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stranger things

  • favorite male character: steve and dustin
  • favorite female character: eleven
  • least favorite character: papa or whatever this asshole’s name is
  • prettiest character: max?
  • funniest character: dustin
  • favorite season: honestly it’s a tie, they’re both amazing
  • favorite episode: 2x09 I guess
  • favorite romantic ship: mileven and jancy
  • favorite family ship: steve and his 5, soon to be 6, kids
  • favorite friend ship: the core 6
  • worst ship: can’t think of one



Pairing: Eleven x reader

Request: Hi could you do a eleven x female reader , were prom and El asks the reader to go with she says yes and while they are dancing people look at them weird and whispering things until someone says it is wrong for two girls to be in love and El protect the reader they have been dating for a year they are now 16 😊😊 and they leave and El takes her somewhere and dances under the moonlight with her then kisses her sorry if you don’t’t want to do it😊😊😊 Requested by @lovely-wagner

Warnings: Some homophobia (or people just being assholes, same thing), a few swear words

A/N: This isn’t my best writing, but I hope you like it!

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The Breakfast Girl

Requested: By no one but me

Summary: Reader is a proud bisexual and Eleven is confusedly jealous.

Pairing: Eleven (Jane Ives) x Reader, Eleven x female! Reader

Warnings!: El being an adorable little human


Eleven watched you flip through a magazine filled with models and characters from shows you’d watch. Full House and Family Matters were the two you seemed to stare at more often. She watched your eyes linger on a certain page, one of a boy and a girl standing next to each other with adorable outfits. El narrowed her eyes at them while her chest became heavy.

This has been happening all the time now that she’d met you. When the boys would look at Playboy she felt normal and didn’t feel any different, but ever since you looked at pictures of your celebrity crushes, her chest seemed to burn with something she had only known as drowning. That feeling wouldn’t ever leave until she could get your attention. Mike had said it was a love feeling, but she didn’t know what love was except for a friendship kind of love.

So then, what was this?

“God, so cute,” You traced the corner of the page while rolling onto your back, holding the magazine above your eyes with a bright admiration. El could feel her eyes narrow at you, glaring directly at the model’s face. To her surprise, it was a girl model. A girl… like her. Her stomach felt like it was being filled with butterflies, a warm feeling came over her cheeks and nose. 

That warm feeling was interrupted by the again burning feeling in her chest as she reminded herself that the girl in the picture wasn’t her. You weren’t looking at her like that, you were looking at a photo of Molly Ringwald in a summer dress. El pursed her lips and lowered her head while continuing to stare down the magazine with an intent glare. 

She couldn’t control her abilities and the magazine flew out of your hands and hid Mike Wheeler’s basement stairs. You jumped and pushed yourself up, gasping at the flying book. El’s eyes widened and she felt a liquid trickle near the corner of her nose and she wiped it away before turning her head and staring down at a coloring book Dustin had given her last night. 

Your eyes gradually made their way over to Eleven. You noticed the blot of pink covering her cheeks and a smile crept up onto your lips. El could feel your eyes on her, her senses sharpening once she could hear you get up from the blanket-covered ground. Her shoulders tensed up once your hands were placed onto the table while you eased yourself down into a chair. 

“Hey, El,” Her eyes were focused on you, though you could barely see it due to her head hanging low. Your hand was positioned dangerously close to hers before you propped up your elbow and leaned on your palm. “I know that you know that magazine’s can’t fly.” Though she was a girl of few words, she understood every sentence.

Eleven lowered her head again and continued to color through the geometric filled pages while pressing the crayon harder onto the paper, “Sorry.” You gave a smile and she could feel her ears heat up, which you could see the tint of pink easily. You chuckled lightly and gave a sweet smile. A smile slowly peeked at the corners of her lips, even if you couldn’t see it, she still felt that chest warming, stomach fluttering, comforting feeling that she always felt around you.

“El, guess what.”

She raised her head a bit to look at you, her entrancing brown eyes staring into yours blankly, though there was a loving glare to it. She watched as you leaned toward her a fraction and she could feel her heartbeat rise and the pace practically speeded. Maybe this was a sign. A sign that her “Papa” had always warned her about. A self destruction of a sort. But it didn’t feel like it. It felt better than that, not like a warning at all. More like a welcome.

