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ghalakt2  asked:

Do you think in the future monk and ayako relationship will develop ?( as couple)

Good question. It seems to be a popular couple and people have both good and bad opinions about that. Personally, I think it’s certainly possible. All the characters in this series have been through a lot together and I think they’ve all come to deeply care about one another. As for Monk and Ayako, they certainly bicker like an old married couple XD

For a deeper look into the Monk/Ayako relationship, you should check out the Ghost Hunt short story by Ono Fuyumi titled Least Visible Side Profile:

Part 1
Part 2

There’s a lot of good stuff about their relationship in this story. I read through to pick out something good, but there was so much. Here’s a small bit from the first part:

Monk: “No doubt. Not to mention I don’t like having women around when drinking.”

Yasu: “What about Matsuzaki-san?”

Monk: “Just what about her’s a woman?”

Yasu: “Ehh? But she’s beautiful.”

Monk: “That’s true on the outside. I’m talking about inside.”

Yasu: “I think she’s plenty feminine on the inside, both in a good and bad sense.”

Monk: “I can’t believe you said it. –Well, I thought so at first, too.”

Yasu: “Which means you don’t think so anymore?”

Monk: “Like I said, quit with that weird smile. –Ayako’s comfortable. She doesn’t have that devious female side.”

And from the second part:

Monk: “Quit acting like a teasing woman. It doesn’t suit you.”

Ayako: “How rude. Just what part of me isn’t womanly?”

Monk: “Take away your silver tongue, and what’s left?”

Ayako: “Beauty, proportions, and my family’s affluence.”

Monk: “All cancelled out by your age, lack of sex appeal, and high-handedness.”

Ayako: “Excuuuse meee?”

Monk: “Just accept reality.”

Ayako: “A half-baked old man like yourself couldn’t possibly understand my appeal. It’s got to be a mature gentleman or a young man.”

Monk: “So you’re messing around with guys like that, huh.”

Ayako: “I let them mess around with me.”

Monk: “Let me guess, you make them buy things too.”

Oh man, how they get off topic… everything else just seems to disappear.

Anyway, Monk and Ayako have a comfortable relationship and they started going out drinking together (with John as well). Also, Monk is physically attracted to Ayako, though he won’t admit it directly to her and tries to down play it. People pretend like that all the time.

There’s a lot of tension there. Sometimes that builds up into romance and sometimes it doesn’t, but I think there is potential. To some, they may just seem like good buddies, but friends date all the time and usually they make the best couples. Honestly, there’s no telling what will happen when you’ve been through so much with someone and things are comfortable and easy. It might or it might not happen, but the possibility is definitely there. I won’t shoot down anyone’s ship.