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After the news of Frank Cho walking out on doing Wonder Woman variants broke, comics twitter started the #WomenForWonderWoman hashtag to suggest women they’d like to see do a variant cover for the series. Many other comics, such as Red Sonja and Codename Baboushka, have variants done by a featured female artist every month, so we think there’s plenty of room for DC to shine a spotlight on female comic creators for Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary. 

One of the exciting discoveries made through the hashtag was Afu Richardson hinting at doing a Wonder Woman variant! Check out her work here.

Photo credit here, click the images for the artists in the captions.

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It Ain't 'Chick Comedy': Comedian Neeti Palta Sorts Out Feminism, Padded Bras And More
As long as I feel that a joke, no matter how harsh, intends to deliver the right message, it is fine.

MG: But can gender ever be separated from the narrative onstage, especially for someone like you who promises to provide a “female perspective”?

NP: I have always wanted to be seen as a funny “person” onstage, trying to make people laugh, but I guess you cannot separate my gender from what I say onstage. Obviously, my jokes come from my observations and experiences as a female. The only thing I object to is my material being branded as “chick comedy”. After all a male comedian’s stuff is never called “stud comedy”. A lot of the observations in my stuff are universal and I would prefer people to listen first and then form an opinion before branding it anything.

MG: You had gone on record to state that the idea of a female humourist performing “naughty jokes” at a pub in India is often deemed problematic, as more often than not, she is perceived as “fast”. How much of that attitude do you think has changed in recent times?

NP: Different audiences behave differently. However, given its skewed patriarchal upbringing, the Indian mind-set always tends to describe a female doing naughty jokes as “bold” and “edgy” when trying to be complimentary! While the adjectives used for a male comedian will be “funny”, “talented”, “cool”, etc. The amusing part is they don’t even realise they’re discriminating!

MG: Why aren’t there as many female comics as much as male ones on the scene?

NP: We get enough attention as it is by merely walking on the road or taking public transport! But jokes aside, I think women are somehow brought up with a mindset to not attract attention to themselves, lest they be seen as a “fast” woman. Add to that, the fact that we deal with far more self-doubt than men, constantly dealing with that nagging voice in our heads that keeps telling us that we can’t. So it’s a combination of society and self that makes us reticent.

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“ Wonder Woman is the personification of the Queen in a game of chess… the most powerful piece of the game and always protecting the king! “   Andrea (Crazy4Cats)

Superman and Wonder Woman were doing troupe reversal a while now. She’s been saving and protecting him on the covers and inside for years. Sometimes even Superman needs saving.