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SHE-HATER - 4/18/16

That’s who I pretended to be. I can visibly remember the time my older sister and i sat on the stoop of a boutique when we used to live outside of Chicago and would point out and giggle about girls wearing kitten heels or dressed in what we would call unfashionable clothing.

It wasn’t until those comments became directed at me that i even noticed how twisted i was. It affected my self-esteem big time and realized, wow this must effect others i’m an asshole to, too. “straighten your hair!” “suck in your stomach!” “find different underwear that won’t show off your love handles in that dress!” When i didn’t fit in anymore with her standard is about the time i began to rebel. I didn’t feel good about myself anymore as I felt I needed to compare myself with her status. The point of sharing my personal experience is to show you that sister or friend, it’s really easy to be influenced into being a piece of crap. It’s harder to form your own interests and become independent from family members so young.

Don’t associate yourselves around “friends” who belittle others. You feed off your friends energy and when they are constantly shitting on others, you feel like you need to copy-cat this asshole attitude to feel powerful. When you actually should be practicing self-love so you’re more sensitive to others’ feelings and not constantly putting other men or women down for being themselves. Feeling great about yourself will help you to stay motivated because you know what you’re capable of pursuing. Do you want to shape yourself into a successful person who is motivated to do something fucking sick with their life or do you want to sit at home most of the time on social media comparing your life with others? So far i’ve met some amazing women from work, school and friends of my friends that have proved how confidence helps you pursue being yourself and excelling in your interests- they are go-getters. As I meet more cool girls, it creates this excitement to do cool things.

Focusing on your career and what you need to accomplish to get there, college or not, you’ll attract positive and fun friends along the way. Be aware that it’s perfectly okay to not know where you want to be 6 months from now, but if you do want to be somewhere specific within the next 5 years, frickin’ set out to get it done. what is the next goal you’re trying to accomplish? List what you need to do in order to get there but in order from what you can do today and what you can’t do until a certain other time and so on. stay inspired. pick up a new book, listen to a new band you’ve wanted to get to, make yourself a great meal 3x a day cause you deserve to be happy and feel good. Day by day is how you will get there and no day along the way will be the same.

The best thing i’ve learned so far is that i’m in complete control of what I want to do - these society norms don’t control my next step, I do. You’ll struggle to get anywhere worth getting to but the more you pursue what makes you happy while being kind to others and stop focusing on what makes others around you happy, you’ll finally live your true life.

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QOTD I want to be happy

QOTD I want to be happy #qotd #inspiration #happy

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Quote of the Day

This phrase always have been very close to me and when I first read it I was so happy not to be the only one thinking alike.

When I was a kid I was truly hoping the same, was always difficult to see me doing something specific as a profession, but the only thing I was sure enough when family or teachers asked me was: When I grow up I want to be Happy.

I still believe the same and…

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Hey beauties, 

today I’m here with swatches and review of the Essence eyepencils. I am huge fun of the essence, like their eyeprimer, lashglue, blushes, matt glosses lipliners etc are simply ones of my faves of all the time. 

I have 8 pencils in total and they are from 4 diferent ranges. I love some of them a lot and I am not huge fun of others. So let’s jump into it. 

1. range (3/5)

  • range is not huge all over the whole eyepencils range
  • colours are mostly brown, green, blue, black, grey and maybe some diferent shades of these colours
  • colors which are available are nice

2.packaging (5/5)

  • automatical ones are easy to work with, and are working:) (didn’t have any where the product would not be going out)
  • wooden ones are easy to sharpen and nice
  • brand name and shade are on the pencil in readable way, shade is on the end of the liner so even when you sharpen them, you see the shade quite long

3.formula (4/5)

  • the automatic ones are amazingly smooth, soft, creamy and well pigmented, great into the water line for pop of colour
  • wodden ones are bit hard and you definitly need to warm then up on the hand or something or you might hurt your lids and you will not get the colour nicely pigmented
  • have great staying power- 4 hours + without issues
  • the waterproof one I have is totaly terrible in my eyes, I don’t know why I still have it…. it’s very very hard to work with as the texture is not smooth yet creamy. It’s hard to explain but the product itself seems soft butI always just hurt my lids when trying to use this one. it’s quite chunky

4. availability (5/5)

