Women in Voltron

So, new Galra women have made me revisit the whole “why haven’t we seen Galra women” question. I have seen some people theorize that we don’t see Galra women because the team who creates the show just didn’t think of putting them in. I think this is really false because the team has been pretty sensitive to including women even in a very male specific show. Like, even in small scenes-consider the Garrison where we have- 

Multiple female students two of which even speak 

Female instructor 

High ranking female officer 

Not to mention a lot of side characters are female (Nyma, Shay). Pidge and Allura even have way pumped up storylines (compared to the original) that I think are on par with any of the boys on the team. Oh and Haggar is straight up just as compelling a villain as any of the others. 

So, I guess what I am getting at is I don’t think this team just forgot to create Galra women when they have been so sensitive, especially for a very male show in a lot of ways, to have female characters in a variety of places, from extras to side characters to giving the main female characters and villains compelling storylines and character development. 

So back to Galra women-now we know they do exist, I wonder why they only exist with Lotor, essentially? 

Some theories

1. Maybe there is some sort of biological reason where most Galra are born male and it is only “half-breeds” that become female, but “half-breeds” are considered not “pure” Galra so they won’t be a part of the main army or respected as much? 

2.  Zarkon is a sexist dick? 

But, honestly, #2 doesn’t ring that true to me because Zarkon was the black paladin and I am almost 90% sure one of the old paladins will be female. I know its weird, but I don’t get “he’s just a sexist” from Zarkon despite him being a pretty straightforward big bad in many other ways? 

I am probably really over-thinking it and it will never be a plot-point lol, but it just seems interesting to me that all the female Galra we know right now are “half-breeds” and with Lotor who we know was exiled. I think this is on purpose because, again, the team that creates this show has been pretty sensitive to including women in every other aspect of the show. Anyways, just some thoughts. 

Some disclaimers

1. I know a lot of people see Pidge as non-binary or transgender so my calling her a female character may seem off. However, she does say I am a girl in the show so I am mainly running with that for the purpose of this post. At this point, she is being presented as a female character, though I do think she will end up being non-binary or transgendered.  

2. I HATE the term half-breed even though everyone seems to like that for the mixed blood Galra. Maybe mixed? Multi-species? Half-breed makes it sound like we are talking about dogs. 

3. I understand that there are some other genuine critiques with female characters in Voltron but just for the purpose of this post I was highlighting how I do think they really put thought into having female characters in the show from extras to main characters to villains. 

My  Favourite Female Characters/People #2 (TV Show Edition)

Peggy Carter from Agent Carter

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Raven Baxter from That’s So Raven

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Regina Mills  from Once Upon a Time

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Shego from Kim Possible

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Ruby Johnson from Black.ish

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Mikasa Ackerman from AOT

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Sasha Braus from AOT

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Hange Zoe from AOT

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Missy from Doctor Who

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Raven from Teen Titans

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Starfire from Teen Titans

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Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale

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Mrs. Hudson from Sherlock

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Queen Moon Butterfly from Star vs the Forces of Evil

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Winry Rockbell from FMA (Brotherhood)

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Kikyo from Inuyasha

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Queen Elizabeth from The Crown

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Doctor Who’s 13th Time Lord to be a woman

Unlearn internalized misogyny in your writing.

  • Femininity is not weakness 
  • Softness is not bad 
  • It is possible to enjoy both traditionally​ male activities and traditionally female activities 
  • Other women are not amoral temptresses or rivals 
  • There’s nothing wrong with a woman knowing she’s attractive 
  • There’s nothing wrong with a woman wanting to be attractive 
  • Attractiveness has no bearing on sexual desire or history 
  • Being sexually active has no bearing in a woman’s morals or character 
  • Not being sexually active has no bearing in a woman’s morals or character 
  • Weight is not a value judgment 
  • Attractiveness is not a value judgment 
  • Able-bodiedness is not a value judgment
  • The ability to bear children has no bearing on womanhood
  • The desire or decision whether to have children has no bearing on womanhood
  • Women can and do support each other, even when they’re working towards different goals 
  • Women can be friends even when they want different things 
  • Thin white women don’t have exclusive rights to femininity 
  • Butch women are just as validly women 
  • Queer women are just as validly women 
  • Women can be as vicious, cruel, petty, racist, homophobic, misogynistic, and abusive as men, and they shouldn’t be excused from it because of their gender 
  • Being a woman has nothing to do with genitals, chromosomes, or physical presentation
"Captain Amelia is one of the most feminist characters of all time" by Matthew S. Robinson

I’ve decided tumblr does not appreciate Captain Amelia from the underrated Disney film “Treasure Planet”

I mean seriously think about how awesome this character is just removing all bias of how you felt about the movie as a whole her being a woman or her being a man, human, cat humanoid, space alien whatever this is a totally awesome character who has one of the most intense and just flat out magnificent character introductions in animated film…

Okay now let’s add on the other layer she is a woman and in fact one of the only women in the entire film. She’s arguably the most tough out of all the active characters, one of the most intelligent who proves to be not only a physical match for most of the crew but also is an intellectual match with Doppler (the assumed smartest character) as she knows just about as much about astrophysics as he does. And she does it like it’s a Tuesday.

