The Dreamer by Valentina Remenar

And this is an illustration which I did for my friend @chaoscycle and her website thechaoscycle.com which is officially launched today! This is her character Miya (oh…and after million years you see a woman in my gallery, that’s something XD). On her site you’ll be able to read vignettes… so if you’re curious about the story of these guys, then be sure to check her site on link above. 

Hey guys

I wanna say I think you all look beautiful the way you are and your noses don’t seem abnormal to me BUUUT like many others I can’t fully accept mine and have bad days like today when I really hate mine. The problem is that I like my nose on the front but absolutely hate my side profile. I don’t even think my nose is the biggest problem, I just think it doesn’t really fit my face. I have a strong chin and my lips are too small so the combination is not a good one at all.

Golden Spirit (AT)

Art Trade with LemonLou http://lemonlou.deviantart.com/

It was very fun to draw. I really love this Pony, she is really nicely design and Lemon is a really nice cool and nice person. So who don’t follow her already do it now!

Golden Spirit as a maid in a maid cafe. :3

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