Figured I’d post these now ‘cause why not. :P Retextures of Martini’s 3t2 conversion of Cazy‘s Liz hair and Umi’s male conversion of the same hair~ I did tiny edit to the meshes, for some reason this one included two identical hair-parts so I removed the other and got the polycount from original 269xx down to 125xx which is still high but obviously not as high as it was.

Download female version from mediafire / skydrive
Download male version from mediafire / skydrive


  • Cazy for the original mesh, Martini for the 3t2 conversion & Umi for the male conversion
  • Textures are Io’s new blend
  • Colors by Pooklet, Io, Hat, Aweeshie & me (includes them all)

Imagine: Playing Card Against Humanity with Castiel.

When Castiel layed two cards on the table you were laughing so hard you almost stopped breathing. Of course this worried Cas but you assured him you were okay. When you asked him why he picked those cards he just shrugged and said he liked cats. This caused you to laugh even harder. Cas definitley won that round. 

This is a coloured sketch of a halfling rogue player-character from one of my D&D 5th Edition campaigns. Her outfit was pure experimentation on my part, but in today’s session, it just so happened that she survived being attacked by an animated tapestry (i.e. a variation of the “Rug of Smothering” in the Monster Manual) that she’d insisted on keeping, so we decided that maybe the cape she’s wearing was made from its pieces.

Created By Baarbiie-GiirL

Summer Fruit Lipgloss with Teeth

Created for: The Sims 4
- with teeth
- standalone Item
- pink,orange and red colors perfect for beautiful summer days
- super watery and realistic texture
- good pigmentation
- category lipstick
- available in 14 colors
- with custom thumbnails
- plumping effect
- looks good with als skins and overlays (EA, S-Club)