female bot

see ok i hate to be the preacher of this but now when i’m seeing artists genderbend ‘male’ bots into ‘female’ bots by adding tits i’m just like????

female bots shouldn’t even have?? tiddies??? because they don’t??? give miLK???? and slimming them down? like there ain’t thick girls?? especially tumblr fan artists, yall should know this by now. 

helpful tutorial to genderbending bots:

Step one: don’t. 

they don’t have genders, they only have designs. remember that.

Madlen Empusa Sneakers

New stunning sneakers for your sim! Personal favourite! Carefully crafted texture and low poly model (made by myself). Joints are perfectly assigned. All LODs are replaced with new ones. This set contains both female and male version.

You cannot change the mesh, but feel free to recolor it as long as you add original link in the description.

If you can’t see this creation in CAS, please update your game.

Hope you’ll like it,


Updated on 8th March, 2015

Today is a great day for Fembots!

Windblade confirmed for an appearance in RiD2015

New female combiner named Victorion which also means six new female characters to be add.

AND  a new female Rescue Bot to be added in the fourth season!

I’m just so excited and happy by this influx of good news! It’s like IDW/Hasbro is finally realising that there is a market for female Transformers and that females are a part of their fanbase.

A sort of quick paint(about 1.5 hours I think) of my two TF OCs about to battle.  This would be my second time drawing Riftstorm, the big Decepticon on the back, he is sort of like a combination of Shockwave and an Insecticon I must say, and you can see he is supposed to be all white, or a least a very light gray.

And I made some additions to my Autobot Coatzin such as the blue lights on her back, and other tiny details.