7-Year-Old Writes Book To Show Black Girls They Are Princesses

7-Year-Old Writes Book To Show Black Girls They Are Princesses

‘I didn’t know I could be a princess’: Seven-year-old writes inspiring book to show that women of all skin colors can be royals

“When she spoke to her father Todd, who often uses 'Princess’ as a nickname for her, about it he started researching black women who have been princesses so that he could tell Morgan about them.

When he presented his findings to her, she announced that they needed to make a book to spread the message to others that being a princess is open to everybody.Together, the father and daughter co-wrote Daddy’s Little Princess, a book about black princesses from around the world - including Princess Elizabeth of Toro and Princess Angela of Liechtenstein.

Morgan said: 'Once when I was five I didn’t believe I could be a princess. I told my father and he told me about African princesses and I said I didn’t know I could be a princess so how about I write a book telling people they can be princesses too.'“

A study from late January by The White House Project found that female workers comprise 73 percent of the nonprofit sector, a figure that agrees with the Georgetown survey. However, the leadership at these nonprofits is disproportionately dominated by males—only 45 percent of the CEOs at nonprofits are women, and beyond that, only 21 percent of the CEOs at nonprofits with budgets of $25 million or more are women.

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I know we have stressed this a million times before, but I think it's important to counter the frankly dangerous message re actual v's fake childbirth and the effects on a woman's body that has been perpetuated to young girls by 1DHQ and this stunt. This article shows the reality - not pleather leggings and mini skirts girls... dailymail*co*uk/femail/article-3678288/New-mum-praised-sharing-uncensored-postpartum-photo*html

lol imagine briana in that diaper thing and that miniskirt she wore or the pleather pants LOL


BBC attacks Clean Eating?

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p040430l  We can’t play this in the USA, but the daily mail write up is atrocious.  YOUTUBE LINK  wow, what a shit show!  Designed to confuse to the public can never find out what a healthy diet is…  



What the authors do here is try to wrap people who are eating ‘confused’ ‘health sounding’ diets full of BS powders, BS superfoods, BS green smoothies, BS protein powders, with a healthy plant based diet.  She focuses on the dietician vs nutritionist & never consults a DR!  Imagine if she had talked to Dr. McDougall or someone who actually has to treat all the sick people eating an unclean diet.

They totally try to put rice & bread & pasta in with eggs & butter & cow’s milk.

There is an underlying truth here, though.  Idiots who follow ‘healthy sounding’ marketing fads & sucked into the “business of being healthy (supplements/fads/pseudoscience)” vs a science and result backed whole food plant based diet & try to push tradition & not being restrictive in favor of cancer & heart disease & obesity are doomed to live the sad truth of everyone around them.  The level of irresponsible reporting here is atrocious.  We cringe for everyone getting eating disorder counseling from their ‘expert’ who ridiculously claims 1/3 of wellness bloggers consult her…  what a moron!  

What you should always demand are CITED SOURCES & REAL TESTIMONIALS & SUCCESS STORIES who keep being success stories for DECADES.  Dr. McDougall has been prescribing this way of eating for almost 40 years & I have been following it for 16 years & Kristin for 10.  I posted earlier a litany of links to people who have restored their lives and bodies following a whole food plant based lifestyle.  No gimmicks, no powders, no super this or super that, just humble clean food that tastes better than anything on the planet.

BBC mistakes clean for a bunch of stupid mumbo jumbo & tries to wrap actual health food in with disease food… = FAIL REPORTING.  Let us know your thoughts!  We get so many people with disordered eating coming to veganism for help, the path out has to include a way of life that prevents people from ever getting there in the first place.