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  • What I say: I'm fine
  • What I mean: Girl groups are held to a higher standard than their male counterparts and they are expected to always maintain a spotless public image. One "scandal" is more likely to ruin a female idol's career than a male's. And girl group songs ALWAYS have a higher dislike to like ratio than boy groups on music videos because people will search to the ends of the universe for one tiny flaw in whatever girl groups are doing.
Four Challenges I Have Faced As A Female Entrepreneur And How I Have Overcome Them

When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I like to think about all the other women fighting for the same thing and the boundaries we are breaking for the next generation of female entrepreneurs. Don’t wait for permission. Instead, get out there and climb those mountains, it’s a challenge that is worth taking.

Is there a person in your life who you can call a mentor? If the answer is ‘yes’ that’s great news. Hold on to them. If the answer is ‘no’, we hope it’s only a matter of time before you meet someone you can connect and grow with.

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“Deconstructing Patti”

I was lucky to attend Deconstructing Patti tonight and it was a TRIP so I am writing this entire fucking research paper so all you guys can live vicariously through me.

-First thing, because I know this is what y’all came to hear: BI COMPANY! It sucks that Joanne won’t be a lesbian, but Patti says there is at least one gay pairing with the other suitors. Joanne will have a much, much younger husband. Either they haven’t finished re-writing or Patti just doesn’t have a script yet because that’s all she knows. They start rehearsing August 6th of 2018.



-Patti pre-recorded the “no taping, no cellphones message” with a wonderful snarl on cellphones then says, “but disregard that entirely, have a ball tonight” but I still didn’t see A SINGLE CELL PHONE the entire time. No one was willing to risk that shit, even with express permission from Patti herself.

-She looks fucking amazing. I’ve only ever seen her in costume on stage before. She had on a short little sparkly blue dress with long sleeves. Her hair looked fantastic. Incredibly hard to believe she’s 68. She starts with Some People and the vibrato is A+++

- PATTI NEEDS A HIP REPLACEMENT. So it turns out this is the big reason she was not planning on doing musicals after War Paint. She had sort of hinted at injuries and age, but it’s actually quite severe. She really could not walk well tonight and it was kinda heartbreaking because she looks and acts so youthful. She had a painful looking limp. At the same time, she refused to change out of her very high heels. She had brought out flats just in case and Seth encouraged her to change, but she would rather limp fabulously. Incredible.

- She picked up Company because of Marianne Elliott. She wants to work with female directors. Late career Patti is a hardcore feminist.

-Christine comes out for “Face to Face”. She looks gorgeous. Scott Frankel comes out to play piano very  impressively.

Christine: “How much do we love Patti?” Lots of Applause.

Patti: “How much do we love Christine?” Lots of Applause.

Patti, semi-jokingly, looking at Christine, in low, sultry voice: “How much do we love each other?” Me: dies. Fucking fan service, Patti LuPone.

Christine talks about how one of Patti’s massive Helena necklaces fell apart during the final scene of War Paint a few days ago. At first, it just dropped to the ground. Patti tried to stuff it in her purse but it didn’t fit. She’s struggling with it so she leaves it on the table. It’s like a triple strand of pearls and they are falling everywhere intermittently, like punctuation to every line. Plunk…plunk……plunk plunk plunk. It’s a total mess and the stage is covered in pearls. Christine gets to the line where she guesses what’s in Helena’s lipstick, beeswax, etc…and freshwater pearl for shine and the audience dies.


When Helena is “writing” in War Paint, Patti actually writes a diary about the audience and stuff. She’s got a huge stack of pages from the beginning of the run. A few paraphrased excerpts:

My personal favorite: “Han… what does this say? Hangover Tuesday. Oh..”

“Tina Fey in audience today, we’re saved” sarcasm hahaha

“That’s just a doodle”

“This Great Comet drama is EXCITING *Patti cringes, next one is also about Great Comet* “Okay I’m not reading those” (omg)

Seth takes this huge stack of pages and auctions it on stage for Equity Fights Aids.

Patti adds, “Wait, how much would you give if I read all of them to you over drinks at the St. Regis?”

Seth: “You get Patti’s stack of notes. Please put them on Instagram. There’s many inappropriate ones she refused to read. Also, Patti LuPone herself will read her notes to you over dinner.

