Working on an etching, testing out the lines. Oh how I love doing etchings!


Thank you for checking the commissions info page!!

I’m a little bit tight on money at the moment and I think commissions will help me have a little bit of wiggle room for the rest of the semester! Therefore I want to open my commissions and start making rounds again. 

Media I work with:

  1. Digital art (I use Firealpaca and Photoshop for added effects)

If you want to commission me, please consider the following:

1. Things I will draw for you:

  1. Fanart of your OCs (Please attach reference, I don’t wish to get a detail wrong about your precious characters.)
  2. Chibis
  3. Humans
  4. Plants
  5. Anime that you really like
  6. videogame characters
  7. OTPs

2. Things I Wont Draw:

  1. NSFW
  2. Fursonas
  3. Mechas
  4. Hate art
  5. Fetishes

My work flow:

  • I usually start with a rough sketch, followed by the line art, then the base color and finally shading. I will allow up to 3 corrections on the drawing before I add a $1 fee for each additional correction. I will send screenshots/pics of the sketch once I’m done before I move into the lineart. This is the optimal stage to stop me and make corrections if you need so. I will stop again to check in with you when I lay down the base color. If you want me to change the color palette tell me so during the base color stage. Thanks!
  • I will take around 2 weeks to get the drawing done. This is including breaks, sleep (because hey we all need sleep) and time for my homework (I’m a college student.) Please be patient with me since it’s my first time doing commissions.


  • please specify in your message on the survey bellow or inbox/email me the dimensions of the file. Let me know if you want them as an icon or something else. If not I’ll just make the image big to make it more comfortable for myself!
  • Also be aware that after every commission, I will post the finished product on Deviantart, Tumblr, and my Facebook page with mentions to my commissioner. If you are uncomfortable with this, please let me know in a private message and I’ll make an exception for you.

Payment method:

I accept paypal only. Once we agree on the details of your commission, please send the payment in full to my paypal at Without the payment in full I will not work on your commission, so please make sure the payment was sent. I’ll also send an email as soon as I obtain the notice that the money was received!

I’m taking 3 slots at the moment!!

If I get more than 3 requests then I’ll make a queue and show each person their position in said queue. (I’ll be also sharing this also on the Facebook page for any friends that wish to commission me and on my tumblr page. I think I will also submit on tumblr a post to get more exposure and possible commissioners!

Please take in mind that I, as an artist, have the right to object any commissions that make me feel uncomfortable.

If you agree to commission me please click this link below to submit your commission request along with your email to further discuss about it!

THANK YOU AGAIN FOR REQUESTING A COMMISSION!! And if you can’t afford these prices then please reblog this and share it with your friends. Donations are also very much appreciated!