “How do we make it believable that these 50s housewives are fighting these zombies?”. We knew that if we didn’t give them some edge, the game would catch flak for being “unrealistic”. (For balance, we also give any of the male characters who survive the first three chapters an edge as well). So we made Peggy more athletic, Doris stronger, Betty more skilled, and Sylvia more ruthless than an average person, giving them a reason to be able to do all the heroics Aberford calls for.

But we really shouldn’t have needed to. Very modest amounts of research will reveal that a ‘50s housewife is a serious customer, far more serious than most of the jokers who survive in your typical zombie fare. From the growing up during the hard years of the depression and WWII, to the inordinately physical nature of pre-appliance housework, the average ‘50s housewife in her prime could have soundly beaten any of us without breaking a sweat. (And I KNOW you all think you’d survive a zombie apocalypse with flying colors).

In the interest of both equality and accuracy, the main thing that gets people killed/zombified in Aberford isn’t a physical inability to fight a zombie one-on-one. It’s actually the mental barrier, the hesitation, the aversion to hurting someone. The zombies look like people (and not corpses), so most of the characters are reluctant to really cut loose. Or they’ve been ingrained from childhood that they can’t fight back (as is the case with oppressed people). And when you’re attacked by fast, vicious zombies, that split second delay will be the death of you. So our heroines are all women who know they can fight back and do. And that’s their biggest edge. If oppression is about making people believe they can’t do something, empowerment is about making people believe that they can.

Gender equality in game design only takes a willingness to suspend our disbelief for female characters as much as we are for male characters. Feminism in game design is that short, easy step to realizing it’s currently not how things are and that we should be doing something about it.

A Thousand Natural Shocks - Chapter 3

Next installment of @notllorstel‘s Neverhuman AU fic is up!  (Psst, let me know if you want me to stop tagging you - I know this fic has gone a lot off the rails from your original idea.) 

Update was a while in the waiting, I know - if it’s any solace, this chapter is quite a bit longer than the past few I’ve posted. Sorry about all that. I have a relatively comprehensive plan of the entire fic so far, I just have to find time to sit down and write it out.

Introduced in this chapter is Shermy Pines - a bit necessary, since I didn’t want this entire fic to be Ford and his internal monologues. Seeing how their character barely exists in canon, any iteration of them is pretty much an original character. But here, I’ll be going with @trustme-im-a-pirate’s Shermy, who’s Dipper and Mabel’s grandmother, and who kicks all kinds of ass, honestly. No background knowledge is necessary (but y'all should check their fics on AO3 (under Sarielle), because they are amazing) but just giving credit where it’s due.

PROLOGUE CHAPTER 1 CHAPTER 2 AO3 (for longer comments and questions)

(And… psst.  As always, I’m up to answer questions about the fic and dole out hints through asks, though I probably am not creative enough to think of ciphers and all that.)  


The cold fear coiled in his gut promised a sleepless night.

Never one to waste time, Stanford Pines cracked open his brother’s phonebook and began flipping through the yellowed pages, in a vain attempt to keep his mind off of certain other topics.

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Man, this chapter was really hard for me to figure out how to write. Ended up eating three breakfasts just to get through this. As usual, a quick shout out to twistedviper for the seed idea, and all of you for supporting me. Now if you need me, I shall be waiting here for your tears.

[Sans Days] [First] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [Previous] [Next]

Warnings: Lots and lots of pain, emotional and physical, crying, death –BUT IT GETS BETTER DON’T LEAVE ITS OKAY

… still here? Okay good I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.


Have fun.

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"You're so caught up in your little precious tommy. I wonder if you even told him about how you got that shucking limp of yours if he's so precious." (To Meet from Maren for the offend my muse thing)

Newt looked at the female in disbelief, anger, but mostly hurt. “Excuse me?! And just who the bloody hell do you think you are?! Coming in here acting you know all about me. And Tommy! What the shuck is your problem?!”