female airman

I’ve created a second blog called Female Patriots.  I wanted to do something to honor all of the women that are serving our country in the military.  I will not be posting any models or nudity on that blog.  It will be limited to professional photos of female Marines, Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen.  Take a look and reblog this to get the word out for me.

If you are a female and are currently serving or previously served in the military, please consider submitting your photo


Officially An Airman

I am now an Airman in the US Air Force. I’ve been sworn in. They only ever do delayed enlistment anymore, because of the economy. Because of this, I ship out sometime between September and November. Either way, I’m rather excited and nervous. My boyfriend, mother, friends, and family are all proud. Kori is so psyched. Blake is proud because I worked so hard. I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders because my life is now set in stone and my worries are gone away. It’s a nice feeling.