Gay marriage was legalized in the UK starting March 2014. So why, pray tell, did the writers of Sherlock include legalized gay marriage in their universe back in 2010? It’s almost as if the writers needed that to better tell their story…. but that would mean….. their story would include…. gay marriage…. somewhere……… but where…. could that fit…. i just… don’t… know….

i literally do not understand why people have such a thing about OCs and why you wouldn’t write with one? i don’t? understand? if someone put that much effort into creating something, why would you dislike it purely because it wasn’t someone else (ie. an author, producer, writer) who put that effort in? i just ????

You know what? There’s a difference in the way Mary and Sherlock feel about John’s mustache. It is decided that Sherlock “hates” it, while Mary “doesn’t like it”. John accidentally believes Mary likes it because she’s never said otherwise, but Sherlock is quick to point out that she does not. Mary could be neutral or a little displeased by it - there’s a whole range of expression that fit “doesn’t like it”. But Sherlock hates it, that Mary and John are sure of. So when John shaves it off, John points out to Mary that she hates it. She corrects him, saying “Sherlock hates it”. Seriously, she didn’t hate that mustache, she simply didn’t like it (Mrs Hudson even said “not sure about that” proving that she also doesn’t “like” it- Sherlock is the one who laughed at it and brought it up over and over again). But then John retorts with “everyone hates it!”. So, John being a drama queen, claims Sherlock to be “everyone” to him. This isn’t lost on Mary, either. This is her main motivation for picking at John’s wounds, cheerfully joking about John’s love for Sherlock. Because she knows from that moment how much Sherlock means to him and making a joke of it is the only reasonable option.

Redamancy | Stiles Stilinski (Part 5)

Author: @adriannahobrien09

Fanfic Part Five Summary: Stiles would’ve usually ignored you or pretended you didn’t exist after your first one night stand since that’s what he did with every other girl, but he didn’t. In fact, he wanted you more. He craved you. Lydia is having mixed feelings about Stiles and she thinks he isn’t a good influence. Well let’s be honest… he isn’t. And you know it.

Warnings: Smut, oral(female on male), cursing/strong language, and arguing(ish?)

Pairing: [Fuckboy]Stiles Stilinski X (Reader)

Fandom: Teen Wolf (kinda)

Word Count: 3,572

(Y/N) = Your Name

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(Massively Fattening)

Audio 10: My Feeder Bucket List

Okay you guys so this one is going to be a little more casual and hopefully I don’t ramble too much! So far I haven’t had the pleasure of being a full-time, long-term feeder to anyone so there’s quite a few things I wanna do, a feeder bucket list if you will. I guess we can start with the numbers. I would love to help someone gain 100lbs, just so I can say we hit that three digit milestone. I’d also love for them to be at least 100lbs heavier than me. That’ll probably come first depending on their starting weight. Of course some of this is dependent on height and stuff too, 100lbs could be a lot for someone but I can’t resist those big numbers. I’d like to help someone get to 300lbs, 350, maybe even 400. And when we get there, I want to celebrate with a huge weekend feeding. Maybe set a goal of 15000 calories over the course of 48 hours. That would mean funneling lots and lots of calories into my piggy which is another goal of mine. Even better if I can tie them up. I want to keep track of their gain too… I’ve always liked the idea of a chart on the fridge that way every time they go for a snack, they can see their progress. We’d have weekly weigh-ins, plot the little point on the chart, then go out for dinner to get a head start on the next week’s gain. I’d want my piggy to wear something tight when we go out, just tight enough for them to be aware of how fat they’ve gotten. Of course I’d want to get a booth because I’m hoping their huge belly would be pressed up against the edge of the table. I want to order for them, or at least order something extra they aren’t aware of so when the server brings it to the table, my big piggy pretends to be confused but is secretly turned on at the thought of having an extra entrée. I kinda hope other people in the restaurant will be staring, amazed at my fatty’s size and appetite. If they aren’t staring then, they’re certainly going to be staring when we go to the buffet together. I’d want them to eat at least five full plates, and I’d wanna be in charge of the dessert courses. Afterwards I’d help them waddle to the car and we’d go home for another weigh-in. It might not count for the little tracking chart but I’d curious to see how much weight we can add with a huge public stuffing like that. Speaking of the scale, I’d really love to see my feedee break one… seeing ‘error’ show up on that little screen would be one hell of an achievement. I’d also like to see them break a chair or two. Even if it means purposefully buying some cheap flimsy thing for the sole purpose of collapsing it. I’d want to record it too, with their permission of course. It doesn’t even have to be posted anywhere. I just want to document my piggy’s accomplishments for our own personal enjoyment. Now, with how quickly they’re going to balloon for me, we’ll need to make a few trips to the mall. Of course I’m going to dote on them, be very sweet and encouraging when picking out new, bigger clothes, but I’m definitely going to sneak in a few too-small items in there too. I’ll ask them to come out and show me how everything fits, just so I can see how snug that 3XL shirt is now. Well that’s about all I can think of for now, I’m sure there’s more. You guys will definitely hear about all the other things I want to do with my future fatty when I think of them!

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