Trenchcoat Champion Commission

Gachigoras, Onvern, Mahoxy, Lucario, Pururill F, Yanappu

Tyrantrum, Noivern, Delphox, Lucario, Frillish F, Pansage

And of course, commissions are open! Varying prices depending on what you’d like, but full team commissions (6 Pokémon and Trainer) are typically $35, and +$5 or +$10 for a glossy 4x6″ / 8.5x11″ physical print shipped to you as well as the digital files. I can also now do custom TCG playmats for +$40 ($75 total).

Other types of commissions; like tattoos and prints are available for varying prices, feel free to send your ideas to animeleepocket@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you ASAP on a price quote.

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Hey, I’m Cathy and I want to share my story with you. I came out as aro ace around half a year ago. Before that I had two short-time relationships, I ended both and had to listen to my ex saying that I’m too cold and emotionless. Back then I couldn’t explain that I liked them but not the way they wanted me to.

So after I came out (only to some close friends) I thought this might be over, as well as the pressure to have a bf or crushes. But whenever I see someone who is aesthetically pretty/handsome and I state this fact I got to hear that I’m not a “pure” asexual since I seem to be attracted to someone else, which isn’t the case. I also like to flirt a lot, it’s fun and I always let the people know that I’m not really interested. They know I’m not. But still this gets used to tell me that I can’t really be aro if I flirt with others. 

Eventhough I told my friends I’m aro ace, they want to define my sexuality and my romantic interests/affections by what they think my behaviour means. I really like them but I don’t talk to them anymore about it. Important is that I know I’m valid and real, and that’s okay with me.