female castiel cosplay

The Fallen Angel. The Broken Soldier. The Cursed Hero.

Inspired by amazing art by Jasric. Sorry, we just can’t stop cosplaying your arts :D jasric.deviantart.com/art/Starlight-429522576

Fandom: Supernatural

Сharacter: Team Free Will

Cosplayer: Apromit, Margarita Richie, Tatiana Strange


Photographer: Apromit & Ksusha Armstrong

Retouch: Apromit

Makeup: Apromit, Margarita Richie, Tatiana Strange


Day 1 of LeakyCon I got to cosplay Dean Winchester and it was the absolute funnest. Becoming my favorite character for a day was just the greatest on so many levels. AND I FOUND MY CAR AND MY CAS!!! (The heart sticker was put on there by the amazing Cas cosplayer I was fortunate enough to befriend)