female characters with big noses

One more thing I wanted to mention is something that’s always kinda bugged me about Level-5, and with the reveal of Catoleil it’s happened again.

In the Layton series, there’s a big lack of diversity within female characters and their appearances.  Most, if not all, important female characters look very similar; round faces, big eyes, small noses, light skin, and thin bodies.  The biggest deviance I can think of is Melina Whistler with her long and thin head shape rather than the usual rounded one.

Catoleil, while she’s very pretty and very plucky and I already adore her, follows this pattern as well.

And maybe you could just chalk it up to art-style and a lack of imagination (eye roll) but as we’ve seen time and time again, the background characters in the Layton series are ALWAYS diverse and colorful and of all different shapes and sizes.  So we know that the character design artists have the ability to create these wonderfully diverse characters, and yet with important female characters they go back to the basic and, if I’m frank, the kind of boring.

I do love the Layton series, it’s something very close to my heart and that won’t change, but this is something which does bother me and which I always look at and kind of just sigh.