female chameleon

I think that what bothers me about it is that somewhere along the way ‘Mary Sue’ stopped being used to malign female characters with chameleon eyes who sang modern songs mid-fic to stun NPCs into silence/bed, treating everyone who uncritically adored them with boring, flippant cruelty, and started being used against capable adult female characters with varied interests and hobbies.

For no other reason than that a woman being adept at many passions is ‘unrealistic.’

Name: Ilia Amitola

Age: 17 years old

Gender: Female

Species: Chameleon Faunus

Semblance: I’ll tell you once I’m chosen, ma'am.

Weapon: My weapon of choice is a whip, capable of holding Dust and cut through metal with ease.

General fighting style: Ninja-style shit. I’m agile, blend in easily, and prefer to attack from afar; Close range is more common and needed, however.

Can you get along with ALL of my current minions: Yes. Especially Tyrian; Faunus stick together.

Are you afraid of Grimms: No, of course now.

Do you like having your hair touched: Yes, so long as it isn’t weird.

Are alright sharing the bathroom with both humans and Faunus: Yes. I find this somewhat offensive.

How likely is it that you will switch sides or I will otherwise need to kill you: Minimal, ma'am.

Do you like spicy food: Yes.

Why do you want to be my minion/child: I need a new boss and you seem interesting, as well as pretty cool. Also I need love and affection in life, which my current boss doesn’t give me.

Draw a picture of your favorite Grimm: I can’t draw. I like Beowolves, though, despite them being basic af.

Do you have a mustache: No.

Are you alright with having your body modified with mechanical or Grimm parts: Mechanical only.

Do you wear pants at home: Yes. Unless you don’t want me to, ma'am.

Eye Color: Greyish silverish, though they change. So does my skin.

List any allergies or other medical conditions you have: An allergy to papayas and good guys.