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World’s laziest wolf tries to howl

Picture by Scott Moffatt

Forlorn gray wolf in northern Ontario, Canada. This female, caught in a padded leg hold trap, is about to recieve a gps satellite radio collar. The individuals movements and predation events will be monitored as part of a woodland caribou conservation project.

The Earth is in crisis. All over the globe, the devastating effects of climate change are becoming more common and more severe. But the President-elect appointed someone who doesn’t believe in global warming as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency. But that’s kind of a depressing topic to think about during this time of year so here’s Donald Trump in a sparkly lil dress. I’m sorry. You’re welcome. 

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Im a female, born conservative die conservative. I strongly disagree with a lot on your blogs; however somethings happened i cant fix and im looking for help anywhere i can get so im going to put our differences aside. I am a former Navy vet, i was stationed on the USS 2004 Carl Vincent (Now decommissioned) for seven years. I am no longer on active duty after a man attempted homicide against me while off the station. How do i accept and recover from the flashbacks, paranoia, and anxiety? -RH

#LAVENDER sisterhood answer:

So you are siding with the enemy and you want my emotional healing help? 

Go ask your pastor! Go ask the VA!

The purpose of this is to educate on the hypocrisy of liberals and their double standards when it comes to gender race and violence.

When white nationalist Richard Spencer was punched in the face by an unidentified member of antifa liberals rejoiced in victory over his humiliation and pain however when a female antifa member gets the same treatment; liberals are now screaming sexism and unjustified violence. So let’s hear how it sounds when a black female conservative use the same rhetoric, keep in mind that incited violence is not the answer and hopefully the regressive left will realize this.

And what’s good for the “Nazis” is good for the Commies.

A more conservative, female version of Trump is about to become the next president of France, and she is for Frexit (taking France out of the EU), thus dissolving the entire EU.

You have been warned…

In case people didn’t know:

If you don’t have an account with Youtube; you will have videos blocked from your viewing due to their censorship bullshit automatically, they use a auto-restrictive-mode, you need to be logged in and turn restrictive mode off to view all videos.

Oddly enough they allow fake news and race baiting channels like CNN, MTV news, Buzzfeed, The Young Turks videos to show and hate speech by BLM, SJWs and feminists.

Anyone of a different opinion, like my bisexual black female friend, or my conservative or moderate liberal friends, non-political gamer channels, atheists channels even

I grew up in a world that had a thing called free speech, which allowed hateful people like SJWs, feminists, leftists to spew their rhetoric and build their -cults- communities AND now they decide they deem what is “hate speech” (a thing that doesn’t exists, you don’t have the right to be offended, everyone has a right to free speech) but youtube is a corporation, a business and they can do what they want…… but conservatives, rightwingers and dissenters aren’t allowed that same right

So much for “equality” eh?

Bigot Hypocrites.

The SMH As Things I've Done Part II
  • Bitty: my straight cousin asked me if i had a boyfriend. not wanting to out myself but also not wanting to seem boring, i said yes and accidentally made up a whole backstory and person on the spot
  • Jack: went 15 years without diagnosing my severe ocd and depression because i was too lazy to talk to anyone about it
  • Shitty: wore a "the future is female" shirt around my conservative family just because i knew it would start drama
  • Lardo: told a boy i wasn't interested in that i wasn't looking for a relationship and then proceeded to complain about how much i wanted a boyfriend or girlfriend right in front of him
  • Holster: had an anxiety attack while watching the x files episode "all things" because i was so shocked that fox mulder was able to get laid and it was too much strain on my brain to handle
  • Ransom: cried during finals week because the concept that the carrot is actually the root was suddenly very overwhelming
  • Nursey: ended a presentation on the conflicts of europe in 2016 with "but i guess it's okay. well actually it's not and the european infrastructure is crumbling but, you know whatever."
  • Dex: became very angry at my best friend because she didn't tell me she had a new dog and i was offended that she didn't send me cute dog pictures
  • Chowder: started an all out war between my friends by asking the question "if a baby were grown in the stomach, would it be pooped or puked out"
  • Parse: worked out an entire conflict without actually ever talking to the person it concerned and just having other people do it for me

Critically endangered Mexican gray wolf female in captivity. Conservation efforts to breed and release these gorgeous animals back into their natural range are on going. A population of about 97 wild wolves have established territory in the Gila and Apache National Forests, in New Mexico and Arizona.


After all the yellow coated wolf-posts, I just couldn’t leave Wolf Conservation Center’s ambassador wolf Alawa out. Her lineage is a mix of Gray wolf subspecies, but she is primarily Canadian/Rocky Mountain Gray wolf (Canis lupus occidentalis) - a subspecies that traditionally inhabited parts of the western United States, much of western Canada, and all of Alaska. 

Pictures by Wolf Conservation Center

The #SupremeCourt has ruled on the #HobbyLobby case and has given corporations the right to make healthcare choices for women. This is a huge blow to women everywhere and their right to make decisions about their own bodies. Corporations are valued more than real people. This is the America that we live in today.

Female friends, before you take a new job, better read the fine print and make sure your employer doesn’t want to declare your uterus as theirs.


I just watched the president get sworn in during history class. My history teacher gave us the option to watch the inauguration or leave and do other stuff. Only me and one other kid stayed with my teacher to watch it. I felt happy and a sense of dread inside because I am very afraid of social backlash but I’m glad Donald Trump is our president now. I just don’t want to get bullied again.

Since I started posting and following anything related to mori, I’ve noticed a good amount of outspoken anti-feminists in the community. I understand the appeal of mori kei to conservative females- it’s unrevealing and revels in history. I even find the unrevealing part satisfying in my own way. But let me bring in one really, really important point that you guys seem to be missing- If it wasn’t for feminism, you would not be dressing like this.

The various feminist movements have ushered in independence for women in many aspects of their life, and this includes fashion and self-expression. Mainstream fashion is still a highly problematic area for feminism, but our ability to dress in other ways than the absolute norm and continue to lead typical lives in society is a great privilege women in the past did not usually have. Dressing yourself in mori is dressing yourself alternatively- end of. And yet we still have issues with the the acceptance of alternative looks- for all people, not just women.

As with lolita fashion, it is not in any way a true replica of historic eras, and therefore is a modern fashion. You cannot look at mori-kei as if it is fully conservative- its rebelliousness against current normalcy supersedes its origins. Its conservative side is, in a sense, it’s rebellion; which I think is brilliant.

We also cannot forget the social aspects of mori kei (and natural kei), which are encouragements of independence, literature/study, creativity, and environmental concern. Most of these are, in the United States at least, considered liberal traits.

Everyone is fully entitled to their own views and I support anyone seeking involvement in mori kei to do so due to their own personal reasons. But if history and the past is important to you, please consider how it has shaped our lives today.

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Abortion isn't murdering babies. We need abortion to secure equality between men and women. If a woman doesn't have control over whether she has a child or not she has no control over her life at all.

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Uh no.  A woman does have control over whether she has a child or not.  It’s called not having sex if you don’t want to risk pregnancy.  Abortion is murder.  It terminates the life of a baby.