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“How much duct tape d’you think it’d take to tape one of us to, say, a ceiling?”

Alan sat up from where he had been happily lying on the blue shag carpet, just generally getting in the way. Gordon caught the tennis ball Alan been tossing up into the air and mimed taking a bite out of it.

“Me or you?” Alan asked, springing up to try and snatch the ball back. Gordon sidestepped him.

“You, I guess. You’re lighter.”

“Okay. So maybe…five rolls? How many do you have?”

Gordon threw off the far-too-big-for-him-and-probably-virgil’s-hoodie he’d been wearing with a flourish, and then held his arms out in front of him. He had about six rolls of duct tape on each arm.

“Nice fashion statement.” Alan said, making another go of getting his tennis ball back. Gordon faked one way, then dashed round and dropped the ball down the back of little brother’s t-shirt.

“Okay-okay-okay, so, you’re in?”

Alan scrambled after the ball as it dropped out from under his shirt. 

“Yeah. Let’s do this!”

Virgil found them sometime later. He’d been out for a walk on the island, stopping every so often to sketch the odd bird. It was a real exercise in getting stuff down quickly.

He’d need that, when he dragged himself through his bedroom door, ready for a mid-afternoon nap if he could get one in. He didn’t even notice the fact that Alan was taped to his ceiling until he heard a deceptively casual ‘hey bro’ come from above.

Gordon waved to him from behind the doorframe.

“Nice blowfish impression, Virge.” He said. “What do you think of your new ceiling fixture?”

“Wh-how-why? Gordon. Why. Alan. How did he talk you into this?”

“Dude, I didn’t have to. He said yes right away.”


“I thought you were all about the pursuit of knowledge, Virgil.” Alan said, nonchalantly. His face was very red. “This was all for science, duh.”

Right. I gotta get you down.” Virgil said, rolling up his shirtsleeves.

“Good luck, it took me like three hours to get him up there.” Gordon said, bending down to pick up an off-cut piece of tape. He stuck it to Virgil’s back as he watched big brother size up the challenge in front of (above) him.

“Gordon, he’s turning purple. How could you think this was a good idea?” Virgil said, getting closer to inspect the situation. Alan stretched out his fingers and just managed to brush the top of Virgil’s head. Gordon stepped back, raising his hands in surrender.

“Hey, I never thought it was a good idea. Oh, hold on. I think he’s slipping.”

“I got it.” Virgil said, gritting his teeth.

In one particularly ungraceful motion, Virgil leapt up and ripped Alan right off the ceiling. He took a fair bit of ceiling with him on the way down, and it, along with Alan, collapsed in a heap on top of Virgil.

Gordon dragged Alan up and out of the room before Virgil could go full-hulk.

BTS Scenario: You not being the jealous type

I find this so funny because i don’t get jealousy. As long as he/she shows you that they only love you, why bother to get angry over nothing?

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Switched the posting day with SIC because i had a morning flight to London today and i’m too dead tired to write today. 

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You were helping one of the stylists as it were your job since you decided to take the job since their old one left and it was a way of spending more time with Jin. You were currently doing Taehyung’s makeup and next to him was your boyfriend, talking and dead ass flirting with some intern that was struggling to style his hair. You shook your head internally at his poor attempt at engaging in the kind of conversation with someone that wasn’t even fluent but he filled the blanks with sweet touches on her hand every time she’d lean over to take something off the table. You laughed out loud involuntarily, catching his attention and he looked at you confused. The surprised look on his face was gold when you told him how funny he was, trying to flirt.

“You mean… you’re okay with this?”

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You decided to surprise Yoongi with a bottle of champagne to celebrate the release of his mixtape after so long. You prepared a monolog for the toast you were going to hold and everything was going to go according to the plan you made at home. He was still in his studio working to get the tracks for the band’s next album and it was already late. He needed a break and you were going to make him take it. You opened the door and there he was clinking bottles of beer with a girl from his staff as she smiled lovingly at him, complimenting his work. You greeted Yoongi and he jumped up from his chair, rushing to explain the situation and he was left dumbfounded when you told him you didn’t mind him spending time with his coworkers, regardless the sex.

