Long story short. Im not asking for money or anything just help.

I have a freind in Missuri who may be pregnant. She cannot tell her mother because if she does shes at risk of physical abuse. Shes 17, neurodivergant and disabled, she cannot physically or mentally be ready for motherhood. 

We are struggling to find her a way to safely get the help she needs, she has already had plan B but she was ovulating when contraption may have happened therefore we dont think it has worked.

Im scared shes going to try and induce a miscarriage since she is considering it. Planned Parenthood requres her mothers consent and she cannot tell her mother because of whats said above 

If you could please send me a direct message if you have advice or reblog this I will be eternity thankful, this could save her life.

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Song:Into the Groove
Uk charts:1
U.S. charts:/
Year Released:1985
Wasn’t released as a single in the U.S. therefore it was ineligible to enter the Billboard Hot 100 but it did make it to #1 on the Billboard Dance Club songs
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