Patti: “Not dinner.” (She’s not buying you dinner LOLOLOL)


- Seth: “Patti has a lot of feelings about the President”

-Patti tells a story about working as a waitress at a skeevy bar with some skeevy guys in college, one of whom somehow got them down into the foundations of Juilliard and stuck a gun into the small of her back, sort of jokingly to scare her. She hears herself telling this story, “Wow, I am the picture of class”

-Howard McGillin, Billy to Patti’s Reno in the 1987 Anything Goes joins Patti on stage, they sing “You’re The Top” together. Seth asks Patti how she came up with the sexy Reno characterization.

Patti: “It’s inherent in the lyrics. Like Blow, Gabriel Blow” *Audience Laughs*

Patti: Oh, that’s not what I mean. Oh! I mean the lines “Good by day, good by night in that song”

Oh my god, not BLOW Gabriel. Oh, no.

Seth: What’s sexy about good by day, good by night?

Patti: You know!

Seth: I don’t!

Patti: She’s good by day and …good….by night, oh, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!

-Patti’s drinking a huge glass of Prosecco:

She sips happily for awhile. “Oh, I feel sick from the wine”. Getting a little clumsy.

10 minutes later: “Never mind, I feel good now. It’s like when you have a drug and you’re like ugh this is awful, give me another!”

30 minutes later, she’s polished off most of her wine, the third encore is “With One Look”, she gets one bar in, stops abruptly: “Oh, I have to burp, I’m sorry”. Audience dies.  She’s so embarrassed. So cute hahahaha

-Patti on her Glenn Close rehabilitation:

I didn’t want to sing Sunset, because I didn’t want people to think there are sour grapes. It’s Glenn’s role in New York. Mine in London. So I wasn’t gonna sing it in New York *pauses, thinking*… so I’ll sing the London version *laughter*

- Starts choking up when talking about the ephemeral beauty of theatre (good vocab word, Patti) and how it exists mostly in memory

-Patti talked about how she loves imperfect voices with soul a hundred times more than a perfect instrument with no feeling. Perfect voices are nothing without soul, but also people who sing with soul must be imperfect. Interesting. That’s why she doesn’t like to listen to a lot of today’s Broadway singers. She listens to Joni Mitchell.

-She made the final call back for the Sweet Charity national tour at 17, but didn’t get the part. She never booked any professional rolls before Juilliard. Patti: “Do they still even do cattle calls?” Seth: “Yes, people still audition, Patti. Omg.”

- The Magaldi guy from the Deconstructing Patti London concert YouTube video, flew out to NY to serve as random Magaldi guy again when Seth called him. A couple of us asked for his autograph and he absolutely flipped a shit he was so excited “THIS NEVER HAPPENS IN LONDON”

-Che was sung by Raul Esparza for several songs. “Well this is a fucking dream come true” he said about singing with Patti. There was also an original Evita cast member who sang the word HAIR in

“Eyes, hair, mouth, figure 
Dress, voice, style, movement”

He joins them on stage to sing the word HAIR in “Rainbow High” He is my new hero. She struggles a bit with Rainbow High “Well, there’s one for my next voice lesson”

-Frances Ruffelle, the original Eponine on the West End and Broadway, came out to sing with Patti. She didn’t sing very well, but Patti was very emotional to hear her sing again

-When Patti was in the chorus for the barricade scenes in Les Mis she had to pick a “job”. She really did not want to be in the chorus so she just picked what the guy next to her was doing which was smelting She wasn’t even really sure what a smelter does so she goes out there and pantomimes smelting some hot metal over a bale of hay. The director is like “Patti, you’re an idiot”. The next night, she goes out there and smelts over the hay again, pretends the hay caught on fire, and spends the scene silently putting out her hay fire

-She doesn’t really like the current production of Hello, Dolly! because she does not like how it’s a recreation of Carol Channing’s productions without any new discovery for the actors allowed by the director

-Patti: “You used to be able to get to the theatre. Now Times Square is all focused on a Hershey bar!” Seth: “A Hershey bar? A single bar?”

-Sings “Trouble” from The Music Man 10x better than in the YouTube video. FANTASTIC.

