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Requested by my favourite @capscanary

You watched Steve work out for one reason and one reason only…it was bloody hot to watch. Steve was naturally an attractive man, even the few photos you’d seen of him pre Project Rebirth were attractive in a different way than he was now, however.

There was something delightful about the way he moved when he was working out or training, he was hard muscle and yet all that muscle moved and jumped delightfully, especially his ass…he had the most amazing ass. Even more so when he was in uniform.


Hairs [mini] dump #55 - STORE (game) Hairs for TODDLERS

CAS thumbnails
Meshes by EA
Loose Braided converted by Quizicalgin
Converted by simsxolove
Hair texture by Shockshame (but I did it a little smoother) and I started use Pastry-Box controls.
Some files has very big size ~ sorry ~ but it’s still CUTE ^^.

Bound up Bows | Loose Braided | Pumped Up Pom Pom Hat
Wild Bed Head (unisex)

soldier boy, tall and proud,
with a heart of gold and a soul so loud-
they made you their mascot, had you play the crowd,
their bastion of freedom and justice avowed.

soldier boy, heart split in two,
to those who have fallen, then those who found you-
did you find a new home? did you make it anew?
did you learn to let go of the world you once knew?

soldier boy, soul shaken and torn,
by a man the world has, since birth, given scorn-
did you think this was worth it? did you heed what he’d warned?
if his heart caved under your shield, would you mourn?

—  soldier boy, brave and true (but brutal as hailstorms to those against you) || jG
What are these hexagonal clouds found over the Bermuda Triangle?
No, these clouds don't solve the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. But they are cool.

Fair warning of some pseudoscience floating around there! I noticed a lot of articles like these ones talking about how rare seeing hexagonal cloud patterns are and some go as far to blame the clouds for disappearances in the bermuda triangle. THIS IS BAD REPORTING! What you see in the pictures is very well known open cell convection (or here’s a powerpoint). This does not explain and is not definitively connected to the claimed wind speed observations, and I’m not seeing any publications on the matter. This occurs when you have a large temperature difference of cold air moving over warmer ocean water. We see it a lot over the Pacific, but you can find it in a lot of places during winter. Feel free to google “open cell convection” and look at more pictures of the cool hexagonal clouds, though!

➳ “I have no limitations and am not bound by physical dimensions.
“I defy logic and am beyond your conceptual imaginings.
“I live and move and have my being in all there is.
“You have sought me amiss.”

- Far Journeys, Robert A. Monroe