For the Ladies

I feel the internal struggle of being “enough” from women everywhere, mainly because I face the same struggles. For some reason, we have to be pretty or lady-like in manners & appearances that only society finds acceptable - but in doing these things (such as, but not limited to, having a hairless body, dolled up face, & answering to every man that demands it), we often deny ourselves the person that is truly us. So here’s what I have to say for every woman out there: don’t cover up that beautiful face if you don’t want to. Don’t force yourself to be someone you don’t want to be. No matter which way you twist it, we are women & every woman is beautiful & unique in their own way. So the next time you sigh in annoyance from upholding the standards of being a lady, ask yourself who you’re really doing it for & why. Who said you had to be this type of pretty or have that type of mannerism? If not you, then who? Why does it even matter?

I always had problems with my big breasts and my wide hips - but now I finally came to the point where I absolutely adore them. The tumblr community was a big (no pun intended) part of my way to accepting myself! Thanks to all those lovely ladies on here!

I recently made an account where I’m posting more of myself - come by, say hi! :)

Chelsea, 18th birthday on the 18th of March, us size 22 I think.

I was planning on growing out my hair but then I decided I couldnt deal with the length and I wanted to try bangs for the first time in my life. I am super in love with it! I’ve just been super body positive lately and this blog really helps. Come talk to me, you babes. <3