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Soul Mates and Twin Souls

“There is much confusion about soul mates and twin souls. Very often these two terms have been used synonymously. They are not synonymous. One can and do have many soul mates but one has only one twin soul. In order to understand how these terms come about one must begin from the beginning. Aeons ago, many dispatches of souls or sparks of divinity were discharged from the Source….  

The love energy between two soul mates can only be surpassed by the love between twin souls. Whilst the love of twin souls is always with the opposite sex that of soul mates can be with both. Strong and lasting homosexual love between two individuals is almost always between soul mates and not twin souls unless one of the twins has decided to change sex for that particular incarnation. Neither is it likely between souls of two different groups. A twin in spirit may guide a grounded twin. …

Twin souls are the last two souls to individualize. They are the last two peas from the same pod. At that final separation, they vowed to be reunited after they have completed their earthly duties, before they cross over to the spiritual realm for the ascent back to the Source. Whilst they were still fused together in the same pod, their sexual gender is androgynous and not male or female. It is only when they finally separate into individuals that they take on their basic gender of male and female. This basic gender will be with the twins throughout their repeated sojourns on earth until they meet again to merge. Once they merged they revert back to be androgynous. Whilst they are alone, whether they are on earth or in spirit, although they are either basically male or female, both contain the yang and yin elements. In other words, both contain male and female characteristics in each of them, and each of them has to balance the male and female elements to suit their sexual agenda for that incarnation. A basic male will adjust more yang into his psyche. Similarly, a female will have more yin in hers. A basic male who wants to be physically female for a particular incarnation may do so, as he has both elements in his etheric and other subtle bodies.”


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