female chanyeol

introduction (female voice)
chanyeol, baekhyun, jongin, sehun
zhang yixing is a cool dude

u know what i really like about zhang yixing’s ‘what u need’???
i love that there were female dancers that aren’t just the objects for the men to drool over; they’re not doing a separate dance to make it ‘sexier’ , they’re doing the same dance as the men in the video. idk why i love that so much. it’s just so nice to see female dancers in a video that are in the front. obviously, female dancers can do sexual moves in videos, especially their own - that’s completely their choice - but when i see a male artist’s video with a woman dancing sexually i cant help but feel…. uncomfortable ? not because she’s dancing , not at all, but because it seems slightly exploitative; she’s just in the video for her body.
and i guess that’s why i was happily surprised to see yixing’s mv. it’s just very uncommon in kpop these days to see female dancers in a male artist’s videos without seeing them being sexualised.
idk , just some thoughts

Fighting with Fire (3)

Part 2
Monster AU
Wordcount: 2,383
Pairing:Chanyeol x Female Reader

“If he was the Monster, how was she the one left feeling like the bad guy?”

a/n: sorry for the delayed update guys, i planned to get this out last week but then i got struck with a nasty virus that i’m just starting to shake off. Hopefully this longer chapter will makeup for the long wait! x

Falling asleep used to be so easy.

Now she dreaded it every time. No matter how much she longed for a peaceful sleep it always kept it’s distance from her, always out of reach no matter how far she stretched out to grab it. For almost 2 weeks now she had dreamed of fire, and for almost 2 weeks she was waking up prematurely, panting and terrified, with a pounding heart.

She hated it.

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Chanyeol is an actor too. Actors will have to do kissing scenes just like they will have to do killing scenes, crying scenes. It is their job. This movie is also a stepping stone for greater things for Chanyeol. I didn’t think this was something serious to get upset about. 

P.S. go support his movie if it’s showing near you.