-Seth talked a lot about how a lot of her habits would be considered unprofessional, like how she always looks out at the audience before shows.

Patti: That’s not unprofessional!

Seth: It is. You peering out with your Evita wig on!

Patti: Yeah, well with Evita, I would get caught! People would wave to me so I’d just wave back!

Well, I want to see the guy who hates my guts, who will be the hardest to convince. I want to play to him. At this show, I looked out and saw everyone fanning themselves. So I went back and said TURN UP THE AC THE PEOPLE ARE HOT OUT THERE. You gotta take care of your audience.

-Patti on Lack of Common Sense (paraphrased): “I’ve never had any savvy-dressing for auditions, re-booking canceled flights. I thought I was supposed to stand behind the taped line in the A Chorus Line theatre at my Evita audition, so I took a big step in front of it. It was just the line in A Chorus Line. My brother was in A Fucking Chorus Line. I’d seen it. Several times. Still didn’t make that connection. Yet, I heard about auditions and things. Not sure where I found out about that stuff at all! That’s how you know it’s meant to be. I just found out about these casting calls even though I was clueless.  

-Patti and Seth fight over ALW:

Seth: He’s great [in Evita].

Patti: *Makes disgusted face*

Seth: No this really is great.

Patti: It’s not.

Seth: Turn her mike off.

-She ends with the Ladies Who Lunch. You can tell she’s working on her character for the revival. It’s very different from her Lonny Price version, seems much darker and more subdued. I’m excited to see what she develops.

-I’ve heard her live before but it’s still such a shock to me. Her voice is nothing short of incredible. Her high tones are less crystalline in her older age, but her low tones are so much richer. I thought her voice sounded a little raspy, like she was losing it, but it didn’t keep her from hitting any of those belts (except Rainbow High, which was kinda mean of Seth lol) I’m going to War Paint closing night in December. She didn’t come out the stage door tonight so I have my fingers crossed for December. 

Hope you guys feel like you were there with me! I know a lot of you wish you could be there so I wanted to be thorough. Let me know if you have any questions!

for a show that’s about a black woman joining major league baseball, talks about the pressure on women to succeed in male-dominated sports, features an amazing platonic relationship between the main female and another main black male, talks openly about anxiety issues, includes a black housewife that flourishes in that role while supporting her husband’s career, while also talking about the sacrifices she has made AND has a very beautiful friendship based on respect and love between the main career-orientated female and the housewife, pitch does not get the love it deserves

Teaching load could put female scientists at career disadvantage

Female academics report spending more time on teaching and public-engagement tasks, and less time on research, than their male counterparts, according to a survey of UK university staff in science-based subjects.

The study of 2,495 male and 2,374 female academics at 43 UK institutions, published by the London-based charity Equality Challenge Unit (ECU) on 5 April, found that the gender difference was small but statistically significant. This was the case even when the effects of factors such as age, seniority and contract type were accounted for.

The finding echoes past research, which found that teaching and non-research-related administrative tasks have a greater impact on women’s careers than men’s, says Elizabeth Pollitzer, director of Portia, a non-profit organization in London that seeks to address gender issues in science.

If men spend more time on research, this could improve their career prospects when research productivity is used as a proxy for scientific merit, “which is nearly always”, says Pollitzer. It could also help to explain why many bibliometric studies have reported lower research productivity for women than for men, she adds.

The survey is the first in the long-standing Athena Survey of Science, Engineering and Technology (ASSET) series to describe how gender and four other characteristics — ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability and age — intersect. “The survey shows clearly the heavier impact of multiple categories of disadvantage,” says Urry. “Women do worse than men, people of colour do worse than white people and women of colour get a double whammy. Ditto with respect to the LGBTQ community, the disabled and other minority groups.”

Thing For You Part 2


Summary: Reader is on the run, after she discovers she has powers and has no control over them because she has no control over her emotions and she’s running from authority and anyone who approaches her because she’s scared she’ll hurt them.

Request: No

Warnings: Insults, fighting, mentions of death, mention of sexual assault, other than that no

Part 1 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Bruce’s POV

“Please, I don’t want to hurt you guys.” Her voice cried out. 

