U of T uses electromagnets to attract girls to science

Groups of students huddle around desks at a university campus as the instructor gives out a quick overview of the job at hand: build a crane, create an electromagnet and pick up metal.

Work begins in earnest, with some of the students building their contraptions with wheels “for better transportation” while others build them for strength.

But these are not university students. They are Grades 3 and 4 students — about half of them girls — who like to spend a few hours on the weekend building stuff and learning about science.

“I’ve been building stuff a long time,” says 8-year-old Yashu Tenneti. “In our school, we’re building bridges out of Popsicle sticks.”

Does she want to be an engineer or scientist when she grows up?
“I don’t know. I want to be many things,” she says.

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commissioned work have been published in herself magazine.


the publisher Thorbjørn Ankerstjerne, he is a designer & publisher & Art director who has the client that Burberry,
Cartier, NIKE etc.

今月イギリスから出版されるherself magazineにイラストが載ってます。女性自身みたいな名前の雑誌ですが、ファッション誌です。高級ホテル、ファーストクラスのラウンジなどに置かれてるそうです。換言すると、部数が少ないってことですね。herself magazine の発行人、Thorbjørn Ankerstjerne氏はカルティエ、バーバリー、ナイキなどの広告を手掛けたり、コラボなどもしている、デザイナー、アートディレクターです。


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If you are a female OC against the existence of other female OCs purely because they are female — what is wrong with you? Love yourself. Stop the women hating women trope. Stop being a misogynist. This isn’t Divergent, this isn’t the Hunger Games, this isn’t Twilight, calm the fuck down, you’re not the most special cabbage in the patch. And yes— this includes trans women too, you fucks. They’re women too, and if you invalidate it, you’re a shittier person than before. Love yourself. Stop hating on everything woman. Especially if you are one.