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for a show that’s about a black woman joining major league baseball, talks about the pressure on women to succeed in male-dominated sports, features an amazing platonic relationship between the main female and another main black male, talks openly about anxiety issues, includes a black housewife that flourishes in that role while supporting her husband’s career, while also talking about the sacrifices she has made AND has a very beautiful friendship based on respect and love between the main career-orientated female and the housewife, pitch does not get the love it deserves

Four Challenges I Have Faced As A Female Entrepreneur And How I Have Overcome Them

When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I like to think about all the other women fighting for the same thing and the boundaries we are breaking for the next generation of female entrepreneurs. Don’t wait for permission. Instead, get out there and climb those mountains, it’s a challenge that is worth taking.

Female solidarity is not a fait accompli.

Brock Turner’s mother doesn’t give a shit about victims of sexual assault. The 53% of white women who voted for Trump don’t care about the struggles of women of color. The women who harass other women outside of abortion clinics actively oppose women’s rights. Phyllis Schlafly was a racist homophobic piece of shit who built her career by kowtowing to men who say that women shouldn’t have careers. 

Female solidarity is something that has to be built; you can’t just assume that every other woman is for you the way you are for other women. That’s been one of the toughest things I’ve realized this year. 

I think you're supposed to light it

Serena’s Shiraz going great with Bernie’s cigarette is almost poetry to me. Still, there’s something so melancholy about Bernie carrying that unlit cigarette around as a symbol of her old independent self.

At this point, Bernie’s actually given up three things for Marcus - the cigarettes, her army career, her female lover. More than independence; together those amount to what she craves, her identity, her inner truth, her passion.

Later that episode she gives that same cigarette away to a former soldier also struggling with two worlds. ‘It’s okay, I quit.’ She chooses this world seemingly over the army, but actually over herself, though we don’t know it yet.

Then after Alex has been and gone and her marriage is over, we have the scene where Marcus presents her with a pack she’d hidden - ‘At least now you won’t have to sneak around.’ Later Serena catches her outside, cigarette in hand. 'Busted.’
'I haven’t lit it yet.’
'It’s your life, do what you want.’
'Yes, that’s the theory, isn’t it?’
She’s left Marcus, but she still hasn’t taken back all that she sacrificed.

We finally see her actually light a cigarette again after Hanssen asks her to head up the trauma unit. For Bernie, the episode is very much about love - specifically her inability to show her children how much she loves them. There’s the scene where a patient’s mother (who is very demonstrative in her love for him) bursts into tears, and Bernie keeps her hands conspicuously at her sides rather than comfort her.

After Hanssen’s revelation about Serena proposing that Bernie heads up the trauma unit, she goes outside and lights up. Now when Serena shows her own emotion (crying over the loss of Arthur), Bernie holds her for the first time, still also holding her lit cigarette.

She hasn’t got her army career or Alex back, but she has two potential new passions in the trauma bay and Serena.

As symbols go*, the cigarette is actually a bit beautiful.

(ETA: and only as a symbol.)

Clinton was definitely a flawed candidate, and I can’t say I feel good about her policies across the board. But my heart does break a little bit for her that we made her walk this impossible line, telling her she couldn’t emote or she’d seem hysterical, she couldn’t use words over 3 syllables or she’d seem condescending, she couldn’t go off-the-cuff with how she really felt about something if it was untested…heck, she couldn’t be single and make it as a female career politician. And somehow, she did walk that line, and did everything perfectly, and changed her outer appearance to please the people of Arkansas, and made herself disappear when it suited Bill’s needs, and just spent her entire time swallowing everything, only for the least qualified candidate in all of history to beat her, despite three-quarters of a million more people voting for her.


Elizabeth Holloway Marston 

Elizabeth Holloway Marston (February 20, 1893 – March 27, 1993) was an American attorney and psychologist. She is credited both for partially inspiring the comic book character Wonder Woman and having been involved in the nature of the character’s creation, with her husband, William Moulton Marston (pen name Charles Moulton) and his mistress, Olive Byrne. She also participated with Marston in the development of the systolic blood-pressure test used to detect deception. 

 As noted by Boston University, “In an era when few women earned higher degrees, Elizabeth received three."She received her BA in psychology from Mount Holyoke College in 1915 and would have liked to go on to join her then-fiance, William Marston, at Harvard Law School. However, according to an interview she gave to the New York Times in 1992, "Those dumb bunnies at Harvard wouldn’t take women […] so I went to Boston University.” Although Elizabeth is not listed as William’s collaborator in his early work, a number of writers refer directly and indirectly to Elizabeth’s work on her husband’s deception research.  

Marston was a career woman, a position that was controversial for the time in which she lived: “She indexed the documents of the first fourteen Congresses, lectured on law, ethics, and psychology at American and New York Universities, [and] served as an editor for Encyclopædia Britannica and McCall’s magazine." In 1933, Marston became the assistant to the chief executive at Metropolitan Life Insurance, a position she held until she was 65 years old. 