“I think that you’re cuter than Molly Ringwald,” Once the words had slipped, you knew you couldn’t take them back. There was always that nagging feeling in the back of your mind, she liked boys, or didn’t like anyone. It seemed that that was the truth now due to her expressionless reaction. 

On the outside she was calm, looking more angry than anything, but that was only instinct. It was an instinct to hide her feelings when she had to, and with you calling her… cute, it could trigger something. She felt her face heat up and she limply raised her fingers to touch the burning skin, her cheeks flush with a pink color. Before you could apologize and say something, she abruptly leaned forward and met her lips with yours in a quick kiss.

A flame ignited in your chest, and as did hers. A fire burned brightly as she pulled back with a shocked look spread across her face. Out of both of you, you should’ve been more shocked. She liked you back. She actually kissed you. Eleven, the powerful and beautiful girl, kissed you. As you both let out a shaky sigh, you felt tingles rush through your body.

As for El, the feeling was more like a wave of soft water brushed upon her skin in a warm, welcoming hug. It was wonderful, new, amazing. She’d never felt anything like it and probably never will feel anything like it in the future. El sighed out dreamily as you both looked into each other’s eyes with a lovestruck stare.


I’ve run into several ppl, irl and online, who feel that Max was an unnecessary addition to Stranger Things. I’d like to make an argument as to why that’s entirely untrue.

To begin with, I was so happy that they were bothering to include another female in the younger kid friend group bc of the possibility of future female friendships for Eleven (which I still think we’ll get - that’s a task for next season) and just a more Bechdel-friendly set of female interactions overall. 

Ofc, that doesn’t matter much if Max is a poorly written and developed character, as some would argue. But is that really the case? Or are people just not as willing to make room for female character development as they are for male character development? How much did we know about Lucas and Dustin in s1 outside the context of the friend group in s1? Not much. We learned a lot more about them as individuals and what their home life is like this season. And they were part of a preexisting dynamic that Max has just entered - that of the “party” originally consisting of Mike, Luke, Dustin, and Will. What we knew about them was context-specific. 

With Max, though we’ve only just been introduced to her, we know more. Her persisting in her friendship ultimately makes sense because she has interests in common with the boys and they approach her to share them. She’s confused and weirded out by their secretive and in Mike’s case, standoffish behavior (due to his feeling that Eleven is being replaced by someone that he feels could never understand what they all went through), but when Lucas explains things to her and she sees he’s telling the truth, his choice to trust her w/ the ultimate secret of his friend group isn’t lost on her as an act of faith. Max starts out prickly and sometimes closed off bc of her home life, which is why she mentions later that she doesn’t want to be pissed off all the time like Billy and is relieved to hear from someone else - Lucas - that she’s not like that at all. This is a well-written character arc with room to grow in terms of both her home life, her friendship with the boys, and her development as an individual and hopefully as a new friend for Eleven too. There is only so much time in a show with this many storylines and an ensemble cast, so I think a lot of this will be further explored next season.

A director explains what it was like casting Rihanna in his movie: 'She's the queen'

Luc Besson has always had an eye for casting actresses who are mesmerizing on the big screen.

There was Natalie Portman in her breakout role in “Léon: The Professional,” model-turned-action star Milla Jovovich in “The Fifth Element,” Scarlett Johansson in “Lucy,” and for his latest movie, “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets,” you can add two more names: Cara Delevingne and Rihanna.

Delevingne is one of the leads in this adaptation of the legendary French sci-fi graphic novel, while Rihanna plays a shape-shifting entertainer named Bubble.

Having already become one of the biggest artists in the music industry, Rihanna has moved her attention to movies and TV of late. She played Marion Crane in the latest season of “Bates Motel” and recently wrapped on the female-focused “Ocean’s Eleven” movie, “Ocean’s Eight.”

Besson talked to Business Insider and other press on Monday after showing the trailer for “Valerian,” and when Rihanna came up, he pointed out the surprising ease of working with the pop superstar.

“What was amazing was all the entourage is out, she’s on the set by herself, totally open, and you can mold her how you want,” he said. “There’s no distance, nothing. She waits for you to do something with her. She offers herself like clay.”

He admits, however, that he was shocked to get her on the set all. It seems she basically never has free time.

“The most difficult thing was trying to catch her to get her on set,” Besson said. “I think her schedule is worse than any president in the world - I couldn’t believe it. She can land at midnight, work until 2am, and I thought I was busy. But she’s the queen.”