female bot


Really enjoying this game so far, very charming!

very basic hebrew words

so i was bored and i made a small thing, if you are intrested in more let me know! (doron)

  • I - ani אני
  • you female - at את, male - ata אתה
  • ploral you - female (not used much) aten אתן,  male - atem אתם (also used for femals cause we’re lazy).
  • she - just like you would prounuce the letter “e” היא
  • he - hu הוא
  • them - male - em הם, female - en הן (same with you ploral).
  • us - anah-nu אנחנו  (h like that harsh sound hebrew/arabic speakers make that make people laugh at us).
  • me - in hebrew there isn’t a word for “me”. we have “from me” - mimeni, “with me” - iti (sounds like “e”+”tea”), when you say “you and me” it’s ata/at ve ani. it’s complicated!

  • and - ve ו <– yes it’s only one letter!
  • also - gam (sounds like “gum”) גם

  • good - male - tov טוב , female - to-va טובה
  • bad - male - ra רע , female - ra-a רעה
  • pretty - male - yafe יפה, female -  yafa יפה
  • ugly - male - me-ho-ar (that harsh sound again) מכוער , female - me-ho-e-ret מכוערת

  • love - a-a-va (people usually write ahava but i didn’t want to confuse you) אהבה
  • i love u - male to male - ani oev otha אני אוהב אותך,
  • male to female - ani ohev otah אני אוהב אותך,
  • female to female - ani o-e-vet otah אני אוהבת אותך,
  • female to male - ani o-e-vet otha אני אוהבת אותך.
  • hate - sin-a שינאה
  • i hate u - same as i love u just: male - so-ne שונא, female - so-net שונאת

  • dog- male - ke-lev כלב , female - kal-ba כלבה
  • cat- male - hatul חתול , female - hatu-la חתולה
  • dogs - male - klavim כלבים , female - kal-bot כלבות.
  • cats - male- ha-tu-lim חתולים , female - ha-tu-lot חתולות.

This is by far my favorite game of all time and unquestionably one of the best games in recent memory, so happy to have been on this journey with you!

Transformers Prime AU where everything is exactly the same except Megatron is a femme.


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EDIT: I’m putting this post under a cut. I’m not proud of it, and the reblogs are there, but I want to make it clear that the way I’ve talked here does not reflect my current views. However, this is how I felt at the time of writing, and I think it’s important to keep this here. It’s a reminder, and anyone can look at it here for whatever reasons. I was pretty damn mad at the time of writing this, and TAAO is on its second issue at the time I’m writing this, and it’s only been “mediocre” and has some plotholes/brainfarts that are typical to Scott. Nothing too terrible though, and that’s good.

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Dynatron frowned, red eyes darting between the unknown unit and Verse’s ever dull expression. Although she chose to spend more of her time with the people the OVER-unit kept around, she was aware of when his behavior was… off. Verse wasn’t exactly capable of spite or grudge holding, but she got the distinct impression he didn’t care to be here. Or rather, in this specific person’s presence. 

Yeesh, if I’d known it’d be such a burden I wouldn’t have asked for this favor. She pouted slightly, gaze moving back to the odd female bot. “….Szzo…?”

“This is Oro,” her teal eyed companion said flatly (as if anything he said ever sounded any other way). The OVER unit crossed his arms, a gesture he’d observed on Rockwell many times, but still couldn’t quite emulate the sternness of.

Talking to Tumblrbot must be what it feels like to be an attractive female.

Precipitated by bot (what’s the robot gender pronoun?) trying to convince me to message someone. I’m on the internet because I’m antisocial, you won’t trick me into looking like more of a weird idiot than I do autonomously!

Well here’s my first take on the new femmebot, Strongarm, for the new animated series of Transformers Robots in Disguise (seriously why that name? There already was another animated RID 10 years ago and an ongoing comic with same name).

Nice to see a new non-skinny female bot that transforms into a truck instead of a bike or a small car. And after seeing the debut trailer I am very looking forward for the new series.

'Transformers Rescue Bots' Preview: Introducing the First Female Rescue Bot

Big news for Heatwave, Chase, Blades, and Boulder: in the fourth season of Discovery Family Channel’s Transformers Rescue Bots, the Autobots will not only celebrate their 100th episode, but they’ll get two new friends, including the first female Rescue Bot!

ER and Doctor Who’s Alex Kingston will guest star as Quickshadow, the first female Bot, while The Last Man on Earth and Bob’s Burgers star Kristen Schaal will provide the voice for another new Bot, Chickadee, in episodes airing later in Season 4.

The new season of the Emmy and Annie Award-nominated series premieres with back-to-back episodes on April 23. “New Normal” and Bride Building” finds the Rescue Bots forced to reveal their extraterrestrial backgrounds to the good people of Griffin Rock, when an evil alien group invades the town.

It’s up to the citizens to vote on whether or not the Bots get to stay in town, but, spoiler alert, since the rest of the season revolves around the gang completing construction of the cool new Mainland Training Center – as seen in the Season 4 trailer above – it’s probably safe to assume Heatwave and the gang will remain Griffin Rock presences for the foreseeable future.

Transformers Rescue Bots Season 4 premieres April 23 at 8 a.m. on Discovery Family Channel

So a really cool thing happened tonight at work.

So I’m walking down the aisle and there’s this young girl, around 7 or 8 playing with a yellow toy dinosaur. yellow toy ROBOT dinosaur. And she was having fun with it. I asked her which one it was, and she said it was Bumblebee. (It was the Rescue Bots guy.) I asked if i could see it, since I hadn’t seen him yet and she let me. (Wasn’t exactly posable, but I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t want one!) She tells me she wants Grimlock really badly, because he’s huge and awesome. (I didn’t ask if it was movie Grimlock or the new NuRiD Grimlock.) And we talked for a bit. From what I understand, she has NOT seen Transformers Prime, and has only seen some of the movies, Rescue Bots and she knows there’s a new cartoon coming out soon. (Remember… She’s 7 or 8.) And she told me her favorite Transformer was Bumblebee. I told her mine was “This guy called Rodimus. You might not know him, but he’s been around for a while. He’s kind of like a more hotheaded Bumblebee.” (Hey, it was a lot easier than saying “My favorite guy is Whirl. He’s an asshole!”)

What was interesting was when she said she wished there was a couple of girl Transformers. And smiling I said “There are. Quite a few of them.” (Before you ask how does she not know about Arcee… She’s 7. She never saw Prime.) I told her that there’s a female Autobot police bot coming up on the new show named Strongarm…

And HOLY SHIT, this girl’s face light up like a goddamned Christmas tree. It was awesome. And then I mentioned Windblade to her, showing her a picture of her I had on my cell phone… I have never seen someone so young fangirl out like crazy over finding something like that out.

I had to go and leave her and help some customers. Eventually her, and her father and I think older sister came up to the desk, wanting paint. (Which makes sense, as I work in the paint department.) And she just asked so many questions about it all. I said that she had a miniseries comic out, when her older sister said “I have a Comixology account. Would it be on there?” I told her yes, and she said that when they got home, she’d get the books for her so she could read them.

That kid was so damn happy. And I wanted to share that. :)