She’s clearly a character used to taking crap for being a woman she makes a point to tell Hawkins to call her either Captain or Ma'am which is clearly more a test to gauge his respect level than a pronouncement of her ego. When Hawkins calls her Ma'am she coldly replies “That will do.” So she doesn’t even get bogged down on it, she’s got a ship to run. And when that ship comes under attack she’s already ready to throw down.

So okay she’s a tough and fearless leader with grade A intelligence but that’s just one aspect of what makes her a great female character. Sometimes people (including myself) complain that tough female characters either have to be over sexualized or their sexuality is totally removed. But Amelia manages to never have a “sexy scene” and still never loses charm or sexuality. They never overplay her femininity over her position but make sure that she represents a woman who can lead men but still be very much a lady.

What’s more after she and Doppler form a relationship they both manage to make their feelings known without it enveloping her character and removing what made her unique. Then after all of that she still manages to; get married, have kids and keep her job (possibly even be promoted to Admiral by that point) 

In closing Captain Amelia is 100% Certified Bad Ass

Iiiiiiit’s that time again!

An animation update. This time of Anny! The more progress I make on the first act, the fewer shots I have that feature Anny which makes me sad. So, I’ve been trying to spread them out as I go. So many shots of Jon… so many..

What I love about Steve Trevor is that he experessed every single trope women characters had to endure in superhero movies ever and he did that spectacularly?! The Love Interest. The sexualization. The “oops haha the hero walked in on me naked.” The “using your sexuality to seduct/distract a villain.” And it wasn’t some sort of punishment or revenge. He was still a great memorable character. He still had some fantastic lines. Simply like… No, there is no problem for a character to be minor and make room for the hero and be there for romantic/sexual effect. It’s still fun and lovely. It’s just tiring to see only women do it, and that it’s almost the only role they’re allowed to play. And he did all that and STILL was a lot more than a just a love interest or a corny sex joke, STILL got a lot more screen time than most women in his position. This just goes to show that if writers really wanted, they could write meaningful women characters who serve as love interests

Some of the Philippines' most famous superheroes

Are DARNA, a  provincial girl who transforms into a warrior woman, based on the creator’s single mother (largely considered the Philippines’ greatest and central fictional superhero)–released in a time when everybody insisted that “a female comic book heroine won’t sell” (though the creator never gave up, considering the country itself a woman, and Darna its powerful and beautiful female spirit)

TRESE, a woman who is the head of their family and its responsibility over the streets of Manila and its supernatural relations (a mix of a supernatural crime boss and detective) whose fan following is enormous and growing and whose authority is unquestionable despite being the youngest of six living siblings and the only daughter 

ZSA-ZSA ZATURNNAH, a gay man and arguable transwoman (some gay men in the Philippines might in fact be transwomen who self-identify as gay men due to lack of knowledge about other genders, and Zsa-Zsa has expressed delight in being a woman) who, like Darna, can transform into a woman warrior and defend the world from outer threats while dealing with the more personal hardships of her everyday life as an effeminate gay man in a traditional Filipino community

and CAPTAIN BARBELL, a poor, disabled man who is abused by his siblings, who can transform into a strongman type hero who uses his powers for good and to help others in need like he was

So let me reiterate: The Philippines’ most famous comic book and TV show/film heroes are

A young girl, a woman, a gay man /  transwoman, and a disabled man. 

The only comics representation we really need is more people being interested in our comics, since our representation is a hundred tiers and dozens of years ahead of your average American brooding thirty something white man. 

Why so clumsy?

Ever wondered why the female protagonists of novels are so often clumsy? It isn’t a coincidence.

It’s because authors have internalized the fear of not making their female characters too perfect, so they have to give them a flaw. But they can’t do something like make them selfish, or stingy, or arrogant, because any actual personality flaws are unforgivable in a female character (and think for a moment about all the male protagonists in literature who are selfish or arrogant). So they need a flaw that doesn’t reflect badly on the character.

They can’t make them ugly. Or fat. God forbid.

Ergo, clumsy. The only flaw female character are allowed to exhibit without taking endless shit for it.

I adore this character. She’s tiny, she’s tough, and she’s so adorable. If only she could get a handle on her… appetite. 

Anyways, thought I’d do some fanart of this game because I loved the ambiguous story and I love the character/creature design. Hoping the next DLC features more Six! Just hope they don’t explain too much–I’m enjoying the questions.