I watched about 3 or 4 episodes when the show originally started, but forgot to keep up with it. Nathan randomly sent me a link to it on kisscartoon and wanted to watch it with me because he was curious about it.
I liked the show when I first watched it, and wanted to make fanart, but never got around to it before I forgot to. BUT! Now I can, because it’s fresh in my mind.
also I’m really iffy on this human style tbh
It’s coming pretty naturally but…eehhh????


b o d y h e a t _ s e l e n a g o m e z (lyrics)

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Hey everyone! Hope you’re all well!
Just a quick post for all my fellow Anime, Manga & Art fans out there, I’m selling a lot of my art books on eBay & a lot of them I bought in Japan and are pretty rare!
Have a looksie!
And have a super week! ♡ PS my eBay name is kaycau