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  • Someguy: *goes into great length how female Robin has become an afterthought*
  • Me: *someone who’s seen Atlus all but erase the female player from Persona 3 Portable from existence* I’m fairly okay with what we’re getting…
Andraste, Take the Wheel

Hawke hates the Wounded Coast.

Too many Tal-Vashoth, for one, not to mention the eye-numbing stretches of beige and gray, but worst of all is the blasted sand that whips at her with every whoosh of the sea to wind up in places where sand has no bloody business.

So, it’s the last place she’d pick to fall to her death, but the edge of the cliff draws closer and closer as she staggers towards it after catching the toe of her boot on an innocuous root.

Andraste, take the wheel. Her life doesn’t flash before her eyes as she expects it to—and she really could’ve stood to see anything but the salt-slick spires clawing their way out of the whitewater—but then there is a flash, a bolt of lyrium blue ripping through the air.

A tug on her arm, and she lurches away from the edge. “Fenris,” she breathes. He was twenty paces away last she looked, mere moments ago, but he’s right there against her now, the brushed-steel fingers of his gauntlets steady around her arm. “You startled me.”

And gruff, grumpy Fenris, suspicious of all mages (is that why he had an eye on her?), quirks up an eyebrow and one corner of his mouth. A twitch more than a smirk, really. “And you, me. Are you unhurt?”

“Never been better,” she replies in a shocked squeak that falls short—short and flat on its face—from the nonchalance she aimed for.

Fenris snorts in answer. The warmth of his palm is just starting to seep through her sleeve when a gust of salt wind and sea spray blows at them, sending the hair wild around his face. Three dots of lyrium adorn his forehead, she notices for the first time. He leads her away from the cliff, eyes narrowed to thin lines, head tucked into his shoulders against the gale.

Hawke doesn’t even have the sense to do as much. The wind howls past her as she follows him, yet she hears almost nothing but her heart hammering so hard it roars as one with the roiling sea.

“Thank you,” she tells the back of his head, since he’s already walking back to the others when it occurs to her she ought to. A spar of sun lands on his arm as he combs his fingers through his hair, lighting lyrium lines against darker skin that match the edge of his greatsword.

“My pleasure,” he answers from above his shoulder, not quite smiling, but there at the corners of his mouth is the promise that one day she might make him smile—and as she stands between the ragged scars of the coast and Fenris’s own, she decides she will.

“Hawke, we don’t have all day,” Aveline calls out, and Carver rolls his eyes at Hawke as she runs back to them.

Lady Ganondorf! She was LOTS of fun to do! grin emoticonHER HEADPIECE was a lot of work in itself (because I like to torture myself with details dx) I’m more than satisfied with this one, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! <3 

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Pairing: Cullen x Morgynn Trevelyan (female warrior)

Summary: The inquisitor is surprised to find her advisors cowering before a common enemy in the War Room.

Warnings: mainly fluff, some angst.

A/N: Hopefully this makes some of you guys smile and gets you through your week. Likes, comments and reblogs are greatly appreciated (I meant to post this link yesterday, but forgot. Sorry :S)

Morgynn Trevelyan sighed as she looked over the stack of reports in her hand, doing her best to read and walk at the same time. Wouldn’t that be her luck—everyone whispering how the inquisitor had walked into a wall on her way to the war room. At least they would know she was focused. She thought of the face her advisors would make if word reached them—especially Cullen. She didn’t fancy spending a whole meeting at the war table with her advisors stifling laughs and avoiding her eyes.

