fem trickster dave


Trips and falls flat on my face in a pile of trickster cosplays
Look it isn’t what this- I promise I do more than just- listen, listen…
This isn’t even all my trickster cosplays these are just ones I could find half decent photos of. There’s a Trickster Feferi that i never got good pics of and a Trickster Godtier John I also never quite finished and let’s not talk about the fact that I have more than one trickster Aradia outfit and they all have their own unique costume names and designs…

Don’t ask me about Meulin, that was arguably my weakest design by far. She deserved so much more.

External image

External image

Me as Fem!Trickster!AlphaDave <3

I went to a Con yesterday with this cosplay (but I changed to Equius in the afternoon), and I really liked the result…

I initially did it for a friend, who did an awesome fem!trickster!godtierJohn but i’m really glad i did her! I had lots of fun and I felt pretty and girly… Maybe I should do more female cosplays……… Noooooo. Doing men is so much fun to stop!

Also, I did my favourite character in one day? How can I handle all this STRONG coolness