It played over and over in my mind. The sound of her pleading for help made me think she was actually innocent. I shook my head trying to forget it.

“We have her in our safe room, no glass, no way for her to get out, unless we let her out” Tony interrupted my thoughts “We have SHIELD agents rotating watch on her door.” 

I nodded my head. I pulled up the results of her blood samples that I took from her earlier. The amount of radiation and unknown substance in her blood should kill her but it didn’t. I was shocked as I realized what this means. I pulled her file to look up who she was and watch she did.

Doctor Y/F/N Y/L/N

Age: 26

Sex: Female

Career: Scientist; studies medicine

There was an article about her lab catching on fire. Reading more into it I found that her lab was doing research on a vile that had the unknown substance in it, the file had it blacked out so I had no way of knowing what it was. continuing on, her supervisor wanted to test it with another vile, also blacked out, and she refused saying it could cause a huge chemical reaction. An unknown scientist had came in wanting the results right away. After she refused to continue, there was an explosion in the next room. Radiation leaking everywhere. Y/N grabbed her files and made her way out. Somehow she didn’t make it out was was found unconscious in the same room of the explosion. That was all?

I slammed the file down on my desk. 

“You okay?” Tony asked moving towards my desk. He looked at the file on my desk 

“It doesn’t add up” I groaned quietly “If this is how she got her ability then why is HYDRA looking for her?” 

“Maybe to run some tests or to try to recruit her.” Tony suggested with a shrug.

I studied her file reading more about her. I read all of the articles she was in that talked about her studies, I even read her lab reports and how she discovered a cure for Ebola. I read about her childhood, about her father being a well known FBI agent, protecting her from the man who came into her room when she was just 10 years old, the man who was suppose to be a good friend. I read how her mother had left when she was 11 and how it was just her and her dad until he passed away 4 years ago. 

“I can’t control it” I heard her voice once again. Realizing how rude I was to her before. I sunk lower into my chair. 

Reader’s POV

I laid on the thin bed that was on the floor. I stared of into space, wishing I could go back in time and stop myself from going to work that day. Rethinking the events that took place. The man with the name of Brad, came into your side of the building causing your supervisor to piratically squirm under his skin and he instantly started bossing me around, trying to force me to mix the chemicals.

“But sir, if we mix it, the chemical reaction could kill us all” I protested, this was the third time this man has come in demanding the same thing. Only this time it took a bigger toll than I expected. withing minutes, I heard a loud boom and the walls shook causing the vile’s to vibrate.

“Do it now” my supervisor demanded. 

“No” I protested again and quickly put the rubber caps on the vile’s and slid them into my pocket and grabbed my files to make my exit.

Brad stopped me from going any further “If you follow my orders and join HYDRA you will be rewarded, only if you comply” He reached into my pockets and took the vile’s. 

“Never” I shouted as I shoved him away. He snatched the file from my hand and shoved me in the room and locked the door. 

‘Jokes on him’ I thought to my self ‘Those were just samples’ I turned around and saw the two bigger vases with the chemicals ‘Oh shit’ 

“Y/N” Someone called out entering my “room” I sat up, pulled my knees closer to my chest. I looked up to see Wanda enter into the room “I didn’t know your size, but I figured you might be cold or just want a change of clothes.” She handed me a sweatshirt and a pair of pants. Seeing as the pants were too big, I quickly switched to the new sweatshirt that was also to big but was more comfortable.

“Thank you” I said in almost a whisper.

“I know the last time we spoke I went digging through your brain, seeing everything you went through.” she came in closer, “I know how it feels to feel trapped in your own mind and to have no idea how to control your powers. Or to feel guilty for something out of your control.” She pulled me into a hug “We don’t want to hurt you, if you let us we will help you.” 

I hugged her back, so tightly, I wanted someone to understand how I felt. I let out a small sob, and she pulled away “I’ll be your new best friend” She gave a small smile and gave a tight squeeze before making her exit. 

and hour later I was greeted with a man who I thought was another agent. 

“Follow me miss” He ordered grabbing my before forcing me up.

