female cosmonaut


You’d think more than a year after this interaction, people would learn to stop asking female cosmonauts sexist questions. And yet, here we are. Russia is sending an all-female group into a space simulation — and not only were they just asked how they’d get by without makeup, but what they’d do without men. They shut it down just as quickly.

Before I go practice my instrument, here’s a spread from that Soviet aviation book about Soviet parachuting. It’s notable for two reasons: 1) this spread is somehow both noticeably dated and yet still arguably striking, and b) parachuting is how the first woman in space, Valentina Tereshkova, was selected to be a cosmonaut! Valentina was never a pilot; she was a factory worker with experience as an amateur parachuter, and her skill helped her be selected among an elite group of 5 female cosmonauts for the Vostok missions.