Her 1993 obituary stated that she was the inspiration for Wonder Woman. It also quoted her son Pete as stating that Marston had told William (after he was asked to develop a new superhero in the early 1940s), "Come on, let’s have a Superwoman! There’s too many men out there." 

Excerpted from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elizabeth_Holloway_Marston?wprov=sfla1

People seem to have some stereotypical idea what what a firefighter should be. They expect a big strong gorgeous man to come out of an engine, they seem disappointed to see a female. Being Underestimated does nothing but makes me want to prove myself more and push harder. I love fighting fire and I couldn’t see myself on and other career path than a FF/Medic. Never judge a book by their cover, never say harsh things because of a gender, never underestimate the power of one whose willing to sacrifice everything.

I did an illustrated interview with Make Nice!

Hi Sophie, what do you do?

Do you have a maxim that you live and work by?

What are the three milestones that have led you to where you stand?

What is your dream project?

What projects do you have in the pipeline?

If you could choose to hear any female contemporary present at Make Nice, who would it be and why?

What is the best advice you’ve been given, or wish you had been told sooner?

Do you have a supportive female network in your field? Was it always this way?

What are you listening to, reading, watching of late, that is inspiring or entertaining you?

What is one facet of your field that you want to see change?

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No offense but maybe people don't want to look at certain fcs because of their problematic behavior, it's the same as people not wanting to see Johnny Depp or Casey Affleck as fcs.

Wow. I’ve seen Zahra used in countless groups and there has never been one single problematic ask sent to to us regarding this until my group opens. Seriously? You guys are nut cases. Blur the lines between reality.

Randy Orton is an abomination, he throws naked girls out of his bus without giving them a breath!!

Dean Ambrose had sex with a ring rat nearly a decade older and is also a homophobic & racist, so problematic!!

The Bella Twins ruined other female wrestler careers. Disgusting!!

Oh but wait, they’re all more than welcomed!!1!1!1!


I always thought that the male voice acting in mass effect favored being a paragon, and the female voice acting favored a renegade. So that’s how I played it. That and I thought being a renegade fit the profile of a female career soldier, showing everybody that she can make the tough decisions and not back down to anyone to get where she is. But then after I made a paragon character as a femshep, it still felt like she was tough, not willing to back down to anyone, but also not be a complete ass to everyone. Upon discovering this, I don’t think I’ll play as a male, or renegade again.

Ogino Ginko (1851-1913)

Art by Martha Han (tumblr)

Ogino Ginko was Japan’s first female physician and her career was propelled by her own lackluster experiences as a patient.  Married at age 16, Ginko contracted gonorrhea from her husband.  Once she realized that she was infected, she sought and was granted a divorce but she felt stigmatized by the medical community as a patient with a sexually transmitted infection.  Believing that a female physician would have shown her greater compassion, Ginko resolved to become a physician herself.   She enrolled in a private all-male medical college (today Juntendo University) and graduated in 1882.  Despite her education, Ginko was initially barred from taking the examination that would qualify her as a physician.  She finally took and passed the exam in 1885.

After qualifying as a physician, Ginko opened an obgyn practice in Tokyo.  In 1890, she married for a second time.  The couple never had children as Ginko’s gonorrhea infection had left her infertile.  

Carol Burnett Returning To TV As Star Of ABC Comedy From Michael Saltzman & Amy Poehler
By Nellie Andreeva


A comedy legend is coming back to television. Carol Burnett is set to topline a multi-camera comedy, which, in a very competitive situation with broadcast and streaming networks bidding, has landed at ABC with a put pilot commitment. On the project, written/executive produced by Michael Saltzman, Burnett is paired with Amy Poehler, one of the brightest current female comedy stars whose careers were influenced by her. Poehler will executive produce through her Paper Kite banner. Universal TV, where Paper Kite is based, is the studio.

The untitled comedy is about a family who gets a chance to buy the house of their dreams — a house they’d never be able to afford under normal circumstances, but is able to under extremely abnormal circumstances. They must live with the current owner, an older actress (Burnett) — until she dies.

npr had a story about how female math majors pursue careers that don’t make them as much money as the careers male math majors choose. they were particularly talking about how much money women lose by becoming math teachers.

all i could think about was how there wouldn’t even BE math majors if it weren’t for math teachers, so maybe women’s career choices aren’t the problem? maybe consistently undervaluing female workers, particularly educators, is the problem.

just how can you report on this story and not even mention this? why would you frame the issue in such a way that makes women’s choices the problem rather than pointing out that the way we undervalue the work women do is the problem?


“Fast Forward Girls 2015” pays tribute to lots of cultural moments this year, including Amy Schumer’s “Girl, You Don’t Need Makeup” sketch, Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj’s video for “Feeling Myself,” and Misty Copeland becoming the first African-American principal ballerina at the American Ballet Theatre. GoldieBlox also nods to big political moments, like Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid, and once again highlights its overall mission, which is to inspire girls to become engineers.