Female sollux costest! 💙💛❤💙💛❤💙💛❤
Sorry for the crappy horns theyre chipped and you can see them clearly heccie :0 but this sassy mean look i gave her is so good and i am honestly loving it 💙💛❤💙💛❤💙💛

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To future ED: I know you hate the captor chick but you sorta just shared bodies with her, after seeing all her memories and what not don't you feel some sort of empathy for what she's been through?

CA: not sure if our similarities made some wweird comradery or just made her more annoyin

CA: but i guess i can related to a couple a thins

CA: oh jesus wwhen am i gonna stop that


As a celebration of Homestuck ending, here are my top 6 favorite cosplays that I’ve done in the past years.

I’ve had amazing times with Homestuck. With my friends. I’ve met new people. It was a huge part of my life for a long time. I’ve done great things and acomplished much.  And I’ll probably do more Homestuck cosplay again sometime.
It’s been great.
Thanks for playing

But But

Agender Kankri who meets  the genderfluid Eridan through a support group eridan goes to after being beat up for being seen in female clothing while with sollux and through eridan he meets Cronus who at first is really confused bc how can someone just not be a gender but then they fall in love and have lots and lots of dirty kinky buttsex after kankri gets over the dislike he has for his own body because people label him as male and thats why he’s celibate and hsjfdg