  • in Czech republic Essence is in every drugstore - Rosmann, DM, Teta + in some supermarkets like Kaufland, Albert
  • all over Europe it should be same as in CZ - Rosmann, DM, Kaufland
  • In US you can get Essence in Ulta
  • you can find your nearest store on their web here
  • is available in e-shops but don’t have their own

5. price (5/5)

  • Price tag for the eyepencils is around 1,5$-3$
  • essence has often sales

swatches(from left,* are faves) -04 White; 19 All I want; 22 Taupe me ; 17 Tu-tu-turquoise*; 24 pretty in fuchsia; 18 berry merry*; 03 smokey grey(waterproof); eyeliner pen extra longlasting

RESULT  4,2 / 5

I love the automatic ones and I think that they are wort trying. The wooden ones are diferent shade to shade or maybe even piece to piece, you need to try the colour in store to see the formula as it seems diferent in diferent shades. I do not recomment the waterproof one. 

With the liquid liner pen I have love/hate relationship as it’s pretty black one but it somehow fades and dry up quickly. 

I definitly recomend checking the automatic ones, especialy Tu-Tu-Turquoise is amaaaazing shade and Berry Merry as well (looks where I used them below)

Berry Merry

I wish you great rest of the week and will see you soon. 

Cya Veronika

15 Reasons Why Best Friends Are Better than Boyfriends

1. Their wardrobes are your wardrobes.
Stuck for an outfit to wear? Good thing you have multiple wardrobe choices at your best friends house as well as your own!

2. They’re better shopping buddies.
How many times have you had to beg ya boy to go shopping with you, only for him to stand there and say the same comment - “yeah that’s nice” - to each item of clothing you show him? Why do that when your favourite gal pals will happily spend the day trying whole shops on with you, strutting down the changing room ‘catwalk’ as you do so. And they give you genuine advice on what looks good and what just doesn’t suit you, so no more regretful spending. Plus whatever they buy is automatically yours too.

3. You have a shared obsession with celebrities/tv shows.
Only your best friend would truly understand your undying love and obsession for Hannah Montana without judging you.

4. You can tell them all about your embarrassing sex dreams.
I highly doubt your boyfriend’s going to enjoy hearing about your raunchy dream night with that guy from your chemistry class.

5. They don’t get jealous over #ManCrushMonday.
Best Friends appreciate being tagged in various photos of hot guys with love heart eye emojis taking up the entire comment. Boyfriends do not.

6. They’ve seen you at your worst and still love you.
Boys think they may have seen you at your worst but honey, they haven’t even scratched the surface. Ugly (and I mean UGLY) snapchats, morning face and breath after a night out, you name it and your best friend has seen it. And they still manage to love you and call you beautiful.

7. You can be a total fucking bitch around them.
You can bitch and slag people off for hours without being made to feel like a horrible person when you’re with your best friend. She can’t really make you feel bad if she’s joining in, can she?!

8. They know the ins and outs of your sex life.
The true version. Not the version you tell people so you don’t sound like a whore.

9. They have an encyclopaedic knowledge of your wardrobe.
Never again will you have to ask your boyfriend if the black bralet you have at home is too similar to the black crop top you want to buy. “Well yeah you already have a black thing”. No. Your best friend will be able to remember each and every detail of your entire wardrobe and can tell you what will look good with what.

10. They pay you compliments.
And it’s not because they want to get in your pants. It’s because they genuinely think you look amazing. How sweet.

11. They always have back up supplies.
Because no, your boyfriend is not going to have spare tampons or some tweezers in his bag while you’re out.

12. You don’t have to try to impress their parents.
Boyfriends parents see you as the innocent little girl who’s just perfect for their little soldier. Best Friends parents see you and even treat you as their second daughter, just as cheeky as their own flesh and blood. But they love you anyway.

13. You can cuddle and spoon them all day and night.
And they’ll never get a boner.

14. They never think you’re needy.
20 texts in a row asking why they’re not picking up their phone isn’t seen as psychotic and annoying. It’s seen as normal.

15. They’ll always share their food with you.
That’s when you know they’re in for the long haul.

Facebook Ban. I dare you.

Tomorrow, I will not go on Facebook. At all. I shall check in on Wednesday. I shall go Facebook-free for one day a week. It sounds like no big deal if you’re not addicted, but if you think you too have a notification addiction, I dare you to do the same. I dare you to log out of Facebook tonight, and not to log on for at least 24hours. 

Double Dare.