i’m rewatching season 1 and i’m amazed because dean postures so much it’s hard to believe that he’s the same character that he is now

and then again i think that that’s kind of what’s beautiful about him ya know that he is the same character. dean’s character development hasn’t been from him being this macho quintessentially masculine guy to turning into the softer, more gentle thing he is today. he’s always been soft and his development has been him learning to accept that part of himself instead of shoving it down deep and hiding it under a cocky grin and leather jacket and (arguably) vaguely disrespectful attitude toward women

One year at a time ( Jasmine Cephas Jones x reader )

a/n: !! hello hello, yes it’s finally here. jasmine cephas jones owns my heart so i was very happy to do this request !! im super insecure about this fic so please let me know if there’s anything I can change.

words: 3,137 (help)

summary: This is based on this request but I changed it quite a bit (a lot). Sorry anon. (Also, this is fucking terrible. My attempt at writing jasmine and my attempt at writing flashbacks is awful. I’m sorry) also, I wrote a lot of different scenes that didn’t make it into the fic so I might post those at a later point if you like this fic.

warnings: illusions to smut ( ?? ) and fluff

December 2013. NYC (9.00pm)

You were walking through the snow, trying to get home as fast as possible after your shift at work. You tried to make yourself warmer by wrapping your coat tighter around your body and rubbing your hands together, but nothing was enough to escape the freezing New York weather.

There was no point in trying to hail a cab, because the streets were practically flooded with people and there was no way that you would manage at this point. So off you went, trudging through the slush beneath your feet, hoping to get home in time to watch your favourite show.

“Excuse me?” You stopped walking and your head turned to the girl standing next to you, a cup of steaming coffee in her hand and a beanie placed on top of her head. She smiled at you and held out something for you to take.

Your wallet.

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@people who don’t want to see SHINee unless they are in P1/P2. Why? Literally explain me why? I need reasons because Idols don’t usually come to América and for me who lives in México its really frustrating that they are so near yet SO SO far away, i would accept any place in the venue!

Because i know it might the last time they give a concert as five in US and Canada in a long time bcs of the enlisting.

You could listen, you would say you are there taking part of the ocean they come to see and it brings then SO MUCH happiness, taking part in the fanchants, listening to them and not only meeting new shawols but also the whole concert atmosphere, just being there, being able to listen to them, wouldn’t it be amazing?

SHINee has said before its SHINee and SHAWOL who make the concert, who scream and jump, without us there the concert cannot happen. SHINee works hard so all of us can see them. Buy the tickets its worth it guys. I want one but i cannot get one, yet you arent buying one just because you arent gonna be next to them? Come on.

Wherever you are its you who makes it AM unforgettable memory, its you who decides to keep it in your heart, the dim lights and the aqua ocean. Its gonna be unforgettable as long as you want it to, as long as you sing along there with them instead of in your laptop, they will treasure it too.

It’s fucking worth it.

Make a SHINee full house, make the venue Pearl aqua for them ok?

its SHINee for a reason, the double ee, its because they give AND receive light, we hold lightsticks don’t we, we are giving them our light, right? Let’s show them how much we love them, how much we shine for them.

Let’s show that its because they shine so much that we can shine even brighter and iluminate their path

thaneseinof replied to your post “all the people saying that ‘men should get a turian romance now we…”

I’m “cis-gendered” if I am forced to use that ridiculous term and I’d romance Vetra as Scott Ryder. Vetra is a beautiful example of a Turian female and not being able to romance her as Scott Ryder would just be terrible. Anybody arguing that Vetra should be an exclusive female romance option can fuck right off. Fortunately, it would appear that if anything, she’s a bi romance option. So, everybody (except whining ideologues on both sides) is happy.

could you, perchance, jack my wang?