you know what else is really neat about bart? after she takes that shower, you’re kind of expecting her to have that Transformation Moment where all she needed was a little hygiene and all of a sudden she’s gorgeous and perfectly made-up with hair cascading down her shoulders etc etc etc but no she’s literally just as strange and gross afterward just covered in less blood

I’m so happy Clarke wasn’t alone. My heart broke when that 6 years, 7 days screen came up. I’m just so glad the writers didn’t leave her alone for all that time.

It could have been so bad. But the Clarke we got is a gift. 

She’s drawing. She’s smiling in the sun and the rain. She’s a mother. She’s as fierce as ever. She has hope. All the beautiful things.

Imagine Loki having to sit and accept or deny a lot of female suitors because of a bet that Thor would be married before him. However, there’s one girl who keeps getting away because of her own abilities as a half demon half vampire. She happens to befriend Frigga, who’s ill and help her get better. One day she’s caught by the guards though because she hasn’t slept or eaten in days and has become weaker, finally meeting Loki when she is brought before Odin. Only then do the guards and Odin figure out that she can shapeshift into anything at will.