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Part 1: The Dark Beauty - Tortured soul & troubled past

Misaki Mei - Another

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Mikasa Ackerman - Attack on Titans

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Kirishima Touka - Tokyo Ghoul

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Enma Ai - Jigoku Shoujo

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Honorable mention: The Reformed

Lust the Lascivious - Fullmetal Alchemist (2003 anime vers.)

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it really means a lot to me that fullmetal alchemist has such a diverse list of strong female characters. we see so many different women being equally as strong and competent as the men surrounding them. in some cases, more so. arakawa could have easily made hawkeye or winry male characters. both are experts in a field or discipline that is traditional thought of as masculine. yet winry is one of the best automail technicians in amestris, with crowds of people requesting her specifically in rush valley, the home of top of the line automail experts. hawkeye is widely regards as the best shot in the army, whether it’s long or short range and is seen on several occasions protecting and saving mustang. izumi is a self proclaimed housewife that is incredibly powerful and taught the elrics how to fight. sheska is a bookworm who has extensive knowledge of the facts and history of amestric and central city in particular. pinako is an elderly woman who refuses to run from amestris because she needs to be there, home, when the elrics and winry return. olivier is known as the queen of the north, working at one of the harshest and most dangerous outposts in the country, the nothern wall of briggs. she runs with an iron fist, but is dedicated to her comrades. she’s repeatedly protected the country from drachma in subzero temperatures. she strategically navigates the politics of central to her advantage and holds her place among the other generals leading to tricking them into revealing their human weapons experiments. trisha single handedly raised her two children, never losing hope or faith in Hohenheim and supporting her boys when they start to learn alchemy. rose overcame religious brainwash and devastating loss, which lead her to helping rebuild lior after the churches uprising. sarah went to ishval during the war, providing help and medicine to whoever needed it. lan fan protected ling with every bit of her devotion, going as far as to sacrifice her arm. she went through painful automail surgery to stay by his side. she is seen holding her own against edward elric, king bradley, and Father in the final fight. may, a young girl from a poor family in xing, traveled alone to amestris in hopes of helping her family. she offered priceless information and knowledge that lead to the defeat of Father and the survival of the entire country. she also had a part in helping return al to his original body. gracia hughes lost her husband, but stayed strong and moved forward, never once blaming the elric brothers. even mrs. bradley, a woman who found out that her husband and son were not humans, went on to raise the baby that edward pulled from the center of pride. she did not treat him poorly or in fear, she gave him a loving home and raised him with all the compassion and kindness that she had raised selim. paninya, a girl born in poverty with a debilitating disability, worked hard and grew stronger, making a name for herself and resolving to repay mr. dominic in an honorable way. 

all of these women are complex, developed, full fledged characters that are strong and powerful in their own rights, despite being vastly different people. and none of them are ever criticized or talked down to for the way that they live their lives. and that’s just really, really important to me. 

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So I’m in a party of six for a Pathfinder campaign. Basically everyone is new to table top gaming except one guy with minimal experience and the DM who has played many table tops.
So the party consists of four Elves and two Half-Elves. There’s our elven Ranger (female), elven Alchemist (male), elven Rouge (male), me an elven Sorcerer (male), and the two female Half-Elves, a Cleric and an Oracle.

So currently we’re all level 5, with the exception of the rouge whose level 4. Backing it up a bit to where we’re all level three….
It’s one of our first major battles and we’re fighting what our DM calls Flayed Ones. Basically humanoid creatures whose skin has literally been flayed off their bodies repeatedly resulting in an “exoskeleton” of scabby skin.
The fight starts, we’re all attacking, all going well. That is until I, the Sorcerer with no armor and the lowest health gets targeted by two enemy archers. Well the weapons don’t fire regular arrows, but instead some (still unidentified by us) slime, goop, stuff. Well I get hit kinda hard by this stuff and wind up with an infection.
So now the battles over and we’re all trying to figure out, to no avail, what the infection is. So about four days pass, we go about our campaign waiting to see what the infection does. Well it doesn’t do anything accept bruise and ugly yellow purple color and develops a hard knot in the center as if the bone been fractured.
We eventually return to the town we’re currently operating out off to give a report on the fight and why it happened.

This is where it gets weird…..

Once all our characters have woken up, the DM has us all roll for perception and one by one takes those who rolled high enough out of the room to explain what has happened…..

DM to me: So you wake up and start the day like any other, but slowly realize that something’s off. You don’t see any men in the village, only women.
Me: So like? Are we (me and the other two male characters) ok? Are we women?
DM: Yup. And you notice something else that’s really strange. You notice that you’re about 8 months pregnant!
Me: WHAT!? Are you serious!? How!?
DM: You’ll have to find out.

So after everyone who didn’t roll high enough perception are filled in on what’s happened, we proceed to go on a 4 day quest to try and figure out what’s causing this, why it’s being done, and who’s doing it. We learn that there’s a small coven of 6 witches that are casting a spell nightly that had changed all the men into women.
After learning the each members reasoning or motivation to be a part of this, we finally put a stop to their spell casting. At this point we’ve also learned that by stopping the spell casting that the effects will eventually wear off over time.
So two days go by and we finally start seeing results! The men who were turned to women slowly start turning back. At this point our party has been patiently waiting to see if my character (the now 9 months pregnant Sorcerer who was one of the men turned women) will go into labor before the effects of the spell wear off of him.

Now this is where it gets really weird…..

Over the course of trying to find the course of the spell my character (the pregnant Sorcerer) has gradually learned that he was pregnant with twins, and that the spell hasn’t had any effect on the babies. So where we thought they’d be twin girls, they were actually twin boys. One described as being calm gentle the other mean an hateful.
So my character finally goes into labor, gives birth to the two babies. One described as looking just like my character, the looking like my character but with a darker, shadowy complexion.
So the DM proceeds with this description of events: (Sorcerer) looks up from the operating table, looks at both the babies and then just dissolves (cue many sad awww’s by everyone OOC). You turn into a ghostly fog and are absorbed into the baby that looks exactly like you (the one we then refer to as the good baby).
A couple hours later the party (minus me!!) notices that the babies have grown, and that they’re growing at an incredible rate. By the time everyone goes to sleep the children look to be about 6 years old.
The next morning when everyone wakes up The child that was the darker complexion is nowhere to be found (he ran away) and the other child isn’t a child, but rather is my character (the Sorcerer) back to normal, no longer female, no longer infected with anything, no longer a kid. Back to how he was before all of this happened.
So after everyone, OOC of course, has had time to think about what the heck has just happened. Our DM explains that the original infection my character had was intended to basically develop into a polar opposite, evil counterpart to my character. But seeing as how the infection didn’t have time to do that before I was changed into a female, the DM basically had my character birth himself AND the evil counterpart.

So that’s the wildest thing that has happened so far in our campaign, and I’m now eagerly and patiently waiting for the time when our party encounters my character’s evil counterpart. Seeing as how the DM mentioned that there’s the possibility it will happen, I’m very excited to see how it plays out. All we know about him is that he’s my evil half, and that he’s some kind of spell caster, most likely a sorcerer since that’s what my character is.
And before anyone knew that this was how all that was going to play out, I spent some time picking out baby names and have named the evil counterpart Silvyr. I don’t know why I choose that name, but yeah, can’t wait to actually meet him!!!


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