female armin

"What are your thoughts on Eren Jaeger?"
  • Armin: He's the bravest person I know.
  • Mikasa: brb im gonna write a novel.
  • Levi: problematic.
  • Erwin: Lots of heart but a little misguided.
  • Sasha: I mean, he's cool but he wouldn't let eat his bread that one time...
  • Connie: he's my bro
  • Hanji: I want that titan dick yo
  • Armored titan: lol no
  • Colossal titan: try again
  • Female titan: *war flashbacks*
  • Eren, himself: I think he's pretty good looking if you ask me.

At this stage, everyone should know that I totally ship Jearmin and lowkey ship Armin with Bertholdt 


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News: SnK x Pocolon Dungeons Collaboration (2017)

Original Release Date: Late August 2017
Retail Price: N/A

Android and iOS mobile app game Pocolon Dungeons has announced a new collaboration with SnK, which now features the Beast Titan as well! Their previous SnK partnership took place in 2015.

Update (August 17th, 2017): Featured characters and upgraded armor/weapons for Eren, Mikasa, and Levi have been unveiled for the collaboration via visuals and a trailer!

You can also view special videos of Eren, Mikasa, and Levi’s gameplay here!

Titan Shifter List (Updated)

So here is the updated Titan Shifter list after chapter 93, I tried to use the last panels of them as best as I can.

1 &2. Founding Titan + Shingeki no Kyojin, aka Advancing Titan, aka Rogue Titan, inherited by Eren Jaeger

3. Beast Titan, inherited by Zeke Jaeger

4. Jaws, aka Dancing Titan, inherited by Galliard

5. Armored Titan, inherited by Reiner Braun

6. Colossal Titan, inherited by Armin Arlert

7. Female Titan, inherited by Annie Leonhardt

8. Cartwoman, aka Cargo Titan, inherited by Peak.

9. ???? Mysterious Shifter ????


And here is the box art for the new Bluray/DVD Season 1 box, slated for a march 15 release!

Comes with all 25 episodes, the visual novels, the “Attack on Titan Zero” prototype by Isayama, a booklet containing a colored version of ch 13 and 14 (I think) and a new “All color special booklet”.