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Imagine Bucky convincing Steve that chickens are a good idea, and Tony hears about this. Things just get crazy from there.

“First of all, fresh eggs. That should be reason enough right there,” Bucky says, ticking off one of his fingers. “Everyone’s always going on these days about being self-sustaining, so that’ll make Pepper happy. They’ll eat damn near anything, and you can use their manure for compost, which Bruce will like - ”

“Bucky,” Steve sighs. “It’s chickens.”



Chickens don’t have a lick of sense. They are irredeemably silly things, but that’s part of the reason Bucky likes them. They squawk and chatter when he comes to give them water and millet, peck at his metal fingers with interest as he changes the pine shavings of their bedding, and follow him around the terrace garden, bobbing their heads and ruffling their wings experimentally.

“Tell me again how they’re better than pigeons?” Clint asks, watching them skeptically. Every now and then his fingers drift to the hilt of his bow. Bucky narrows his eyes.

“If you call my chickens ‘pigeon’ again, I’ll throw you off the roof.”

Clint shrugs. “Wouldn’t be the first time.”


It takes Tony a month to find them, and four minutes from then to have JARVIS call Bucky to the roof  “Pronto, like right now, like yesterday tin-man, MOVE FEET.”

Bucky finishes his sandwich, polishes off his sweet tea, and watches an episode of House Hunters before making his way up.

By the time he gets there, the chicken shed is open and Tony is feeding Bucky’s favorite - Betty Coop - out of his hand.

“So I was thinking,” he says, not looking up when Bucky approaches, “you could probably improve the ventilation in the coop if you added some climate control, and I was thinking about a way to reroute the water from the garden irrigation system so they’d always have fresh water.”

“They’d like that, I’m sure,” Bucky says, and goes to grab a handful of feed.



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