ifyougiveagirlapencil asked:

I would also like to add that the usage of "girl" is super insulting, to demean someone’s opinion. I am 20 and when i argued with my uncle over christmas he called me "a smart girl" whenever he would try and disagree with me. such as "_____, now your a smart girl, but __________" and he didn’t do it once, he preferenced every single sentence with it. It got really hard to hear tbh.

Yup, just like calling women ‘females’ is a form of dehumanization, calling adult women ‘girls’ is a form of infantilization.  Both are microaggressive language used to discredit and devalue women.

williamgraharn asked:

on the thing about "female" when i was going through basic training, the MTI (military training instructor) would yell "female" at us as a way to dehumanize and break us. It was specifically used to break us down, and then later dropped and our names used to build us back up. So yup, I'd definitely say "female" is dehumanizing if the military uses their stockholm-syndrome-like tactics to get their soldiers all in a row.


thedullahanride asked:

"Woman" implies person hood, inherently. Female does not inherently imply person hood. Language is rhetorically coded, water is wet. It's not difficult, It's like they don't WANT to get it.

They don’t.  Because they hate women and want any excuse to deny that misogyny actually exists.

niaall asked:

i agree with ur stance on the word "female". sounds like the beginning to a title of an insulting vine or meme

Right I mean that’s the main use of that word I see, like either sexist vines or some dudebro going on a Facebook rant about something like “I don’t respect females that don’t respect themselves” blah blah bland, that kind of shit.  You don’t generally see people sharing respectful or insightful messages about women while referring to us as females.  It’s generally used in reference to us as inferior or as sexual objects.  THAT’S why it’s a red flag for a lot of women.

abitterowl asked:

Tbh whenever someone says males and females it is always fishy to me because 1) it's usually fits better to use the noun men and women in convo and 2) they remind or are the type of person whose's either very cisexist or outright wants to call trans men "females" and trans women "males" so i'm always suspicious


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My ex refers to women as females and it always bothered me but I always thought it was such a yocal Bostonian thing. It always sounded crass tho and he often only used it in certain contexts like "females are so stressed when" or "females always act so angry when" etc

Yup that’s what I mean, it’s really common for it to be used in that kind of context and that shows you the kind of connotation that word has when used casually.