Bruce’s POV

I checked the camera that was in her cell. I watched as she sat there hugging her knees waiting for someone to come in, unsure of what to do. I watched as she jumped when the door flung open and a man forced her to her feet. Next thing I hear is Tony yelling in my ear piece

“She’s escaping again”

I watched as she struggled to break from his grip. something was wrong. she wasn’t trying to break away from us, she was trying to break away from him.

“I got this one” I called back and ran out of the room

“Bruce don’t” Was the last thing I heard Tony say before I made my way to y/n

Reader’s POV

I struggled to get free but once I did I realized we were standing by an elevator and a flight of stairs. I tried to go back towards my cell but he wouldn’t let me. regaining control of my arm I tried to get away. 

“Let me go” I snapped, I felt myself starting to burn up

“You’re coming with me” He started to make his way toward the stairs, only to see Dr. Bruce Banner standing in his way. 

“I don’t think she wants to leave” He shot the man a warning look, the man pulled me closer pulling a knife to my throat

“Step any closer, she dies” He snapped 

“And you would fail your mission.” Bruce shot back, this caused the man to lower his knife and stabbed me in the stomach. I instantly caught fire, not trying to, but the sudden pain in my stomach caused me to lose it. The man quickly tossed me at Bruce and I fell into him burning him. I quickly fell to the ground as I tried to stop the bleeding.

“I’m giving you one last warning” Bruce called out to the man. 

I managed to calm down enough to not be a raging ball of fire, as I tried to get up and make my way to a safe spot, but was quickly swept off of my feet and heard the sound of glass break, feeling a sudden rush of wind taking my breath away. The man grabbed me and threw me full force at the glass window. Feeling it shatter around me,  I was now falling to my death. I waited for the impact that never came. 

Instead I found myself in the arms of a giant green man who looked a lot like Bruce. once he made impact with the ground, he stood there for a moment shrinking to a smaller size. I was in the Doctors arms being held bridal style as he made his way back into the building. 

“Put me down I can walk” I demanded, but he ignored my request. I felt the sharp pain of my wound and tried to ignore it.

Once we made our way into the elevator, Bruce whispered in my ear “Sweetheart, you burned your clothes off.”

He watched as my face went red from embarrassment “Don’t worry, we won’t see anyone until we get you onto the medical floor, by then you’ll have something to cover yourself with. 

So here I was in the same medical room with just Bruce. I laid there with a small blanket covering me as he stitched me up.

“Lucky he didn’t hit and artery” he said while finishing up. “wait here” and he left I covered myself again waiting for his return. He tossed a big blue sweater and black sweatpants my way “This will be more comfortable” 

It sat up and pulled the sweater over my head adjusting it so my hands stuck out of the sleeves. It almost went to my knees and I put the sweatpants on and rolled them once at the waist so the fit. I looked up to see the doctor had turned around so that I could get some privacy.  I cleared my throat announcing I was done. 

“They smell like cologne” I gave a small smile taking in the strong smell.

“They’re mine” He smiled back softly. “So don’t burn them please.” He joked.

Tony came barging into the room.

“I thought we agreed, no escaping” He yelled.

“I di-” he cut me off

“I was gonna show you the ropes and maybe you could’ve been one of us dorks. It was gonna be a surprise.”

“Tony, she didn’t escape. Someone pretended to be and agent and tried to force her out and ended up stabbing her and throwing her out the window. I knocked him out and the big buy crushed him and caught y/n” Bruce explained. He said that Steve and Bucky have him tied up in a cell and are personally watching him. 

“Oh good” he sighed in relief “Cause I made you a suit” He said cheerfully and motioned for me to follow him. Bruce wrapped his arms around my waist holding me up carefully to not touch my wound. We made our way to, what I was assuming his lab. On the table I saw the black suit. I studied it carefully.

“You’re missing something” I looked up at Tony and he gave a confused look “I’m not sure what it’s though”

“Well it’s a good thing it’s not done” He stuck his tongue out like a child. 

I leaned closer into Bruce “I need to lay down” I spoke calmly trying not to cry out in pain as the shooting pain continued in my stomach. He picked me up again 

“Please don’t” I protested again, I hated to be carried. All my weight in someone else’s arms made me self conscious

“It’s okay, you’re a small woman, just relax.” He continued walking out of the room.

Next thing I know I’m being placed on a bed and a blanket is being pulled over my body. I moved quickly, unsure of my surrounding.

