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The Earth is in crisis. All over the globe, the devastating effects of climate change are becoming more common and more severe. But the President-elect appointed someone who doesn’t believe in global warming as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency. But that’s kind of a depressing topic to think about during this time of year so here’s Donald Trump in a sparkly lil dress. I’m sorry. You’re welcome. 

The SMH As Things I've Done Part II
  • Bitty: my straight cousin asked me if i had a boyfriend. not wanting to out myself but also not wanting to seem boring, i said yes and accidentally made up a whole backstory and person on the spot
  • Jack: went 15 years without diagnosing my severe ocd and depression because i was too lazy to talk to anyone about it
  • Shitty: wore a "the future is female" shirt around my conservative family just because i knew it would start drama
  • Lardo: told a boy i wasn't interested in that i wasn't looking for a relationship and then proceeded to complain about how much i wanted a boyfriend or girlfriend right in front of him
  • Holster: had an anxiety attack while watching the x files episode "all things" because i was so shocked that fox mulder was able to get laid and it was too much strain on my brain to handle
  • Ransom: cried during finals week because the concept that the carrot is actually the root was suddenly very overwhelming
  • Nursey: ended a presentation on the conflicts of europe in 2016 with "but i guess it's okay. well actually it's not and the european infrastructure is crumbling but, you know whatever."
  • Dex: became very angry at my best friend because she didn't tell me she had a new dog and i was offended that she didn't send me cute dog pictures
  • Chowder: started an all out war between my friends by asking the question "if a baby were grown in the stomach, would it be pooped or puked out"
  • Parse: worked out an entire conflict without actually ever talking to the person it concerned and just having other people do it for me

I just watched the president get sworn in during history class. My history teacher gave us the option to watch the inauguration or leave and do other stuff. Only me and one other kid stayed with my teacher to watch it. I felt happy and a sense of dread inside because I am very afraid of social backlash but I’m glad Donald Trump is our president now. I just don’t want to get bullied again.


After all the yellow coated wolf-posts, I just couldn’t leave Wolf Conservation Center’s ambassador wolf Alawa out. Her lineage is a mix of Gray wolf subspecies, but she is primarily Canadian/Rocky Mountain Gray wolf (Canis lupus occidentalis) - a subspecies that traditionally inhabited parts of the western United States, much of western Canada, and all of Alaska. 

Pictures by Wolf Conservation Center


Critically endangered Mexican gray wolf female in captivity. Conservation efforts to breed and release these gorgeous animals back into their natural range are on going. A population of about 97 wild wolves have established territory in the Gila and Apache National Forests, in New Mexico and Arizona.

debunking the “walking vagina” argument that trans activists and libfems parrot everywhere

“Women are adult humans with female reproductive anatomy.”

Apparently, some people find that statement offensive.

The reason those people find that statement offensive is because they find female anatomy offensive.

“But conservatives also agree that women are people with vaginas!”

Yes, and I am sure that many conservatives will also agree that the sky is blue and that grass is green. Just because a bad person agrees with a basic fact doesn’t suddenly make that basic fact wrong.

Besides, you’re missing the whole point. Conservatives views women as objects, conservatives view female anatomy as property.

The problem isn’t that people with female anatomy exist.

The problem is that men view female anatomy as a piece of property.

Radical feminism says, “Accept your body, your body exists for you, you are not an object just because you have a vagina.”

Trans activist ideology says, “Vagina-people’s bodies are still objects, which is why they shouldn’t relate to their bodies, because their bodies can only be objects.”

Trans activist logic says that anything a male body can experience is “more than” what the female body can experience, because they think the female body is something to be “reduced” to (notice how often they say “don’t reduce yourself to your body!” as if a woman being proud of her body is a bad thing). 

Trans activists believe in male supremacy–they believe all males, including trans women, are superior to female people.

That’s why they use the “reduce to” rhetoric regarding the female body–because if you want to be “more than” your body (implying your body is inherently objectified and always will and should be) you should derive your womanhood identity from some experience that males can also experience and is therefore “more than” the experiences unique to the female body.

Trans activists believe the female body is inherently an object to be used.

Trans activists believe in male supremacy.

If you’re a female conservative, a transgender conservative, a gay conservative, a black conservative, or any conservative who is also a part of a perceived minority…

That’s perfectly fine. The conservative party isn’t limited to one group of people and you have the freedom to believe what you want so if you see yourself as a conservative, there’s nothing wrong with that no matter what tumblr or anyone tells you

Allow Concealed Carry in NJ

Hi I made this petition to encourage the NJ government to pass a law that allows concealed carry. Please sign it and reblog to support making NJ a safer place.

Radfem Tumblr is so different than my experiences with rad-leaning feminists IRL like ace discourse has not popped up in my physical corporeal life since I left the “queer community” behind, leftist girls and women in my life don’t completely abandon and belittle conservative female peers IRT issues of sexual abuse and negative effects of pornified sexuality, like the women and girls in my life who would be considered terves and swerves on here are in fact out there, doing good, existing and making the world a better place

"Why are you conservative when conservatives hate black people and women?"

First of all, contrary to what your gender studies teacher probably told you, conservatives are an incredibly diverse group. They are straight, gay, and trans. They are male and female. They are socially conservative, socially liberal, or socially moderate. They are pro-life, pro-choice, and in between. They are rich and poor, old and young, black, white, Asian, Latino, Middle Eastern, etc. They are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, atheist, etc.

There would be absolutely no way to please every single person who calls themselves a conservative, and I know for fact that I’ve pissed a fair amount of them off. I’m conservative for no other reason than my personal beliefs. I believe in personal liberty, the maintenance of the constitution, freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, minimal government involvement in private lives and businesses, minimal government spending and minimal taxation. I came to all these beliefs through experiences, observations, and the application of my own good sense. I try my best to come to all my beliefs that way, which often means holding unpopular opinions matter what circle I’m in. I’m a conservative because I think for myself, and because my ideology lines up best with conservative values with regards to the role of government. No other reason than that. Whether a group of people loves or hates me is, frankly, irrelevant.

“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.
I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” - Joe Biden

Ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta) have a very unique social structure within their groups.  The female L. catta are the most dominant in this society.   Unlike many other species of primates where males are more dominant, it’s the females that call the shots in lemur society.  The females create a stable core in each group, while the males transfer from one group to another. 

Since the females are on the top of the hierarchy, they get first dibs on preferred food items and can even be seen taking food right out of the hands of males lower in the hierarchy.  Below, you can see Ansell (purple collar).  She is on the very top of the dominance hierarchy in this group, and she keeps all the other lemurs in her group in line.