She pushed through the wooden door into Josephine’s empty office and shook her head. As usual, she was worrying over things that hadn’t even happened yet. It was probably an effect of the sleep deprivation; her nightmares hadn’t eased in the slightest, even after her encounter in the stables with Cullen. The commander had been kind enough to offer his assistance whenever she needed it, but he had enough on his mind with his own nightmares, the lyrium withdrawal (which she knew he tried to hide, but she saw right through his “headaches”) and his own endless stack of reports and work to do. Just the other day, they received several new recruits from… Where was it again—

A terrified shriek pierced her thoughts, loud enough to be heard clearly on the other side of the gigantic war room door. Morgynn froze for a moment, clutching the reports tighter in her hand. Had they been infiltrated? Were the Venatori here? Or maybe an assassin? Or Calpurnia? Another shriek made her break into a run, flying past the broken wall. As she neared the door, she could hear voices crying out…

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I don’t agree with people who believe that children are influenced by barbie dolls and that they influence teenagers to have eating disorders. most people don’t have eating disorders to look like a plastic doll that they had as a child. they have them for other reasons. little girls don’t look at a barbie and think, “wow I want to look EXACTLY like her, with size DDD cups, a 10 inch waist, bleach blonde hair, and a height of 7ft. let’s DO IT.” they look at her and think she’s pretty. they don’t look at littlest pet shops and from that moment, strive to be a 3cm tall purple animal with a small body and a head the size of canada. they don’t even think that with bratz, which probably came in 2nd place in popular children’s toys. they’re influenced by other things that are real, like parents, friends, and other people in their lives.

Disobeying Orders ♡ Commander Lexa Imagine

A/N: ‘Hello! Your work is amazing!I LOVE IT SO MUCHHHHHHHH! 😍 Anyway! Can you do #1 on your Drabble game? (Fem!reader X Lexa). I was thinking the reader is a fem!warrior/assassin and she is sent to kill Lexa under Queen Nia’s orders (the reader doesn’t really work for anyone). But after her first attempt at killing Lexa she soon falls in love with Lexa and decides to spare her and Lexa can’t figure out why her life was spared until they meet again. That’s pretty much it. Thank you so much! 😋😊😚’ I LOVE THIS REQUEST LIKE SO MUCH. This is a full blown imagine like I tried so hard so I hope it’s okay xxx

Prompt: “She never misses, she never quits, and never loses. If you’re alive, it’s because she wants you alive.”

Warnings: You’re a sassy bitch and you hold a knife to Lexa’s throat? Swearing. 


“You sent for me.” Your voice cold, emotionless, just like your surroundings and the Ice Nation Queen who sat on her throne in front of you. A smirk graced her lips and she motioned to a seat near her and with a wave of your hand, you declined. Her lips sealed tight, learning that you were here for business and business only.

“I’ve heard you’re quite the assassin. Assassin Y/N? Is it not?” She cocked her head, holding a glass of liquid in her hand, dark red, sharp contrast in relation to her skin, an eyebrow raised in amusement. She’d used your name. No one knew your name. You scowled.

“I get ordered to kill people. They end up dead. If that is your definition of quite the assassin, I’m here. There’s no need to threaten me, Nia.” Your eyes narrowing, feeling the dagger at your hip pulse with temptation.

“Good. Because I have a target for you.” You scoffed, as if it were a surprise. You waited until she turned to face you, attention drawn from her glass.

“Do you know of Lexa?” You let your facade of indifference falter for a minute as your eyes widened. Realising your mistake you shifted on your feet, coughing.

“As in the Heda, Nia?” 

The Ice Nation’s leader’s face turned into a snarl and you realised your mistake. As soon as the words left your lips you felt a spear digging into your back, not enough to kill you, but enough to send off a warning.

“She is no Heda to me.” Nina spat, the Queen bristling. You hid your smirk as you held up your hands.

“I’m sorry, your highness. So Lexa? That’s who you want me to kill?” She nodded, her pale eyes glistening with a venom that almost made you shrink under her gaze. Almost. So at her nod you pursed your lips.

“And what do I get in return?” You asked, trying to hide the desperate need to your tone. The Queen gestured around her, almost as if she was shrugging.

“Anything you need.” 

You nodded and turned on your heel. Striding out of her tent into the cover of darkness.