“Shh it’s okay. You’re in my room, on my bed, I don’t ever use the bed so I figured you could sleep there for tonight.” He rubbed my arm, and I quickly relaxed, knowing I was going to be okay. I allowed myself to drift into sleep.

HP AU (Part 2)

(I’ll leave Aizawa’s not under the cut so you guys can see how it’s set up! Not everyone is in this, just class 1A but if you’d like the others I’d be happy to do them upon request!)

Aizawa Shouta:
Patronus – Ragdoll cat.
Blood Status – Half-blood.
Quidditch Position – None. It didn’t interest him but he did help out others who wanted to train, and thus he has some knowledge of each position.
Future Career – Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor (technically current career). It was a subject he was both knowledgeable about, being a former Auror, and taught with ease. He was big on not just attacking these dark spells, but on learning how to defend.

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A Few Words About Harvey Weinstein...

Are you feeling outraged and disgusted by the ongoing revelations about Harvey Weinstein’s decades-long spree of reprehensible abuse? Us too.

First of all, we want to commend the women who have come forward about this particular scumbag’s unconscionable acts of violence. Your courage and sacrifice mean the world to us. We believe you, we see you, and we thank you.

We also know that Harvey Weinstein is far from the only predatory asshole plaguing our industry. We launched Lady Parts almost three years ago to start a conversation about the exploitation, discrimination, and abuses of power we were constantly experiencing as early career female actors. 

Clearly, we still have a lot to talk about. And we will. 

If you have a story you want to tell about any abuse or harassment you’ve encountered as a woman working in entertainment, we invite you to share it with us, on other forums like Shit People Say to Women Directors and Shit People Say to Actresses, or on your own platform. 

If you’re a member of SAG, you can also sign this petition asking the union to offer support and resources with regard to gender inequality in the industry. And if you have any other actionable steps or resources you’d like us to signal boost, just drop us a line and we’ll spread the word.

As exhausting and disheartening as the fight for equal treatment can often be, we’re in it for the long haul, and we’re in it together. We’re here for you, and we’re grateful for the work you do every day to make this industry a little better.

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anonymous asked:

How do you reconcile study engineering (is that what you do?)and trad femininity? This isn't me trying to sound catty, it's just that the trad fems I see always encourage women to take up more stereotypically feminine activities, and I'm more of a science (not good, but interested), t shirt and jeans, don't want to be a sahm type of person and idk if that's still considered fem or just catholic.Everyone has different opinions on it so was wondering what's yours?Since you're discerning too?


I legit had to sit and think about this, so thank you for sending it in!

I’m majoring in mechanical engineering and I’m most likely adding an applied math minor. If I go to graduate school, I will study aerospace engineering since spacecraft design is what I really want to do anyway. 

I decided I want to study engineering by the end of my freshman year of high school. I went to STEM magnet schools from seventh grade through twelfth grade and my family was always right there with me in my school activities, so I was always encouraged to pursue a STEM career. 

I do encourage women to take up traditionally feminine activities. Most of my hobbies are traditionally feminine (Cooking, sewing, knitting but I should pick it up again because I haven’t done it in a while, babysitting when I can actually find a baby, reading, baking, etc.), but my major is not. 

Actually, a lot of my time in high school robotics involved encouraging girls to pursue STEM careers. My female engineering teacher and mentor in high school and the women who spoke at the girls’ robotics events I went to all looked traditionally feminine, so I never really questioned it.

However, I have been asking myself lately whether or not I should work at all after having kids (So the question isn’t “engineering or another major”). Being a stay-at-home mom is ideal, but this is definitely something I will have to discuss with my future husband. If I become a stay-at-home mom, I will definitely homeschool. If I work outside of the home, though, it should at least be something I love doing and I can’t picture myself doing anything but engineering. 

(Also, I’d like to become a Secular Carmelite either way.)

Traditional feminity involves traditionally feminine hobbies, beliefs about womanhood and marriage, and, yes, a different way of dressing (This is why I no longer wear pants). For more examples of what traditional feminity looks like, I highly recommend checking out @tradcatfem and her blog.

I hope this helps! God bless!

Ad Jesum per Mariam,

María de Fátima