#GirlsWithToys hashtag - part 53

What is this hashtag about? In short: the hashtag was born out of casual sexism by a male scientist. To read more about what spurred this response, read Kate Clancy’s (creator of the hashtag) article below:

Girls With Toys: This is what real scientists look like.

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I often see posts like “Support ALL black women!

 and while that’s good and all I’m really not going to lie; some of y'all really ain’t shit. Like I am truly not here for 

  • rude black girls 
  • mean-spirited black girls 
  • conniving/deceitful black girls 
  • black girls that feel they’re better than other black girls 
  • black girls that treat their family/friends/people in general poorly 
  • black girls that shame other black girls for the way they choose to dress/ do their hair/ makeup, etc. 
  • black girls that are homophobic/transphobic
  • black girls that unapologetically practice adultery or cheat on their partners 
  • black girls that brag about being homewreckers or side chicks
  • black girls that abuse their significant others and/or children 
  • black girls that enjoy being bullies 
  • black girls that spread their negativity, anti-blackness, and/or self hate to make others feel bad about themselves

 If you’re not a good person, I’m not here for you. Point blank.


So today is a one year anniversary for me, one year ago today I got serious about my fitness and health. I started eating right and exercising because a year of stress, horrible eating and drinking left me feeling very negatively about my body. One year ago I chose happiness and chose to start loving my body and taking care of myself. So I started with doing workout videos in my basement every day throughout the summer. Then when I got to school I started lifting heavy in the gym with my old track coach and started counting macros instead of calories. Then in March I made the decision to join the Crush Fam because you all are so supportive and fantastic and I trusted bbbenwilliamson and was convinced by aubernutter. Also some huge inspirations for me along the way have been brawnbrainybombshell, barbells-and-sirens, leahpwest, marisaaprice, fitnika, themarzipanvolta, thefitally, and hustleformuscle. I think I’ve asked you all a question at some point and every one of you has responded to me to the best of your ability and that means so much to me. I recently chose to cool it with the macro counting because one day I went out to eat at a restaurant and panicked a bit because I didn’t know exactly what I was eating. But I have made so many gains in muscle and mental health over my journey, I found because of working out and having this outlet I was a lot calmer and had less stress in my life from grad school. I still have so far to go but I’m loving the people I’m on this road with and I can’t wait to share more mile stones with you all!!


Texas Tech Kappa Week 2k15 is responsible for this song lol

Udeme and I, we initially performed it, but since nobody sent us the video, we decided to record it.

The Instrumental is Money Aint a Thang By Jay-Z and JD BECAUSE I KNOW SOMEONE WILL ASK lol.


Listen& Reblog pls :))))


lol This song still makes me laugh cause its borderline raunchy. 

Udeme and I having fun with  Biggie-One More chance

Since I got a “Biggie Flow” and all.

BUt yea , listen