Your horses hooves fell repeatedly against the forest floor, your eyes peeled as the early sun started to show through the sky’s dark mask. You could see the Polis tower. Tall and you knew who would be at the very top. You didn’t know much about the Commander other than she was just that. You had also heard of Costia and Lexa’s hate towards Azgeda, which seemed to be mutual, if her previous encounter with Nia was anything to go by.

You also knew Polis wasn’t really guarded, the tower on the other hand, was. But that was a problem for later.


You stepped onto the pavement, feeling the life and energy flowing around you, sunlight seeming to stream through every corner of the Polis plaza, people buzzing excitedly. You smiled softly, memories of your life before it all went to shit. You growled, blinking back the tears that threatened to spill, the hood covering your face masking the threat.

You slipped through the tower entrance unnoticed, flights of stairs as far as you could see spiralling upwards. You crept forward, staying near the cold, concrete walls, your feet barely making a sound at your trained skill. 

You froze as you turned a corner, a guards back to you, his breathing making his shoulders rise high as he fidgeted. You took special care to keep an eye trained on the knife strapped to his side as you crept closer, closer until your blade was slicing his throat and he fell on the floor.

On the decent further up you managed to avoid the guards, standing outside a room, confused as to where to go.

“Where the fuck? Why is this place so fucking huge!” You exclaimed quietly to yourself. Your face forming a scowl before a voice filled the corridor.

“Leave, Titus.” Your ears perked up. Female. That was a female voice. The creak of the large door distracted you as you hid behind a wall, peeking from behind to find a bald man, looking old with effort and experience. Titus, your mind struggled with the name, familiar but not recognisable until it clicked.

“Flame Keeper.” You murmured, watching warily as he turned, feeling his eyes scanning for an intruder, an eerie presence making him shift before he shrugged if off and headed away from you.

Finally, your chance arose. Your jobs were never this dangerous, never this risky. Never, this… well big.


You felt your heat rate pick up and you crept towards the still open door. You swallowed the fear, the doubts, this was your job. You’d done it time and time again but this time something felt wrong. You paid it no mind as you twirled silently into her room, dagger drawn, stance ready for her to jump on you but you froze. She stood near a window, looking over Polis. Now or never, you thought running to her frame, and holding that knife to her throat, feeling the slight hitch of surprise at the cold steel.

You growled spinning her to face you. Dagger still at her throat as she examined your face. You blinked. She was, calm? Her eyes scanning yours and you looked up, freezing at their colour. Forest green, swirling with patterns of light and dark, enticing, captivating and you gasped softly. They were just like hers… You noticed the hold on your blade tightened and you shook your head, thoughts raging in your head.

Y/N, what are you doing? Kill her.

Why can’t I?

You know why. It’s her. She reminds you of her. Everything she’s done so far reminds you.

Her gaze stayed steady, challenging almost and you swore to yourself, dropping the knife and making eye contact at her shocked expression before you ran. You couldn’t hear her follow you, and you turned to find her still frozen, unbelieving.


You kept running not stopping until you were clear of Polis, the forest shielding you as all you could do was punch the nearest tree in frustration, your knife on the floor of the Commander’s room. You groaned, not being able to get those lips, those eyes out of your head. Your horse had ran, or wandered causing you to sigh. Nothing was going right.


Back at the tower, Titus and guards ran in, Lexa still frozen, meeting Titus’s gaze slowly.

“Who was she?” He murmured, tone fiery. “What did she look like?”

Lexa sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. The assassin’s gaze, cold and hard, but as those eyes made contact with hers they softened and Lexa didn’t know why.

“I don’t know Titus. She wore a hood covering most of her face…” She trailed off as she was reminded of the metal clang, her attackers knife hitting the floor. Sure enough, as she glanced down, the blade was there, glinting. Lexa held it, handing it to Titus as his eyes widened. This caught the Commander’s attention.

“What is it Titus?”

He shook his head, blinking rapidly, shocked as though trying to get the knife to disappear from view.

“Her blade. The Shadow’s blade.”

Lexa just frowned, there were murmurs of a Shadow among the people of Polis, the Heda assuming she was just a slightly out of control rogue.