“Okay but you’re my only one. Just so we’re clear.”  

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It was pretty late at night and Hoseok texted you, saying he’ll be done soon and wanted you to drop by the dance practice on your way to go home, together. You arrived earlier than you replied him you’d be there and when you opened the door, you saw Hoseok dancing seductively with their new female choreographer. The dance was beautiful and the way their bodies moved was slowly mesmerizing you that you didn’t hear the music stop and you were only aware of the situation when Hoseok was apologizing with is hands locked in front of his face, saying it wasn’t what it looked like. You smiled, complimenting their dancing skills and took his hands to part them so you could hug him. He was beyond confused but once you told him you didn’t have a problem with him getting close to other girls, he hugged you tighter before starting to laugh.

“Jagi, i’m so lucky to have you.”

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Namjoon took you to a female K-Pop concert as a date. He knew you loved her and that you considered her your role model and her body was to be worshiped, even you admitted that. And when you heard he got you the tickets, you screamed in excitement and the fact that he got you VIPs earned him an unforgettable night. You were enjoying the concert, watching as the song’s beat slowed down, a remix of the original, and more girls came to the stage, dressed in sexy outfits. You heard Namjoon’s ‘ahh’s next to you but you ignored him. Guys… You thought. But then he started dirty talking into your ear about what he would do to that girl if she was his girlfriend and you giggled at his dirty words, aside from the fact that he was turning you on a little.

“You don’t mind that?” He asked, pretty surprised when you shook your head, “Jagi, i love you even more. I guess, I’ll do those things to you instead.” He winked at you.

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You were walking down the street, holding hands with Jimin when you heard a group of girls screaming your boyfriend’s name. You automatically let go of his hand and took a considerate distance from him since you didn’t want to cause any trouble or receive hate because of something so stupid and Jimin turned around, smiling sweetly at the fans who showed their markers and phones to get Jimin’s autograph on it. You told him a while ago that you weren’t jealous of his fangirls but he still tried to prove you wrong by sharing extra skinship around you. Once the girls disappeared, he walked back next to you, taking your hand.

“Don’t be jealous, babe. You have me at night and that’s what matters.” He winked as you rolled your eyes, shaking your head and earning a shy smile from him. He knew it didn’t affect you but it was fun to play around.

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Ever since Taehyung started filming for his drama, your dates were postponed every single time due to the fatigue that was always lingering in Taehyung’s system. You understood him and didn’t pressure him in any way. In fact, today you decided to bring his lunch to the set since it wasn’t so far, at only one hour away from your house. He was wearing the purple and white robes and he had his wig on which was pretty funny and it only reminded you of the time he accidentally cut off his hair. The other thing he was doing, was holding hands with another girl from his cast. You laughed quietly as you tapped his shoulder and he turned around, pushing the girl’s hand away from him as he gave you a shy smile and started apologizing. When you told him that it didn’t affect you his PDA with other, he cupped his face, blushing as a wide smile spread on his face.

“Thanks, babe. I feel so dumb for thinking you were going to leave me for something so stupid.”

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Jungkook texted you to meet him on the set of his new MV to bring him a cup of americano since the shooting took place all night and the fatigue was getting to him rather quickly. You got there in a matter of minutes since he was filming closer to your house, a cup a coffee in your hand and you walked in to find Jungkook back hugging one of their stylists. You rolled your eyes internally, amused by his actions because you knew what he was trying to do but he didn’t know that it didn’t affect you at all. You tapped his shoulder to hand him the cup and he flinched when he saw you, pushing the girl away and giving you a guilty look, immediately trying to find an explanation for what just happened. When he saw you didn’t react and just shrugged saying it was okay, he burst out laughing, relieved.

“I love you~~” He sang, kissing your cheek before he sipped on his coffee.

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