“Why are you surprised Fleim Kepa?” Her grounder tone curious as she took the blade back from him, his hands shaking.

“She never misses, she never quits, and never loses. If you’re alive, it’s because she wants you alive.” 


You couldn’t go back to Nia. She’d have you killed. You had to stay out of sight, away from Azgeda, your face had been shown to her once. You were kidnapped for the job, your hood ripped from your face. So they knew who to look for. 

Days went by slowly, scavenging for food, for warmth when night came round. You had few options. You couldn’t kill the Commander. You might be able to blend in with the Polis crowd, become a citizen, become protected. If Lexa saw you though, you knew she’d recognise you.

It’s a risk you had to take.


It felt weird. Being in public without your hood, your armour, protection. But so far you had passed. Smiling at everyone you met, buying supplies with the small portion of money you had. 

It went like that for a few days, finding shelter with a woman near the tower. A bit too close for your liking, but it was better than nothing. Your bed shifted as you awoke, stretching, changing, walking out of the tent and straight into her. Straight into the Commander. Her dress was more casual, a simple top and pants adorning her body, no armour. She turned to face you, her mouth opening in what appeared to be the start of an apology. You were about to be drawn into her eyes again when she bristled as she recognised you.

“What are you doing here?” She ventured, growling careful to keep her eyes flickering to your hands for any sign of an attack.

“Heda please. You know who I am I’m guessing. I’m sorry. Queen Nia had me ordered to execute you. In reward, I could have whatever I desired. I needed it.”

She cocked her head, eyes narrowing.

“Then why am I still alive? I’ve heard no one lives after encountering you.” You could only gulp as those eyes flickered once more, her lips pursed.

“You remind me of someone.” You shrugged, trying to keep the waver out of your voice. 

“That’s not good enough” She snarled, taking a step towards you, your head ducking in submission for the first time you could remember.

“My first love, you’re very similar to her. She was killed by one of your warriors for being Azgeda. She didn’t..” You choked. “She didn’t deserve that.”

“I’m sorry. I would’ve thought that would give you more of a reason to kill me?” She asked. You shrugged again.

“It wasn’t purposeful on your behalf, I know what you’re orders were. It was kill the guilty, spare the innocent. Your warrior disobeyed that. So I killed him. Jus drein jus daun.” You murmured the last part. Your first love hated the saying, often partnering it with the ‘eye for an eye’ term. Which was followed by ‘it makes the whole world blind.’ You winced at the memory.


Lexa nodded.

“Maybe our first love’s are gone because we may have a chance at a second?” 


Here’s to you guys.

But on a lighter note, I’ve reached a point of clarity in my drunken stupor.
Regardless of who wins this election, this doesn’t define all of us and what we still stand for. There are still good people here. For everyone who voted red there are almost as many that voted blue. More that would have if circumstances were different. There are gonna be more elections. Life will go on. Everyone with regrets this year can fix it with state elections in 2018. In 2020 we can do the right thing. We can elect better candidates.
If anything, don’t let this faze you just out of pure unadulterated spite. Give ‘em the finger by not letting this bullcrap get you down because you deserve more. Stay safe, but stay woke.

On that note, let’s destroy this massive pile of alcohol and drown it all out for a while and not give the slightest crap in the world.

Whenever I see men saying “women will never know the feeling of sneezing while peeing”, etc, feminists immediately retaliate saying “you think that’s bad? Try sneezing on your period!” And saying how women have it way worse.

1) Let’s stop playing Who Is The Bigger Victim.

2) It does not matter who is the bigger victim. Women can’t experience things that men can only experience, and men can’t experience things that women can only experience.

People need to realize that there are differences between men and women and accept those differences. They do not make one gender better or worse than the other.

To many people on tumblr seem to find it okay to bully people/celebrities when they do something they find offensive.
You didn’t enter life a social justice warrior. You bullying people for doing something problematic is problematic itself. Please recognize this hypocritical and negative behavior. Be the change you want to see.